Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Steed of Bounty

Supergirl rides the Steed of Bounty

Hello again! It is time for Farmer's Faire 2014 and a new steed!

Do I like Farmer's Faire? On the one hand, it is a fun festival, one of my favorites, and fairly well laid out with good activities. On the other hand, the "golden egg" (for hidden deed) acquire rate seemed to have not improved since the first Farmer's Faire and the "Fishy, very Fishy" quest is still impossible to complete. I wrote about those quests in my Top 11 things I would change when I rule Middle Earth. Unfortunately, Sauron still has his revenge at the Faire by keeping the Fishy quest unbeatable. I still like the egg hunt also; I just have to move past the extreme odds of never winning a golden egg after hundreds of tries. The mushroom quest run is one of my favorite activities of all festivals.

If you want a great guide to Farmer's Faire, visit CSTM: Farmer's Faire Guide 2014.
Goldenstar notes two key points: (1) new stuff = horse, warsteed caparison, 2 cloaks , 1 robe. and (2) festival lasts from September 1 - 16

If you want to see previous Farmer's Faire steeds, look around the All the Steeds stable here at this site.

And for fun, here are my posts from previous Farmer's Faires:
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Steed of Bounty - Default horse:
The basic horse costs 120 Farmer's Faire tokens. If you play the mushroom hunt well, you will have that amount in no time even without doing other quests. On a good run, I get about 62 tokens... for about 36 mushrooms. I see that the first week of the first festival in 2012 I was getting about 38 tokens per run, so I've gotten better over the years. 

The Steed of Bounty is a lovely dapple grey horse with a bright gold/yellow and green patterned caparison.

Steed of Bounty - default

WarSteed of Bounty - Default colors:
The warsteed caparison costs 120 Farmer's Faire tokens. Mentioned above, 120 tokens is really easy to obtain (and I enjoy the mushroom hunt while filling my pockets with tokens).

The warsteed cosmetic is a one piece outfit, just the Caparison. The cosmetic is the same coloring as gold outfit dye.

Warsteed of Bounty - default colors

WarSteed of Bounty - White hide, Red outfit:
Hmm, what to do with an outfit that has strong portions that are undyeable green... I went with Christmas! The white and red would make a lovely Christmas pattern. :)

Warsteed of Bounty - White and Red

WarSteed of Bounty - Black Chestnut hide, Ered Luin outfit, Sooty hair:
Ok, next. In this one, I went with darker colors. The Ered Luin Blue on the outfit is strikingly bold. 

Warsteed of Bounty - Ered Luin and Black Chestnut

WarSteed of Bounty - Dun hide, Forest green outfit, Bay hair:
Here I played to the green's strengths and went with the subtle green outfit and shades of light brown for the horse. That is a pretty good look.

Warsteed of Bounty - Forest green, Dun, Bay

WarSteed of Bounty - Flaxen Chestsnut Spotted hide, Crimson outfit:
Alright. I wanted to mix it up a bit. Here is Flaxen chestnut - Spotted hide and hair, with the Crimson outfit. It is certainly bold and wild looking with all those spotted freckles!

Warsteed of Bounty - Crimson and Flaxen Chestnut Spotted

Warsteed of Bounty - Giddy up!

WarSteed of Bounty - Crimson Mix Set:
For fun, here is a Mixed set based on the previous Flaxen Chestnut outfit.
This picture has 
Caparison of Bounty - Crimson
Light Halter of the Wold (Rohan quest) - Crimson
Captain's Leggings (store) - Crimson
Champion's Saddle - (store) - Crimson

Warsteed of Bounty Mixed Set in Crimson

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Steed of the Wedmath Celebration

Supergirl rides the Steed of Wedmath Celebration

Happy Summer Festival! 

Yes indeed; Summer Festival 2014 is underway this week and will last until August 8. You can get the lowdown on all things festival at CSTM; guide is at this link (CSTM: lotro-summer-festival-guide-2014).

Here are some articles from previous Summer festivals.

2013 Horse = steed-of-midsummer
2012 Horse = summerdays-horse-and-defeat-of-Chieftain-Taun
2012 goodies = fetch-it-fish-it-race-it
and how to screw up at fishing = Danadelion-and-the-GM (I still laugh about this one... :) )

And, as always, you can find all the Steeds at All the Steeds here at Danania.net. Ok, the corral database is a couple of horses behind, look in recent posts if you don't see them transferred to the corral yet.

So, for 2014 Summer Festival, there are no new quests or deeds. The new stuff to obtain include: the festival horse for 40 summer tokens, the warsteed cosmetic for 40 tokens, a robe for 20, and two different cloans for 20 each. 

This year's Summer Festival Horse is called the Steed of the Wedmath CelebrationLet's see the horse! 

Steed of the Wedmath Celebration:
Here is the basic horse. He is a grey dapple horse with a simple yellow and green pattern Caparison. It is a one-piece outfit. Simple enough; let's see what we can do with the Warsteed.

Steed of the Wedmath Celebration

Warsteed of the Wedmath Celebration - Default:
The default Warsteed with Wedmath caparison looks like the basic horse. The defaut outfit is the same color as if it were colored gold.

Warsteed of the Wedmath Celebration - Default

Warsteed of the Wedmath Celebration - Default outfit color, Light Grey Spotted:
I don't have the same dapple hide, but I do have Spotted hide for warsteed. Here is the same shot as before with the spotted hide in light grey. It is close to the original; looks like the basic horse has a slightly darker hair.

Warsteed of the Wedmath Celebration - Default with Light Grey spotted hide

Warsteed of the Wedmath Celebration - Ered Luin and Black Chestnut
The green doesn't dye, but the gold portion does. Here is what it looks like in Ered Luin. The vibrant colors accentuate the flower pattern of the outfit. This shot has Black Chestnut hide and Black hair. I found that the two-tone look of the outfit looked better with two shades of hide/hair.

Warsteed of the Wedmath Celebration - Ered Luin and Black Chestnut

Here is a closeup look at the flower pattern. I think that might be orange mums, green leaves, and yellow butterflies?

Warsteed of the Wedmath Celebration - flower pattern

Warsteed of the Wedmath Celebration - Ered Luin and Brown Mix set
I wanted to try something different and looked for ways to "tone down" and de-accentuate the flower pattern. This next shot mixes things up a bit by utilizing some non-Wedmath pieces. Pieces used here are:
Wedmath Caparision - Ered Luin
Light Halter of the Entwash - Ered Luin
Saddle of West Rohan
Dagorlad Accessory
Brown Hide

Warsteed of the Wedmath Celebration - Ered Luin and Brown Mix Set

Warsteed of the Wedmath Celebration - Forest Green and Blond Mix set
Lets try another Mix set. The Forest Green color blends with the undyeable portion very well.
Pieces used here are:
Wedmath Caparision - Forest Green
Hunter's Saddle
King's Banner Accessory
Blond Hide, Black Chestnut Hair

Warsteed of the Wedmath Celebration - Forest Green and Blond Mix Set

Warsteed of the Wedmath Celebration - Crimson and Spotted Flaxen Mix Set
One final mixed set. Ok, ok... the Wedmath is not the most appealing Caparison ever. It did give me some fun laying mix and match though. :)
Pieces in this last shot are:
Wedmath Caparision - Crimson
Withywindle Halter and Legs - Crimson
Spotted Hide - Flaxen Chestnut

Warsteed of the Wedmath Celebration - Crimson and Spotted Flaxen Chestnut Mix Set
Have a great Summer Festival and I'll see you soon!