Monday, March 4, 2013

Steed of Nightwood

Steed of Nightwood is here! New month, new steed! I don’t know if this is Turbine’s new action plan to deliver a new store steed every month, but the Steed of Khundolar was released in February and ran the entire month, and now the Steed of Nightwood is released the first of March and will run the entire month. Does 2 months constitute a trend? We shall see.

I first saw this steed on CSTM @ CSTM: steed-of-nightwood-now-available. /bow to Goldenstar for always keeping the community informed on all things lotro. She would be a great marketing or community relations manager for Turbine.

Steed of Nightwood is a dark brown color with a light brown tail. His dressing is black and beige underlay, silver patterns, with a gold saddle. His leggings look more protective than most. They look like soccer shin guards. Here is the original Steed of Nightwood.

As a Warsteed, only the silver stripe patterns dye. With the black part of the dressing always staying black, this gives the steed a dark look. The Warsteed comes with its own special Diamond Banded tail. This next shot is the Warsteed of Nightwood. All dressing is undyed; I went with white hide to help accentuate the dressing. (Sorry, we were getting rained on during this picture; I’ll get a better one when I can.)

Let’s see some dyes!
For these first two shots, I will point out how hide color affects perspective.

Here is the warsteed with crimson dyed outfit and white hide. The halter has been removed to show off his mane.

Here is the identical warsteed with crimson dyed outfit and black hide. Ok, mebbe, it isn’t a huge difference, but I had to look twice to see that I hadn’t changed the outfit.

Because the caparison is black, I tended to like the darker hides with this outfit.

The green dyed outfit and black hide looks fancy.

The indigo dyed outfit and black hide matches me well.

While not normally a fan of the color, I thought sea green with white hide gave a distinct look.

I didn’t previously have black warsteed outfit dye but I got it to show off this horse. Here is the black dyed outfit with black hide. I had to go into black Batgirl costume to complete the ensemble.

Finally, here is the warsteed with puple dyed outfit and grey hide. He looks very royal! The purple came with black in the same pack so mebbe I’ll blend those colors into the photos more often. :)

As always, check out all the other steeds at All the Steeds here at


Lothirieth said...

Sea green is totally the best colour in the game. ;) :P

Anonymous said...

Slick! I wonder wonder if they will follow it up with a Morning variant.

Unknown said...

Lothirieth! For you, I am glad Sea Green made it as a dye color! ...though it still doesn't seem quite right to me. lol

Unknown said...

Oh Anonymous... I was about to suggest that "Steed of Bright Days" was the related steed you seek until the double entendre sunk in...

Anonymous said...

nice horse but i'd prefer to be able to dye diff. parts >.<

Unknown said...

Yeah Anonymous, probably if I was given a choice, I would have made the underlay one solid neutral color (all black or grey) versus two-tone black and beige... but no one asked my opinion. :)

Alysia said...

Gorgeous new pony :D

Unknown said...

Thanks Alysia! :D

TheElvenTailor said...

Gah, so tempting! Still waiting on the Elven Light Leather set from beta to be released. This is awesome though, definitely on my wish list :D the Batgirl pic was killer.

Unknown said...

Thanks Cat TheElvenTailor!
My Batgirl outfit is what I wear at Halloween.

I will have to keep my eyes open for an Elven Light Leather set now. :D

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