Danania @ 75

For my benefit and perhaps yours, I am going to document where I ended statistically at level 75. I am not the be-all statistical best RK in the world, though I am fairly good.

Here are some of the posts I made while I was gaining in strength.

~ I turned from 65 to 75, stats for 65 and the first glance at 75. (best-laid-plans-of-elves-and-runekeepers)

~ discussion of relics and virtues at 75. (update-6-relics-and-virtues)

~ discussion of Legacies of LIs at (legacies-for-rk-stones) and (legacies-for-rk-bags)

~ more in-depth look at gear available to a 75 runekeeper. (lotro-stat-math-rk-gear)

~ comparison of the Moors sets versus my 2/2/2 choice. (ettenmoors-75-rk-armor-audacity)

Character Sheet
So, here is the character cover sheet as I stand around completely unbuffed with no bonus hope (as given in many towns). I am wearing my Moors armor, which is my typical everday set, and my DPS LIs.

My goal for the build was:
(1) 26-27k Tactical Mastery
(2) 8k Morale minimum
(3) Mitigation near 35% (which is cap for a Light armor)
(4) As much Critical as possible while sustaining the first three

Limitations to doing much better include time (I can only cut into my schedule so far, beautiful-blogger-award) and interest (there came a point where pushing the edge of the envelope just didn't hold value for me since there appeared to be such a slim margin for improving versus what I had, though some RKs are certainly more uber.)

Don't discount how big of a difference buff classes, like Captain and Minstrel, can make! Well buffed, I have seen my Morale over 10k and my Tactical Mastery nearer to 30k. Everything on this page will be an Unbuffed look.

These are my two earrings. 
I opted for the complete set of Mender, which will have a matching Ring and Pocket item. The Anduin items are bartered in Stangard using common barter items and Spider eggs (from the Roots instance).

I have no spare Earrings sitting around in my vault.

Here is my necklace. 
Ancient Jade and Sapphire Necklace came from the Ox-clan Camp, barter was Sigil Fragments.

I kept a spare Necklace in the vault, but i never used it. The Gregolin has the best Tactical Mitigation I had ever seen. My build is nearly maxed out on mitigation so I would have to rebuild around the necklace to shoehorn it into the set. Ultimately, it made no sense to do that versus the Ancient Jade and Sapphire Necklace.

The Laerur is a better necklace. It also comes from the Ox-Clan camp, but the barter is Sigil fragments plus a rare drop Clasp (from T2 ToO & Saruman). 
Versus my necklace, it has +20 morale, +582 tactical, +11 critical, and +8 mitigation. 
It was also completely unobtainable for me since I don't have all the time in the world with a full Raid team running ToO. 

Here are my two main Bracelets.
Root Poisoner's Bracelet is a nice drop from the Roots instance. It is the best Bracelet I own.
Bracelet of the Limlight Tactician is a barter item from Stangard. I opted to use this one versus some of the others I keep in my vault.

Here are two spare Bracelets I have in my vault.
Versus the Limlight Tactician,
Thoughtful Council: -19 morale, same tactical, -167 critical, -244 tact mit.
Seregechor: +6 morale, +30 tactical, -328 critical, +8 tact mit.

Here are my two Rings.
Ring of Willful Defence is a Moors barter ring; it requires Rank and Commendations.
The Anduin Mender's Ring comes from Stangard (matches the Earring and Pocket).

The only spare Ring I have in my vault is a second Ring of Willful Defence. At level 65, the 65 version was the best ring I found, so I got it twice. 

There are several other rings I like that I have seen around. Here are the six best of which I know, with their 4 attributes that matter most. Is one obviously better than another?
Looking at it now, I would probably switch the Willful Defence out and the Empowered Anduin Sage in (and take the 2-piece bonus), or maybe take the Limlight Tactician (to keep the Morale higher). 

Tact Mit
Empowered Anduin Mender
Willful Defence
Band of the Codex Archivist
Limlight Tactician
Ring of Entanglement
Empowered Anduin Sage

Here is my pocket item.
It is a set piece that matches the Ring and the Earring.

I am committed to the 3-piece Empowered Anduin Mender set so I didn't keep any pocket items in my vault. The only item to stack up statistically with this item is the Empowered Anduin Sage version. 
Versus the Mender, Sage is -169 morale, same tactical, +618 critical, same defense. Overall, for me, the Morale advantage won out and I chose the Mender set, but the Sage is a legitimate choice. 

Of course, I also carry my Horseshoe in my bag everywhere I go. I use it when I do anything with the Forge-guy or Relic-guy. I have no idea if it helps. Sapiece says he will tell us more about what the horseshoe is useful for, but only has given cryptic answers so far (Lotroacademy.com ~ horseshoe).

I also carry my Helegrod scale in my bag. It was quest reward from completing Helegrod. I have never used it and don't expect I ever will, but I thought it was neat when I finally finished Helegrod (thorog-helegrod-dragon). There is a crafted level 75 pocket item that has similar stats. 

I will compare sets and set bonuses at the end of this section.

In this page, I am wearing my Moors 2/2/2 set. I also have several pieces of Eglerin. I never bothered to finish the set, because as a set, it just didn't make an improvement versus the Moors 2/2/2 set I chose, though some of the pieces are clearly better.

Here is my Moors hat, with my Isen hat in the bag.
Tranquility vs Eglerin: -99 morale, +11 tactical, same crit, -212 tact mit.

Again, I am wearing my Moors 2/2/2, and have the Isen armor in the bag.
Thunder-struck vs Eglerin: -144 morale, -130 tactical, same crit, +52 tact mit.

Other than Moors and Isen sets, there are a few other Shoulders that are pretty good as pieces. I still have in my vault the Padded Cobalt Shoulders (it is a Moors, non-audacity piece, I got it before the creation of Commendations). It still has the highest defense of any RK shoulder piece. It will not beat out my main two shoulders so it is destined for  removal.

Here is my cloak. I got the the scales required for crafting it from Draigoch (draigoch-draigoch-spoilers-pictures). 

The only better cloak I have seen is the one just past this one, that uses this cloak and a Broken Clasp from Saruman (rare drop, same as the necklace Clasp). It is called the Shimmering Wizard Cloak. 
Versus my cloak, it has +21 morale, +120 tactical, +48 critical, and +11 mitigation. 

Here is my main Moors shirt, with two other robes I have in my vault.
I did not get the Eglerin chest piece though it is very good also.
The Padded Cobalt is a Moors piece I obtained before Audacity and Commendations.
The Uncorrupted Robe is a non-set drop (from somewhere like Roots or Foundry, I forget).

Tranquility vs Padded Cobalt Robe: -56 morale, +1362 tactical, -107 crit, -213 tact mit. 
Tranquility vs Robe of Uncorrupted: +9 morale, +114 tactical, same crit, -221 tact mit.
Tranquility vs Eglerin:+285 morale, -130 tactical, -447 crit, +136 tact mit.

Here are my Moors gloves, with the Eglerin gloves in my bag.
The Eglerin wins out everywhere except for Morale.
Scalding Wit vs Eglerin: +42 morale, -282 tactical, -47 crit, -188 tact mit.

Here are my Moors leggings, with the Padded Cobalt leggings.
Again, the Eglerin is also a good set.
Scalding Wit vs Padded Cobalt Trousers: +201 morale, -304 tactical, -107 crit, -213 tact mit. 
Scalding Wit vs Eglerin: +201 morale, -352 tactical, -117 crit, +268 tact mit. 

Here are my Moors boots, with the Ryscdail boots from my vault. 
To complete the set of information, I will include the Eglerin.
Thunder-struck vs Ryscdail: +32 morale, +76 tactical, -56 critical, +271 tact mit
Thunder-struck vs Eglerin: +18 morale, same tactical, -117 critical, +268 tact mit

Sets and set bonuses:
So far, by the piece, Eglerin looks like it might be favored versus the 2/2/2 Moors set I wear everyday. In some ways, it certainly is. Let's look deeper at the sets.

For a baseline, my Moors blended set targeted "max morale" for the six pieces. The ones I chose were...
Raiment of Tranquility: Robe and Hat
Raiment of Scalding Wit: Gloves and Legs
Thunder-struck Raiment: Boots and Shoulders
With this blend, it takes the 2-piece bonuses from all three sets.: +704 tactical, +704 tactical, +704 critical respectively. It doesn't get any of the deeper set bonuses.

For the six armor pieces,

Versus Danaset

Tact Mit
Padded Cobalt 75
Old moors
Clever counselor
Isen fire
Isen heal
Isen lightning
Scalding Wit
Moors fire
Moors heal
Moors lightning

Versus any complete set, I made the most out of the Morale offered, typically had the best Defense, and had mixed results on having maximizing DPS. 

I gave up set bonuses though.

Here are bonuses not captured by numerical analysis:
Padded Cobalt 4 = +3 essence of winter targets
Padded Cobalt 6 = ceaseless argument: 20% chance to apply -20% speed for 10s

Clever Counselor 3 = -15% writs power cost
Clever Counselor 5 = Fiery Ridicule Reduces Essay of Fire CD by 3s

Puignor 3 = +2 wrath of fire skills pulse count
Puignor 5 = writ of fire deals extra damage at max tier

Eglerin 3 = writ of health has 25% chance of +563 armor bonus
Eglerin 5 = Improved our fates entwined gives group phys & tact mit bonus

Erebraw 3 = 100% power restored from Improved sustaining bolt
Erebraw 5 = 10% to apply Thuderous words, 10% to apply harsh debate

Scalding Writ 3 = +10% smouldering wrath damage
Scalding Writ 5 = fiery ridicule provides induction knockback immunity for 10s upon critical hit

Tranquility 3 = writ of health has 25% chance of +563 armor bonus
Tranquility 5 = mending verse initial heal applies to both target and caster

Thunderstruck 3 = +5% shocking words stun chance
Thunderstruck 5 = Essence of storm removes induction from Essence of winter on critical hit

Legendary Items:
In this view, I am wearing my DPS Legendary Items.
The legacy choices are discussed in the posted link above.
The titles came from Bron in Galtrev.
I never won any 1st Age symbols or Star-lit Crystals. 
The relic choices have an emphasis on Morale. Each offer me +733 morale, with some tactical and critical. 

The Legendary Items will be the most profound reason why I am not more DPS-prolific (not that I am bad, but there is a difference between 2nd Age-no stars and 1st Age-3 stars). The simple DPS rating of this 2nd Age Rock is 126.5, versus a a 1st Age 3 star Rock is 147.5.

Here are the two Healing LIs I keep in my bag. One of the Gems was a Gem of Charity, which makes less sense because my gear is bumping the tactical mastery cap for Healing (@ 50%). I should have slotted  a Gem of Hope for the morale. 

Also, instead of the +35 Will on the Bag, I should have gone with either Vitality or Fate (to not 

I have only one chisel. I don't like the other 5 choices.
The other Chisels and Rifflers were shown at (update-7-changes-rk-changes).

Stuff I carry in my bags:
Ever wonder why your bags are so full?
Here is what I see in my bags that I need to keep in there.
This is still 22 slots that I just don't really leave home without.

  • 6 LIs that are slotted (the 2 Healer LIs plus 4 to be broken for relics)
  • 6 Potions (morale, power, wound, fear, disease, poison)
  • Hope tokens
  • Horn of the Dwarrowdelf (+1 hope on use)
  • The Learned Firstborn (+20 Fate, +100 Power, +90 non-CMR for 1 hour)
  • Ancient Explorer's Pack (my pickaxe and forester's tools from Helegrod)
  • travel rations
  • Horseshoe
  • Map to the Ettenmoors
  • 3 foods (Apple/cheese Pie, Soup, Coffee)
Stuff I can vault while I travel in Rohan.

  • Brungwath's Horn (for use in the Brown lands)
  • Lainedhal's Insignia of the Master-at-Arms (Rank 8 moors insignia)
  • well-crafted lebethron fishing rod
  • 2 festival fireworks that are not consumable
  • stack of Large Hides

Of course, I will have to reassess what I need in the Moors a long time from now when I return. I think I have 20-25 extra things I carry around when I visit the Moors. (sticks, and logs, and ore, and oil, and patches of this, and emblems of that...) All of that is clogging of my vault.

Percentages behind the character sheet:



to be continued....

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