Thursday, July 25, 2013

Steed of the Midsummer

Supergirl returns on the white Warsteed of the Midsummer
 Hello, hello! I returned from vacation just in time to see the start of Summer Festival! Thanks for all the well wishes!

Other than having the festival quests actually work correctly, what I enjoy most about festival is of course the horses. Summer festival 2013 does not disappoint and offers the Steed of the Midsummer. As always, all the steeds of lotro can be found at All the Steeds.

In addition to the summer horse, festival offers the Warsteed Caparison for this horse. It dyes very well, and I will show a few shots in this article. Both the horse and the Warsteed's caparison for Midsummer are 40 Summer festival Tokens each. A wonderful guide is available at CSTM: 2013 Summer Festival to teach you about Summer Festival so I won't recap how to get tokens or do quests.

The Elven Tailor shows off the new Cosmetics here (The Elven Tailor: 2013 Summer Festival).

Final links... I had a couple of posts on 2012 Summer festival last year...
to show off 2012 goodies = fetch-it-fish-it-race-it
and how to screw up at fishing = Danadelion-and-the-GM

Let's see the new 2013 Steed of the Midsummer!

Steed of the Midsummer: Here is the basic horse. He is the same speed and health as all festival horses.

2013 Steed of the Midsummer
 One thing i found really exciting about this horse is that it has a Tobiano patterned hide! That would make him the first festival horse that is a Tobiano. Cheers for diversification!

2013 Steed of the Midsummer, top view

WarSteed of the Midsummer - default: Here is the Warsteed wearing the Caparison. Summer festival only offers one warsteed cosmetic piece, the Caparison. The Default grey horse still looks nice with the undyed outfit. I will show off six different looks after the Default.

As mentioned, the caparison dyes really well. Depending on the complementary color, the summer sun pattern of the outfit is more or less emphasized. I had fun trotting around Falathlorn looking at the trees and finding good settings that matched the horse. I like them all. :) Enjoy mixing and matching and finding your favorite. As always, let me know if you have a request. Have a great summer festival!

2013 WarSteed of the Midsummer - default

WarSteed of the Midsummer - White and Ered Luin:

2013 WarSteed of the Midsummer - white hide and ered luin blue outfit

WarSteed of the Midsummer - White and Rose:

2013 WarSteed of the Midsummer - white hide and rose outfit

WarSteed of the Midsummer - Black and Crimson:
2013 WarSteed of the Midsummer - black hide and crimson outfit

WarSteed of the Midsummer - Chestnut and Yellow:
2013 WarSteed of the Midsummer - chestnut hide and yellow outfit

WarSteed of the Midsummer - Charcoal/grey and Sea Blue:
2013 WarSteed of the Midsummer - charcoal hide and sea blue outfit

WarSteed of the Midsummer - Red Roan and Purple:
2013 WarSteed of the Midsummer - red roan hide and purple outfit


Anonymous said...

the contrast between the orange-ish decorations of the caparison and the ered luin blue dye is beautiful! dyed yellow is perfect for the summer theme, very "sun like" ;)
welcome back Dana!

Digger Goodsong said...

Welcome back, Supergirl! I really appreciate your pictures. They help me select the color for my new summer caparison. Thanks.


Zyngor said...

Welcome back from the vacation - hope it was swell!

Agreed on the new steed - it looks really nice, and does seem to dye well in WS mode from what I see.

Not sure if I'll be able to do much fishing, though - can only do it so many years before I just say meh.

Unknown said...

Yay Gloredh! I am glad you like those! I wasn't really sure which combinations work best. Evendim Blue was also very snazzy looking but I didn't have that color, and I don't own any blonde or tan color hides. That also might be striking. :D

So Wrynne... which colors did you choose?? hehe. Inquiring minds want to know...

Thanks Zyngor! I did do an hour of fishing while chatting with a friend to earn some tokens for the horse. However, Supergirl secrets.... I have a stockpile of Ale Association and Inn League tokens from previous festivals that I traded for most of these Summer festival tokens. ;)

Digger Goodsong said...

Supergirl Danania, I tried the blues and then discovered olive. I then added some of the tack from my Spring rewards and got a warsteed outfit that I really like. Now some may say this caparison looks like a blanket but I love the way it flows when riding. Beware Bugud! I am coming for you and you will be shocked by my dazzling warsteed.

Your student,

Unknown said...

Olive you say?? That tends to be a lil subdued for me. Of course, I would tend toward Hot Pink and Electric Blue... to each her own. :) Rock their worlds Wrynne!

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