Monday, January 6, 2014

Snow Beast Steed

Supergirl rides the Snow-Beast Steed

Woohoo! We start the year off with a bang in lotro by being offered one of the more unique horses I have seen. The steed of the month for January-2014 is the Snow-Beast Steed! It comes with the 5 Warsteed cosmetic outfit pieces to match the horse: Leggings, Saddle, Halter, Caparison, and Accessory. The other horses of lotro are found at All the Steeds.

This horse is one of a kind... his halter is decked out with fur and horns! He will surely put a fear in the bravest of enemies. Sorry for some of these first shots, the wintry weather was determined to stay rainy and overcast all the time in Falathlorn lately. I was inspired to do something a bit different with this horse post and flew the Snow-Beast Steed out over Forochel. 

Snow-Beast Steed:
The basic horse sports a nice mohawk and furry white outfit and balrog horns. Its hide is a red closest to red roan. with a lighter shade for the tail.

Snow-Beast Steed

Snow-Beast Warsteed - Default:
The warsteed does not disappoint and looks as awesome as you think it might.

Snow-Beast Warsteed - Default

Snow-Beast Warsteed - Gold and Bay:
Snow-Beast Warsteed - Gold and Bay

Here is a great shot of just how intense the horse's look is from the front, horns at the ready!

Snow-Beast Warsteed - headshot

Snow-Beast Warsteed - Sea Blue and Chestnut:
Snow-Beast Warsteed - Sea Blue and Chestnut
Snow-Beast as Draigoch:
Colors here are Sienna and Dark Chestnut
Snow-Beast Steed as Draigoch!

Snow-Beast Steed visits Forochel:
The images here show the Snow-Beast Warsteed in either Evendim Blue and Black hide, or Red with White Hide.

Snow-Beast Warsteed glows under the moonlight of Forchel

Snow-Beast Warsteed gallops across ice and snow

Northern lights rise to match the radiance of the Snow-Beast Steed

Snow-Beast Steed not backing down versus a Mammoth

I hope you have a great new year and I'll see you soon!