Saturday, July 6, 2013

Supergirl of Lorien questions while /afk

I think it is time for a vacation to a place where trees are not scary...

Wow! It happens every once in a long while that I take a vacation, but now is that time. I will be back in late July, so I wish you all a great summer (if you live in the northern hemisphere, or great winter for those in the way south). Do please leave comments; it is always nice to get mail. :)

For fun, I put together a few Supergirl of Lorien site trivia questions. The only thing I have to offer is Pride for figuring out the answers. :D

"It's a good feeling to know you're alive. It's such a happy feeling, You're growing inside.
And when you wake up ready to say, I think I'll make a snappy new day!

And I'll be back, when the day is new, and I'll have new ideas for you... 
And you'll have things you want to talk about, I will too." So long, neighbor!

See you soon, Danania <3

A resident looks on as I watch over Forlaw

1. I compared the start of this adventure to opening lines of 2 tv shows, one of which I knew the opening line, the other I did not. What show's opening line was about shirt buttons?

In a beginning hole far far away...

2. Which lildana is the daughter of Ned and Peg Pruner of Archet?


3. What is the name of my Herbalist?

The Herbalist is my skirmish friend

4. A Russian MMO site once nicknamed me after a popular cartoon heroine. Name the cartoon girl?

SM of lotro

Now THERE is where I left my backpack.
5. My most popular article was an in-depth look at all the skirmish times and marks per minute. Which skirmish takes the longest (according to my data)?

Fastest skirmishes, marks-per-minute

6. What day is my birthday?

It is well

7. What are the top three attributes for a Runekeeper?

lotro stat math

8. Which lildana is Leader of the Angels?

Draigoch statue, lildanas moving day

I'm your huckleberry.

9. What award did this site win in the 2012 New Blogger Initiative hosted by

As Seen on NBI

10. I once left Arkenstone and went over the rainbow. Where did I go?

Dream of ???

11. Name a Supergirl-fan and musician who wrote to send me to send lyrics to the song, "Weatherstock Forever"?

Dream of ??? - Weatherstock forever

12. Last summer, I was a guest writer for what popular MMO blog and covered Rohan pre-order?


A toy elephant in a basement in Forlaw. No idea why I took this picture.

13. What was the name of the excellent GM that Danadelion met when learning how to fish?

Danadelion and the GM

14. What was the name of the superstar minstrel who introduced himself to me when he wrote a story titled, "I am in love with Supergirl"?


15. I revealed most about myself in an article in which I received a "Beautiful Blogger Award". What popular blogger nominated me for the award?


16. I have had only one guest writer to date, who covered Moria relics and The Wanderer. Name the writer?

T??? tips, The Wanderer part 1

If you think that's big you should see his... hat.

17. According to my calculations, approx what tactical mastery level is equivalent to 100% extra damage?

lotro math - mastery diminishing returns

18. What popular lotro lore site once wrote a guide for me to help keep straight all the Dwarves in "The Hobbit"?

That dwarf and that other dwarf

19. What is my #1 pet peeve that I would change when I rule Middle Earth?

Top-11-things-I-would-change-when-I-rule Middle Earth

20. With the recent addition of the steed-of-iron-hills, how many steeds do I have?

All the Steeds

Nice!! This Forlaw Messsager has achieved Rank 9 in the Moors... lovely Mahogany Bay horse.

21. How many goat mounts are there in Middle Earth?

Goats of Middle Earth

22. Approximately how many Quests have I not completed? (less than 10, between 10 and 100, between 100 and 500)?

Danania's To-do list

23. Which month do I count as the anniversary for this blog?

one year danaversary

24. Which article was translated into multiple languages, complete with pictures; first popularized by Ketani at the CSTM site when Rohan was released?

Rohan warsteed Cosmetic looks

Lil Poppet, do not run off while we are on vacation, and no more candy.


Tomeoric said...

Just happy to be an answer to a trivia question! Heheh! Have a great vacation and cya soon!

Anonymous said...

have a great holiday! hope you have a lovely relaxing time :)


Digger Goodsong said...

Enjoy your holidaze, and we await your refreshed return. Namarie.

Unknown said...

Thanks Tomoric, Eldaeriel, and Digger!

It was a good vacation and the longest I have ever left Middle Earth! I have returned just in time for Summer festival and am very excited about that. :)

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