Wednesday, March 27, 2013

U10: Rohan Rings & Complete Hytbold in 15 days?

In continuing with U10 changes…

Recently, I was looking for better RK ring options and found the lovely new gold upgrade rings from the barter guy in Snowbourn. Look for the guy over in the west part of town whose name is “Eastemnet Shields, Weapons, Jewelry Quartermaster”; I guess we can call him “EsWe JeQ” for short.

Rohan Rings

Battered: To build a barter ring, start with a “Battered Ring of Rohan”. By itself, the ring is very plain with no stats at all. It is a common enough drop from Warbands that there are battered rings all over so check your friends or the AH if you need one. Each of the upgrades for the ring will require Sutcroft reputation, so check that box en route to building your rings.

Tarnished: EsWe will let you trade that Battered Ring for a “Tarnished Ring of Rohan” which is purple quality version. He has a lovely assortment which are good for each class. I have shown in this article the “Sage” rings which are for Runekeepers and other tactical classes. There is something for your class so choose appropriately. The cost is one Battered Ring plus 150 Silver tokens of the Riddermark.

Glimmering: Once you get the Tarnished Ring, EsWe’s next offer is the “Glimmering Ring of Rohan”, a teal version which is slightly better. Cost is the Tarnished Ring plus 250 Silver tokens of the Riddermark.

Gemmed Rings: Finally, the gold versions are the various gemmed “Ring of Rohan”, gold quality. Each of these rings cost the Glimmering Ring plus 3 gems: Mooncandles, Starblossoms, Sunbrands, or Wyrmfires. The gems are rare drops from the new Erebor Raids at level 85.

(Update April-2013: New Rohan Rings were added for Healers. They are shown in a subsequent article, 1st-age-lis-rohan-healing-rings-fans.)

My loot luck is not the best, but I had 8 gems drop in 44 Erebor T1 raid wins so far. Yeah, 44 raids might sound like a lot, but T1 Battle for Erebor is reasonably easy and takes less than 10 minutes win-or-lose for a group to run. Battle for Erebor is a lot like the Moria turtle except there are 2 trolls instead of 1 turtle; easy enough, right? If you loath raiding, these gems are not bound and are tradable and you can find them on AH (though they tend to be expensive still, mebbe 50-100g at this time).

Important Note! All these Rings are Unique and Bound on Acquire. You cannot equip two identical rings. If you are just starting out and don't have the gems yet, keep in mind that you cannot equip 2 identical purple (or teal) rings, though it is likely that both purple (or teal) rings will be necessary to barter for the gold rings of your choosing.

You can definitely have 2 gold rings, but they have to be different types. For interest, I chose the Wyrmfire and the Sunbrand.

Final tally shopping list = 1 Battered Ring + 400 Silver tokens of the Riddermark + 3 gems of your choice

What do Rohan Rings have to do with Hytbold!?

When questing in Rohan, all the quests give Silver tokens of the Riddermark so you have the opportunity to have plenty of tokens by the time you are ready for ring upgrades or other fun things. However, before Update 10, I spent all my tokens and had nothing with which to barter for lovely rings. The only way to get more Silver tokens of the Riddermark was to do repeatable quests. The only repeatable quests in Rohan are the Warbands, a very few landscape repeatables, and Hytbold. There is a good link on to the forums which spells out exactly which quests are repeatable ( Non-Hytbold-Warband-Repeatable-Quests-in-Rohan).

Hytbold tokens trade for Silver tokens of the Riddermark 1:1. …and, you can do 5 Hytbold quests per day to earn 25 tokens, right?

In comes U10 and Mithril Coin quest resets!

Rinwald, keeper of the Hytbold daily quest start, “Aiding the Eastemnet”, will allow you to reset the daily for 5 Mithril Coins. Given that there are 16 total Hytbold dailes, you could reset Hytbold twice in one day and do 15 daily Hytbold quests, earning 75 tokens.

For the cost conscious, each Mithril Coin costs 10 TP (or less if you buy in bulk). Each TP costs about a penny (or less if you buy in bulk, or got them for free from deeds). So, a Hytbold reset costs 50 cents at most, or two daily resets for a dollar or less.

Mithril coins are a convenience item but if your time is larger blocks on fewer days and your time is worth more than your money, now you could literally complete Hytbold in 15 days, versus the 44+ days it took before Update 10. I feel certain that some would have taken advantage of it when Hytbold was newer, and some who read this article will still do it now. I previously enjoyed the Hytbold adventure in articles to-be-a-thane and supergirl-thane-of-eastemnet.

BTW, yes, I did earn 75 Hytbold tokens in one day last Sunday to prove that it could be done, because I wanted to, and because it didn’t cost me anything (since I had Mithril Coins from the U10 conversion from items I had earned during previous festivals).

Aside: I got to meet Saelithraen in Galtrev recently; it is always great to meet fans and new friends. :)

Two final thoughts to remember about Hytbold dailies:

1. “Aiding the Eastemnet” is to go do the five daily quests. (delete: If you don’t manage to get five done in a day, remember to cancel the quest from your log before you logout. If you cancel it and pick it up next time, you have access to do all five.Otherwise, the next time you log in you will be in the middle of the “daily” set and can only do the remainder of the five you didn’t do. EDITED from Anonymous's comment below and further research by sleuth Tomrica: "If you cannot do all five daily quests in a day, you possibly do not want to accept "Aiding the Eastemnet". The quest cannot be cancelled from your log. Tomrica sends the discussion link ( Aiding-the-Eastemnet-not-cancelable-carries-across-days)" 

2. While “Aiding the Eastemnet” can be reset with 5 mithril coins, I do not believe that any of the 16 possible related dailies can be reset. So, it would be little benefit to reset more than twice in a day.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Update 10: Runekeeper Armor Sets

In continuing to look at changes for Update 10, I will dissect what the new RK armor sets are and how existing armor sets changed. For this article, I will consider the Runemakers’ set, the three level 85 Moors armor sets, the three Hytbold sets, the three Erebor sets, and the three Greater Erebor sets.

Some general observations:
(1) The armor sets have been standardized to not offer stat increases for set bonuses. The armor sets have also been standardized to offer bonuses on 2-piece and 4-piece only.

(2) With the removal of stats as armor bonuses, some non-Erebor armor pieces changed. I originally examined many of the Update 9 armor sets and level 75 armors in the post, rohan-85-rk-hytbold-and-moors-armor. For example, Hytbold Peace-caller set decreased 214 morale and 1148 mastery, and gained some crit (due to the change in Critical calculation) since the previous version. I have re-reviewed all armors’ stats to reflect the changes for U10 (as of March 20).

(3) There are non-set armor pieces that are even better than any of these pieces. As they are rare and random versus being bartered and earned, I will not review those, but acknowledge that they exist and are awesome (and “gold” quality).

(4) The Erebor armors can only be bartered once you have completed all seven of the Rohan instances on T1. The Greater Erebor armors can only be bartered with wins in Rohan instances T2.

(5) There isn’t a big gap at all between the level 75 armor sets from TOO or Moors level 75, so don’t feel badly if you already have those. The U10 changes made the previous post at  rohan-85-rk-hytbold-and-moors-armor incorrect, but it gives indication that many of the level 75 armors are (or at least were) reasonable options.

(6) In the Moors, the Moors armors are a must due to their “Audacity” bonuses (I’ll explain Audacity another post, but for perspective, here is how Audacity looked prior to U10, ettenmoors-75-rk-armor-audacity.

Set Bonuses:
So, let’s look at armor set comparisons. I will start by looking at the “set bonuses” for each armor set at 2-piece and 4-piece. As you see in Table 1, there are a lot of repeat bonuses. Most are situational and tied to certain skills. Since now for U10 there are no more stats included as bonuses, you will have to decide whether you really use these skills and utilize the bonuses.

Table 1: Set bonuses for RK Armor sets (click on image to enlarge)

I have a lot of data… so I decided to present the full sets and then present snapshots by piece. I am going to benchmark everything to the Rune-makers’ armor since those pieces can be found at the skirmish vendor and otherwise require no effort at all, except the cost of marks and medallions.

For simplicity, I am going to continue presenting only my “4 pillars of the Runekeeper”: Morale, Tactical Mastery, Critical, and Tactical Mitigation.

Full Sets:
You just turned level 85 and have the option of going to the skirmish vendor to get a set of armor, going to the Moors and hunting Creeps for Commendations, going to rebuild Hytbold and earning tokens, or going through Rohan and Erebor raids.

Ok, Table 2 is a wall of data related to full RK sets. I will translate some observations. Do keep in mind, aside from the numerical data, there is Table 1 to consider, so be mindful of the potential set bonuses, if they are important.

Observation 1: The Moors sets have much less Mastery than the basic Runemakers. However, Moors Audacity of the pieces is essential for the Moors. With 5-7% less Mastery than basic Runemakers, the Moors armor is not worthy anywhere else except the Moors.

Observation 2: The Hytbold armor sets are slightly better than the Runemakers. The set bonuses in Table 1 are better also. Did you do enough quests in Rohan to earn reputation and barter for Hytbold armor? Which makes more sense to earn, 9k marks and 3k medallions, or Rohan rep and Hytbold tokens?

Observation 3: Erebor armors cost a more Marks, Medallions, and Seals but there is almost no benefit versus the basic Runemakers armor. Even if the price was the same, is it worth it?

Observation 4: Greater Erebor armors are the most expensive and hardest to obtain. One would think they are the best, right?

Example: Runemaker vs Greater Erebor Healer (Peace-caller): GE Peace has less morale (-263), better Mastery (+2%), better Critical (+2%), and better tact mit (+2%). GE Peace has slightly better set bonuses (not a fan, but they are better). GE Peace cost “a lot” more. Is it worth it?

Table 2: Cost and stat data for level 85 RK Armor sets, (stats vs Runemakers)

When looking at a single category, it becomes clear that many of the pieces are built similarly. If all things cost the same, which would you choose? Is there an obvious difference between these pieces? I will show a snapshot of the stat differences between the set pieces for each category.



Chest Armor:




What Would Dana Do?
Because I have as a goal to do all quests and deeds, I have some options available to me as by-product of Completionism, i.e. Hytbold, marks, unlocks.

I’m also told that the number of Marks and Medallions for Runemakers set is a lot. I lose perspective sometimes on what “a lot” means. Is 9k marks and 3k medallions a lot for a 6-piece set of armor? If so, then Hytbold is probably where you want to go, and Runemakers and Erebor are not for you.

I got the Hytbold Thunder-caller set just by doing the quests and following the path. I love to use “Epic Conclusion to reset Shocking Words” and habitually hit Shocking Words, Epic Conclusion, Shocking Words in quick succession with enjoyable effect… I’ve seen the set of three skills critically hit an opponent for over 22k damage during that explosive second.

Hytbold armor is very easy to obtain. For example, to get this Thunder-caller armor you would need Kindred rep with the 4 factions of Rohan (actually, only Ally with Norcroft), and some Hytbold tokens. By the time you got the Reputation, because it would have involved doing Hytbold daily quests, you would have enough tokens to build the correct pieces of town and barter for the armor. Reference here (to-be-a-thane).

Hytbold is one of the cheapest and best options, and as is evident from this article, all the non-Moors armors are fairly close to one another statistically.

If you are going to the Moors, get some Moors armors. I got 2 of each set of Moors armors because there wasn’t apparent value to me to go after the 4-piece bonuses. It isn't as useful for everyday use since it has noticeably less Mastery but is a must in the moors.

Though I have access to it, I won’t barter for the Erebor armor as it has little benefit. 

For comparison from Table 1, for Hytbold Thunder vs Erebor Thunder: Hytbold has +614 morale and +3% Mastery and my preferred set bonuses VS Erebor has +1.5% Critical. The Greater Erebor Thunder is slightly better than the Erebor though not enough that I would choose it even if the price was equal to the Hytbold (and certainly not at the increased cost).

Friday, March 15, 2013

U10: Virtues and Property Guards

With Update 10 release, some of the stats (power) changed wildly, some of the calculations (tactical mitigation) changed also, and it appears that some of the character baselines might be different than they were before. To fully diagnose changes that are not included in the Release notes and are not gear related, I will take the character to no gear or traits and rebuild it. Assuming I don’t get derailed by a festival or boredom, I will recreate and present all of the traits, calculations, and gear changes post-U10. 

(Update May-2013: Here are a few followup articles on U10 changes... u10-runekeeper-armor-setsu10-rohan-ringsu10-new-loot-gear-and-jewelryu10-t9-and-eastemnet-relics.)

as usual, click picture for bigger view, chart is color-coded to see high (blue), medium (purple), and low (green) modifiers

First part is done… and… there are no changes to Virtues. They are the same virtue numbers post-U10 as they were pre-U10.

However, with the new calculation for Tactical Mitigation involving Will, you might need to retrait virtues.

Tactical Mitigation = (Vitality *4) + (Will * 2) + (Armor / 5)

With the addition of Will as a modifier, it moved my Tactical mitigation past the cap. Fortunately, most of my pre-U10 traits were chosen to maximize tactical mitigation. Now, I can unwind that and pull back below the cap.

Virtues are one of a RKs best ways to build defense. My new trait set I have at this moment is Zeal, Innocence, Confidence, Idealism, Loyalty. The build gives a good helping of Physical Mitigation and Resistance while reducing the gain in Tactical Mitigation. 

Ok, so there is no relation between the two subjects *Virtues and Property Guards*, but just posting a table of Virtue stats is not very visually interesting. I drafted my Property Guards to stand-in for some pictures!

The “Elf female Property Guard” has been around a long while; I’ve had her on staff since at least Yule festival 2011. Until recently, she guarded the little house in Thorin’s cave. 

The “Shieldmaiden Property Guard” is new as of U10. There are other property guards sold from the lotro store, including a dog, a Rohirrim, and a Dwarf to name a few. All are animated and cost mebbe 595 TP (don't quote me on that). 

I would buy more Guards except the housing still only allows a certain numbers of spaces to put things. At some point, Turbine will realize that not only do their paying customers desire it (yes, I am VIP), it is to their financial advantage to put some effort into improving housing. Soon, right?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Notes on Update 10 Release Notes

I took the Update 10 Release Notes, ripped out all the parts that didn’t seem interesting, and reorganized it into a more coherent set of information. I interspersed a few comments of my own as I went (in blue). I will dig deeper into some of the stat number changes in a follow-up article. BTW... sorry that the text looks wonky, Blogger is refusing to accept the fonts the way I am setting them and I am having to recode it.

My reorganized categories include:
(1) Barter Wallet Info, (2) Stat Changes, (3) Armor Sets, (4) Runekeeper Changes, (5) New places, (6) The Ettenmoors, (7) Mounted Combat, (8) Crafting, (9) Other details. If you want to read the entire 16 page release notes (where you can get specific details on non-RKs for instance), Merric gives the official link and a very handy PDF at CSTM: update-10-release-notes.

(1) Barter Wallet Info:
  • For every Skirmish Seal in your inventory, there will be a one time conversion, 20 Medallions = 1 Seal.
  •  Medallions of the North-men no longer exist. Any existing ones will be automatically converted, 10 Medallions = 1 North-men.
  • Unhatched Spider Eggs and Orthanc Sigil Fragments may now exchange for Medallions, in place of Seals.
  • Existing items which cost seals will either have the Seal cost converted to Medallions, or have an additional option added to exchange for Medallions
  • Mithril Coins now available, in barter wallet.

~ Previous Festival tickets and Revival Tomes were converted to mithril coins; 15 coins per revival tome and 5 coins per festival ticket. Those are the only ones I had but the traveler’s writs and a few other widgets were consolidated here as well. Overall, it went from lots of little barters to one consolidated one, which improves your buying power, and that is a good thing.
  • Level 85 1st Age Symbols are available on the Skirmish Barter vendors for Seals. They require completion of the new Erebor raids, with different costs based on the Tier of difficulty completed.
  • New gems have been added which may drop from the Erebor raids. These are fully tradeable, and used to upgrade the Rohan rings, new raid sets, and used in special crafting recipes.

Bofur and that other dwarf (Dori mebbe? All dwarves look the same to me…) give some final advice or parting words before we near the engine known as The Fires of Smaug.

(2) Stat Changes:
  • Fate/Power Revamp: Fate has more noticeable effects on ICPR and OCPR. Will no longer contributes to players' power pools or OCPR.
Players will receive an increased amount of Power at each level, and all skill costs will now be based on a percentage of this power. Each class has also undergone adjustments to their overall power consumption/restoration rates in an attempt to normalize combat longevity.
  • Power Pools have been adjusted.
Non-Will users will gain 50 points of power per level,
Will users will receive 65 power per level.

All skills have had their power costs adjusted to account for changes to Fate/ICPR. Several power restore skills/traits have also had their magnitudes adjusted for the time being as we continue to normalize Fate’s new contributions.

~ I tried to push dps output with reckless abandon just to see if I could consume power by forcing out enough skills. I never saw power pool drop below about 80%, and I definitely have not stacked Fate at all.
  • Agility/Fate Critical: Agility will now provide 1 point of crit rating whereas Fate will provide 2.5
~ Previously, Critical was 1.75 points for both Agility and Fate. This new change gives a stronger incentive to push Fate. Critical cap is 25% = 13401; and there is mentioned that there is incentive (though diminished) to push past the cap.
  • Critical Rating now increases both chance to critically hit and the magnitudes of both your critical and devastating critical hits.
  • Will/Tactical Mitigation: Will now provides 2 points of Tactical Mitigation to compensate for the loss of power contribution.
~ Previously Tactical mitigation = Vit * 4 + Armor/5 + direct modifiers. Now, Will-based characters have a lot of tactical mitigation. The Mitigation cap is 40% = 10602. As a relatively high-end RK, the change zipped me right past that mark and I will need to rethink my virtue set to bring Tact mitigation down toward the cap.
  • Critical Defense: Players will see a reduction in their current Critical Defence values as we intend for itemization to play a stronger role in this system.
~ The actual number for Critical Defense did not change; however its protectiveness went down (for example, reduction was 36%, now 22%)
  • Legendary Item DPS: The damage per second of level 85 weapons has increased, especially for 2nd Age LIs.
~ No, no it didn’t. My LI was 158.0 DPS before, and 158.0 after. If there is a change, it is not observable by the digits shown.

Daweirdo, Blinkinn, Kronuz, Meriband, Ulderen, and Supergirl say hello to the first boss in Bells of Dale.

(3) Armor Sets:
Armor sets which give players skill modifying set bonuses have been altered. They will no longer give players stat boosts in addition to skill modifying bonuses. In addition, skill modifying bonuses have been standardized to be on the 2-set and 4-set bonuses. This allows for greater freedom in variety for what the player can wear, and allows for equipment to be upgraded without worrying about losing additional stats from set bonuses, which were becoming increasingly more powerful with each set.

~ Yep, the stats dropped off the armor sets. I am going to investigate exactly where the numbers changed, but what I see is that this change dropped my Will by 107, and subsequently dropped my Tactical Mastery by 1070 (3% less mastery).

The Hytbold and level 85 Ettenmoors sets have seen their stats change to reflect the Fate alterations.

~ No, no it didn’t. Neither the Hytbold set nor the Ettenmoors set changed before versus after U10. To verify, I also looked at the barter NPCs and they have what I have.

New level 85 armor sets have been added to the Skirmish Vendors

~ Yes, there are new armor sets. They require completion of the new Raids in T1, and the advanced armors require completion on T2. Additionally, they cost marks, medallions, seals, and new special Erebor gems. I will go into the armors in another post.

The Bells of Dale looks lovely when all is empty and things aren’t attacking.

(4) Rune-keeper:
Sustaining Bolt will now reduce power costs by 5% rather than 10%
Reduced the power heal on Rune of Restoration

~ These are two power changes to RK. It is mostly irrelevant since power was little concern before U10 and is of no concern after U10.

Improved Rune-sign of Flame: Miss Chance buff has been replaced with a buff that allows skills to Bypass 5% of their target's Resistances.

~ The Improved Rune-sign of xxxx is a healing skill that is modified by whichever Element you are in. Each Element has a different buff. The Flame’s Buff changed slightly… whoopy.

Scribe A New Ending: This skill now dispels 1 Poison, Disease, Wound, or Fear every two seconds, for six seconds from a target.

~ Scribe a New Ending was the RK skill to remove dread. Since there is no more death dread, this skill changed. It is single target but has some potential to be useful. As it attunes toward Healing, it will take some getting used to but is a now potent skill when you are bombarded with effects.

Group visits the Battle of Erebor.

(5) New Places:
New instances:
The Bells of Dale (6 Player)
Flight to the Lonely Mountain (12 player)
The Fires of Smaug (12 Player)
The Battle for Erebor (12 Player)

In Their absence:
All of the instances in the “In their Absence” instance cluster can now be scaled from level 65 to 85.

Two trolls are well separated, divide and conquer, during Battle for Erebor.

(6) The Ettenmoors:
Freep Battlefield Promotions: Freeps now gain a Battlefield Promotion effect for each PvMP Rank they earn. Battlefield Promotions grant bonus Health, Power and Damage for each Glory Rank the player has. Battlefield Promotions are only active while in the Ettenmoors.

Creeps have also undergone significant changes … clip…  are able to actively participate in combat for longer periods of time. Although many restoration effects and buffs have been reduced, innate power expenditure should be at a much more manageable point.

Creep armor base critical defense reduced, but critical protection corruptions increased.

Lainedhal's Insignia and Ak’lhun's Brand (ranks 1 through 14) are now usable in combat, provide a break out of negative combat states and no longer grant any immunity. Their cooldowns have also been reduced.

~ I rarely went to the Moors after Rohan released. Many believe that the changes made to Creeps to match scaleup to Freep 85 made high end creeps nearly invincible; however, some people saw the system as balanced before this change, so as usual, people were mixed. From my perspective, the week before U10, I went out in full Raid where I was possibly the weakest link (most of the other Freeps were R10 and above, and I am only R8) and the Creep Raid wiped us out at will repeatedly with rarely a defeat on the other side. These changes, I believe, are any attempt to rebalance classes. With all the new Free people goodies, will the tide turn back and unbalance the other direction?

Group prepares for the incoming attack in Flight to the Lonely Mountain.

(7) Mounted Combat:
Increased Base Power Levels for War-Steeds (formerly 2175 for all 3 steeds, now 2500 for Light, 2350 for Medium, and 2250 for Heavy)

Altered the Medium Steed Traits ""Patience"" and ""Understanding"" to affect Mount Power Cost as well as Rider Power Cost

Altered the Heavy Trait ""Conservative Combatant"" to affect Mount Power Cost as well as Rider Power Cost

Lowered the Mount Power Cost for Mounted Runekeeper Skills ""Fixation of Flame"" and the ""Oration"" skills

Mounted Combat: The War-steed's Power Trait will now reduce the cost of using Spur On. If Power is fully ranked up, there will be no additional power cost of using your skills. The Power trait will also decrease the power usage per second cost of using Spur On.

~ These changes reflect the power changes for classes.

The following Mounted Combat traits/legacies/relics have had their critical rating contribution reduced:
Wrath trait (Light Steed): 25% to 15%
Light Bridle 'Wrath Crit Chance' Legacy: 10% to 5%

Here is a shot of two news weapons Danadalyn built over the weekend.

(8) Crafting:
  • The Tarnished Crests of Rohan can now be found on the Crafting Skirmish Barter Vendors.
  • Crafting XP values are being adjusted down.
  • Cooks will now be able to use ovens, as well as campfires, to make trail foods.
  • Recipes for First Age weapons and class items can now be found on the Legendary Craft Guild NPCs.
~ It says, “Crafting XP values are being adjusted down”… No, no it didn’t change at all thankfully. Yay to the use of ovens for trail food. 1st Age recipes cost 900s each; Danadalyn, Weaponsmith to the Stars, was in sticker shock. Team lildanas will still be crafting their way to Mordor.

UPDATE: After further review of all data I have, I stand by my statement. Character XP for crafting did not change post-U10 versus pre-U10. If anything changed, it wasn't that. So "Crafting your way to Mordor" wasn't affected. (crafting-toward-mordor).

Ok, this week, I went to exploring in many different places with friends. Here is nice shot of Lanwyn tanking the 3 mini-boss sisters in Ost Elendil.

(9) Other Details:
  • Several buffs (Run speed, slayer boosts, etc) now have stackable durations
  • Dread on Defeat effects removed.
  • Any quest can now be advanced in a raid.
  • War-steed: The simple tail should now accept dyes correctly.
  • XP from mobs that are more than 8 levels above has been zeroed out
  • Conjunctions have had their power restore magnitudes increased slightly.
  • The ""Find Items"" feature now darkens the non-matching items and bag icons instead of using the ""New Item"" swirlies.
  • There are two new chat text filters: Loot ( Self ) and Loot ( Fellow ). Loot notification messages for you and your fellows will go to these filters and you can change their font/size in the Options/Chat panel.
  • “Forced” Emotes: "Enable Involuntary Emotes" has been added to your social options panel. Henceforth, you may uncheck "Enable Involuntary Emotes" to opt out of involuntary emotes (emotes which another player is attempting to force you to execute).
  • Standardized the names of Tier 1 through Tier 9 relics.
  • Slightly lowered the amount of xp on the heritage runes received when refining relics. The amount of xp will increase as the level/tier of the relic being refined increases.

 Jasparhawk, Norinrad, Elmlorn, Lanwyn, Dandur, and Supergirl make sure Annuminas is still in control after U10.