All the Steeds

Welcome to All the Steeds, the Gallery of all the steeds in lotro!

Lotro steeds dot the stories and pictures in my blog, but I wanted to do something a little different. Here is my Central Stable. It gives me good perspective on all the places I have been and some of the ones I had forgotten. 

I own 119 of the 129 steeds and photographed the others. *see note about War-steed.
There are currently 35 horses that have matching cosmetics; they are marked on this page and have corresponding pictures in the sub-stables.

*"War-steed" IS a steed in the mount list, which would make +1 more than I would have counted. I have included pictures of Warsteeds wearing the various horses' attire for each of the mounts in the Gallery.

*Other steeds? ...Have you seen all the steeds? There are a few steeds I don't have and some I am just learning exist... such as the German magazine's Steed of the First Marshal. Have you seen and can verify another horse not seen in this list? :)

Dec-2013: Wintertide Steed (yule festival)
Dec-2013: Steed of Withywindle (lotro store)
Dec-2013: Steed of Bree (lotro store)
Jan-2014: Snow-Beast Steed (lotro store)
Feb-2014: Westfold Steed (lotro store)
Mar-2014: Steed of the Kingstead (lotro store)
Apr-2014: Steed of Odogil (lotro store)

Let's get started!
I divided the steeds into seven sections:
CLICK THE LINKS to visit the sub-stables and see pictures of all the pretty horses.

Hey Dana! Can you show me all the Goats at a glance?
I have you covered. Visit the page Goats of Middle Earth.

***Here is the cover page check list of all the Steeds***

(1) Bree-starter Horse (aka Bree-steed, for Founders, Yule 2007, and SoA gold. You are barred from owning both since they are identical with different names; it is the same steed.) 
(2) Blonde Sorrel Horse
(3) Chestnut Horse
(4) Bloodbay Horse
(5) Bay Horse

(6) Lithe Festival Horse: Summer 2009
(7) Pale Golden Summer Horse: Summer 2010
(8) Summerfest Horse: Summer 2011
(9) Summerdays Horse: Summer 2012
(10) Steed of the Midsummer: Summer 2013 ~~~ WARSTEED

(11) Harvestmath Horse: Fall 2009
(12) Sable Harvestmath Horse: Fall 2010
(13) Autumnfest Horse: Fall 2011
(14) Harvest-Brew Horse: Fall 2012
(15) Spooky Steed of the Bat: Fall 2013 ~~~ WARSTEED

(16) Yule Festival Horse: Yule 2008
(17) Yule Festival Snow Horse: Yule 2009
(18) Yule Festival Glittering Horse: Yule 2010
(19) Yule Festival Frosty Horse: Yule 2011 (horse #1)
(20) Yule Festival Snowy Horse: Yule 2011 (horse #2)
(21) Wintry Yule Horse: Yule 2012 ~~~ WARSTEED
(22) Wintertide Steed: Yule 2013 ~~~ WARSTEED

(23) Springfest Horse: Spring 2009
(24) Blue Roan Horse: Spring 2010
(25) Springtime Horse: Spring 2011
(26) Simbelmyne Horse: Spring 2012
(27) Lissuin Horse: Spring 2013 ~~~ WARSTEED

Farmer's Faire!
(28) Farmers Faire Horse: Faire 2012
(29) Steed of Plenty: Faire 2013 ~~~ WARSTEED

(30) Prized Liver Chestnut Horse: Men of Bree
(31) Prized Tundra-horse: Forochel
(32) Prized Mathom Society Horse: the Mathom Society, Shire
(33) Prized Esteldin Horse: the Rangers of Esteldin, North Downs

(34) Prized Eglain-horse: the Eglain, Lone lands
(35) Prized Rivendell Horse: Elves of Rivendell
(36) Prized Thorin's Hall Goat: Thorin's Hall, Ered Luin
(37) Prized Angmar's Free People Horse: Council of the North, Angmar (horse #1)

(38) Prized Ashen Horse: Council of the North, Angmar (horse #2)
(39) Prized Dark Chestnut Horse: Warden's of Annuminas, Evendim
(40) Prized Algriag Horse: Algraig, Enedwaith
(41) Prized Grey Company Horse: Grey Company, Enedwaith

(42) Prized Nimble Redhorn-goat: Iron Garrison Miners, Moria
(43) Prized Tame Redhorn-goat: Iron Garrison Miners, Moria (rep req removed) 
(44) Prized Galadhrim Horse: Galadhrim Elves, Lothlorien
(45) Prized Smokey Black Horse: Malladhrim Elves, Mirkwood (horse #1)

(46) Prized Malledhrim Horse: Malladhrim Elves, Mirkwood (horse #2)
(47) Prized Dunlending Horse: Men of Dunland
(48) Prized Theodred's Riders Horse: Theodred's Riders, Dunland
(49) Prized Stangard Horse: The Riders of Stangard, Great River

(50) Wayward Easterling Horse: Heroes of Limlight Gorge, Great River
(51) Prized Inn League Horse: Inn League
(52) Prized Ale Association Goat: Ale Association
(53) Prized Easterling Horse: Heroes of Limlight Gorge, Great River

(54) Eorlingas... I'm still questing... It will be here soon.
(55) Helminglas... Ditto, still questing.

These special steeds are not Reputation or Festival steeds.

(56) Grey Horse: Reward for completing Epic Volume 1.
(57) Anniversary Horse: 4th Anniversary Horse.
(58) Fireworks Laden Horse: 5th Anniversary Horse.
(59) Teal Fireworks Laden Horse: 6th Anniversary Horse.

(60) Red-clad Horse of the Gap: Rise of Isengard expansion pre-order.
(61) White-clad Horse of the Gap: Rise of Isengard expansion pre-order.
(62) Green-clad Horse of the Gap: Rise of Isengard expansion pre-order.
(63) Steed of the Eastemnet: Riders of Rohan expansion pre-order.

(64) Cremello Horse: PAX Gaming convention 2011.
(65) Perlino Horse: PAX Gaming convention 2012.
(66) Steed of the Horse-lords: "Lotro: Mithril Edition"
(67) Winged Herald Horse: "Referral program"

(68) Dusky Nimblefoot Goat: Adventurer's Pack
(69) Skeleton Painted Horse: "secret chest" in the Haunted Burrow.
(70) Festive Azure Horse: 5th Anniversary gift, received during lotro Anniversary
(71) Harvest-Brew Goat: Treasure hunt barter goat

(72) Hobby Horse: Yule festival 2012 "sack of presents"
(73) Horse of Red Dawn: Monture de l'Aube Rouge, from a French box set
(74) Steed of the Hammerhand: Helm's Deep expansion pre-order. ~~~ WARSTEED
(75) Steed of the First Marshal: Computer Spiele Bild, code from a German magazine

(76) Treasure Laden Goat: Treasure Hunt rare
(77) Treasure Laden Horse: Treasure Hunt rare
(78) Cave-claw Masked Horse: Treasure Hunt rare
(79) Steed of the Duskwatch: 5th Anniversary rare

(80) Lossoth Steed: 5th Anniversary rare
(81) Steed of the Jester: Spring festival 2012 rare, Spring festival 2013 flower barter
(82) Noble Grey Horse: "Lotro: Steam Starter Pack"
(83) Red Painted Skeleton Horse: Loot-boxes rare

(84) Steed of Michel Delving: Bounder's Bounty barter 2013

These extraordinary steeds require more work to obtain.

(85) Elf Ambassador's Horse: Kindred with Elves.
(86) Eriador Horse: World-Renown. 
(87) Nimble Black Goat: Saviour of Khazad-Dum.
(88) Prized Isengard Great-horse: 99 Orthanc sigil-fragments

(89) Dunedain War-horse: Saviour of Eriador.
(90) Wild Mountain Goat: Saviour of Lothlorien.
(91) Galadhrim War-horse: Tempest of Dol Guldur.
(92) Prized Ost Dunhoth War-steed: In Your Presence (OD).

(93) Horse of Many Colors: The Armies of Isengard (the Tower of Orthanc).
(94) Mahogany Bay: Moors Rank 9.
(95) The Free People's Horse: Moors Rank 12.
(96) Steed of the Dale-lands: Completion of "The Road to Erebor" deed (Rohan).

These Steeds are (or were) available from the Lotro Store.

(97) Steed of Minas Ithil
(98) Steed of Bright Days
(99) Steed of Night ~~~ WARSTEED
(100) Fleet-footed Goat

(101) Green Painted Skeleton Horse 
(102) Steed of the Hunter ~~~ WARSTEED
(103) Steed of the Guardian  ~~~ WARSTEED
(104) Steed of the Rune-keeper  ~~~ WARSTEED

(105) Steed of the Champion ~~~ WARSTEED
(106) Steed of the Burglar ~~~ WARSTEED
(107) Steed of the Lore-master ~~~ WARSTEED
(108) Reveller's Gilded Horse ~~~ WARSTEED (WS from rare drop @ 6th anniversary)

(109) Steed of the Minstrel ~~~ WARSTEED
(110) Steed of the Captain ~~~ WARSTEED
(111) Steed of Victory ~~~ WARSTEED
(112) Steed of Dol Baran ~~~ WARSTEED

(113) Steed of the Warden ~~~ WARSTEED
(114) Steed of the Khundolar ~~~ WARSTEED
(115) Steed of the Nightwood ~~~ WARSTEED
(116) Steed of the Dagorlad ~~~ WARSTEED

(117) Obsidian Steed ~~~ WARSTEED
(118) Steed of Rhun ~~~ WARSTEED
(119) Steed of the Iron Hills ~~~ WARSTEED
(120) Steed of Esgaroth ~~~ WARSTEED

(121) Steed of the Greenwood ~~~ WARSTEED
(122) Steed of the Citadel ~~~ WARSTEED
(123) Steed of Withywindle ~~~ WARSTEED
(124) Snow-Beast Steed ~~~ WARSTEED

(125) Steed of Bree ~~~ WARSTEED Not currently in the Gallery
(126) Westfold Steed ~~~ WARSTEED
(127) Steed of the Kingstead ~~~ WARSTEED
(128) Steed of Odogil ~~~ WARSTEED