Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Draigoch Statue, lil Danas moving day

As of right now, my 7th most popular post is the story about when I visited Draigoch (Danania does Draigoch), and some of my most searched items include Draigoch (along with danania, lotr humor, riders of rohan, relics, runekeepers, and steeds). My Draigoch story was lots of fun but I wanted a better picture of the statue. Thorin’s Hall neighborhood ceilings are just too low for a statue that large. Now, with the help of the lil danas, I have a better picture! As usual, do note that the pictures are larger than they appear if you want to zoom in on something.

The lil danas have been talking about moving for ages. (Lil Danas)

The hobbit quads were pushing for the Shire, but I think all the lil danas were mesmerized by the views of Falathlorn, the elven housing community near Duillond. We elves can draw people in. J Danadelion set out to go for a visit.

From talking to the housing vendor, the Angels had narrowed it down to the houses at 8 Haven Way or 5 Waterbank Road. The irony was not lost on the team that the Angels were considering moving to "Heaven" Way. In the end, it comes down to location, location, location. Here is the view from the front deck of Waterbank Road, looking out toward Celondim.

As Delion looked down the hill, seeing the house in the foreground, and Duillond and the bridge between Ered Luin and the Shire in the background, the choice was all but made.

5 Waterbank Road, Cair-e-faras, Falathlorn Homesteads, Arkenstone is now known as the “Home of Angels”.

DanaOnar, Chief Move Coordinator, was in charge of getting the pet cave-claw to the house and making sure it didn’t dig up any neighbors’ flowers. Thankfully, he is a Trained Cave-Claw. It looks like she had her hands full and will be moving items for weeks. I'm not sure whether she intends to use those fireworks in her pack for fun or remodeling (or both).

I gave the Angels a house warming present. Yep, you guessed it… it is a Draigoch statue. Nooo… I am not lucky enough to win one in raid. What I lack in luck, I make up for in patience and tenacity (and coin… as fate would have it, this statue showed up on the AH… and was the most expensive thing I’ve ever purchased… you don’t want to know).

To really appreciate how impressive he is, you have to back away from it. Here is a shot of me standing in the middle of the Falathlorn neighborhood (near the vault person), looking down on it. The house is partially obscured by the pink tree, but clearly, the statue is taller and perhaps bigger than the entire Angels’ kinhouse!

Another really neat thing about the move was learning that I have friends in the neighborhood, which works out well if the Cave-claw gets loose. Beorhir lives next door on one side (Beorhir was the captain in the first picture in the Draigoch story), and Rruin lives on the other side! Just down the street are more friends Belile, Eryngwae, and Rasphant.

Walking around the neighborhood, we saw more people’s houses… people who are new-friends-in-the-making: Lyndrielle, Honeybuns, Lythari, Nymphsong, Faladir, Eliahnna, Gaspard, Zephorlas, Alderwolf, Zemirah, Jesa, Henduluin, Rimmardar, Feani, Fiionna, Anathelle, Dulond, Destriel, Irideth, Latharuth, and Selendir. The other kin houses are owned by the Descendents of the Noldor, the Regiment of Gondor, and Bel’s Club. Good to see the Angels are in good company!

Gratuitous Steed shot:  At day break, I got a new horse called the “Steed of the Horse-lords”, which came with the Mithril edition download from Gamestop. (http://www.gamestop.com/). It is neither fast nor robust with high morale, but it is pretty! I got the download for the steed and the turbine points.

Another enormous housing item is the “Memorial of the Gaunt-Lords” that my friends Carradine and Audred were kind enough to show me. It is obtained as a reward from beating Ost Dunhoth T2 deed (which I am nowhere near completing). The statue is best viewed at night to give it a more ominous look. Mebbe someday I will have such a statue, but for now, I am happy to have a nice home for the statue of Draigoch.


Assmunahi said...

Your yard looks good Dana. Looks like a nice location too. Is your house open to Kin members?

I recently moved too, to the Shire from Bree-land. Like being close to the convenience of MD and the ovens and fields. Have fun decorating.

Unknown said...

Thanks Asma!
Yes, all visitors have access to the house. You are welcome to come visit, nap, hang out anytime. DanaOnar is working to get things setup so just step around any of the boxes.

Great plan for a cook to have easy access to MD! None of the danas ever learned to cook. I make a good pie though. :)

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