For my own fun, I listed every game quest and deed I have not done.

Quests I have not completed:
(1) DG (4 quests - Helethir, Mirkwood)
(2) Chicken Run (1 quest - Shire)
(3) Angmar - Battle of Rhunendin (level 50, locked by stupid counter)
(*) plus, mid-way through Helm's Deep
The Steeds I don't have: (all-steeds)
(1) Festive Azure Horse: 5th Anniversary gift, I'll get mine April-2015. Yes!
(2) Hobby Horse: Yule festival 2012 "sack of presents"

(3) Galadhrim War-horse: Raid Barad Guldur & 6-person Dungeon.
(4) Horse of Many Colors: Raid Tower of Orthanc T2 Challenge.
(5) The Free People's Horse: Moors Rank 12.
(6) Steed of the Dale-Lands: Erebor Meta-Deed, no one has this one yet (05/22/13).

(7&8) Steeds from Helm's Deep  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
Solo Deeds:
(1) Chicken Run (Shire)

(2) Festival
     (a) Farmer's Faire: Golden Egg 
     (b) Farmer's Faire: "Fishy, very fishy"

(3) Moors slayer     -----> gain from aug 11 to oct 4....
     (a) Black-arrow T1 (214/500)     +25
     (b) Defiler T1 (83/500)     +13
     (c) Reaver T1 (293/500)     +25
     (d) Stalker T1 (306/500)     +51
     (e) Warleader T1 (93/500)     +9
     (f) Weaver T1 (100/500)     +12
     (g) Monster slayer T3 (580/2500)     +137

(*) Mid-way through Helm's Deep

(*) Floyd and Dewitt, part 2

3-person Deeds:
(1) Battle of Lorien (level 60 fellowship) - Done #2. Runs 3 - 9 remain. 

6-person Deeds:
(1) DG Dungeons (level 95 scaled) 
     (a) Leave no one behind: "free prisoners, then defeat the Warden"
     (b) Liberation from the Merciless Dungeons: "free 9 prisoners"
     (c) There is a new warden in the Dungeons (1/3): "complete the other deeds"

12-person Deeds:
(1) Barad Guldur  (level 95 scaled): T2 Challeges
     (a) The ten guards: "defeat 10 guards then defeat Durchest"
     (b) Two with one blow: "defeat Morgaraf and Cargaraf within 10s of each other"
     (c) King of the East: "defeat LT before his fell beast"
     (d) Regent of the Tower (0/4): "do the other deeds"
     (e) A Game of Death (3/4): "defeat the bosses"
     (f) Tempest of Dol Guldur Metadeed (2/4); needs Barad Guldur, Dungeon

(2) Ost Dunhoth (level 65 - 95) - Ivar's Champions (2/24) 

(3) Tower of Orthanc (level 75): T2 Challenges
     Need all T2 Challenge except Lightning (Need Acid, Shadow, Fire & Frost, Saruman)

(4) Erebor Raids (level 85): T2 and T2 Challenges
     Need all T2C Battle for Erebor, Flight to the lonely mountain, Fires of Smaug (Fire t2 done)

(*) Big Battles: mixed completion
Survival Barrowdowns  & Skirmish Deeds:

3-person skirmish (1/12 deeds)
6-person skirmish (0/12 deeds)
12-person skirmish (7/12 deeds)

Skirmish "Raid LTs" (0/27)
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Unknown said...

Nice blog!
Best regards from Scoria Lamejarras (Concilio de Telperion kinship in Laurelin)

P.d.I really enjoyed the "steed guide" (i have only 58).

Unknown said...

Thanks Kee. :)

Anonymous said...

be sure to post your complete build of your RK XD

Anonymous said...

Steed of the Hammerhand obtained from pre-purchase of Helms Deep
Spooky Steed of the Bat obtained from Fall Festival 2013

Unknown said...

Thanks Anonymous. Got it, and got it. Need to update the site. :D

Anonymous said...

You've probably noticed this already but the Yule Festival horse is currently available in game for 70 Mithril Coins in Frostbluff.

Unknown said...

I did notice that and it took 0.2 seconds for me to snatch up my missing yule horsie! lol!
Thanks Anonymous. :)

Anonymous said...

Are you going to get the Bone Set steed?

Unknown said...

Hmm... well... The Bone Set is not a steed; it is a cosmetic for warsteeds. I had set my mind to it when warsteeds released that I was not planning to buy every cosmetic that came out, and thusfar I have stuck to it. No Bone Horse means no Bone cosmetic for me... yet. I may break down and get it anyway since several people have asked to see it. Thanks for the comment!

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