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Fun Fall Festival, Friends!

(archived from November 8, 2011)

Alas, another Fall festival has come and gone, far too quickly! It probably is a good thing that it does end, one cannot actually party all the time, party all the time, party all the tiiiimme. When festivals start, I rarely ever leave the festival party!

This time for instance, I left the party only to go on two runs of Draigoch (Draigoch, Draigoch spoilers, pictures of Draigoch), spend an evening in Barad Gularan, do some Crafting (Welcome to my Tailor shoppe!), go on a 12-person skirmish a time or three, and visit the Grand Stairs with a group who needed a healer. That really isn't that much for over three weeks worth of login time.

The lil danas and I had a blast though! Here are some of the things we did and people we saw at festival. I'll tell you more about the lil danas some other time!

Of course, visiting the "poorly hidden chest" in the Haunted Burrow is #1 on the list. The idea was to one time, just once, pull a skelehorse out of the chest. We are 0-for-180 on finding a horse over the past 2 years. Better luck next year, right? as a consolation prize, we ended up with 42 haunted trees at one point before we started throwing them away. I'm sure if you want one, we still have a dozen or so sitting around, at least til we cash them in for their 2 silver piece value. Kudos to those who did win skelehorses! Between my bad luck and your good luck, the odds evens out! (Skelehorse and Mounted Rear Up).

I like all the festival quests, especially the ones where I run through the Haunted Burrow. After running through there a thousand times (not really, probably only several hundred), I think I could make it through most of it with my eyes closed. Those tricky Hobbits are fun; I'm glad none of them were actually hurt fooling around in there.

What was more entertaining was trying to watch the lil danas take them out... Danaszar usually had a mug in her hand and no melee weapons. At level 12, Danadalyn looked to be an even match with them when she first met them.

Also, playing with the other hobbits in the Burrow is great entertainment. Danasar enjoyed playing tricks on the other hobbits. "Oh Lobelia.... Boo!"

"Hahahahaha! Calm down Lobelia, it is just Danaszar. Let me take my bear hat off. Aww, you tricker; I'm not just as scary as the bear mask. Fine, fine... let's go mess with some of the other hobbits."

"Oh Noes! A scared hobbit! Aww, the poor dear. You make me so sad... boo-hoo-hoo. Let's have a cry together."

Now this is more like it... Protected by a shield is the best way to go through the Haunted Burrow... kinda like being surrounded by a fellowship of tanks.  The cape will light the way!

We saw lots of people out and about celebrating festival. Here are a few...

Rendien prepares to do venture into the Haunted Burrow.

You never know who you might run into in the Haunted Burrow; here are Leanansidhe and Kilwog in the Basement.

Liriodendron of the Asma family arrives in Hobbiton! Now, the party can start!

Hello Stevia of the family of Stevia! Fancy meeting you under the Party Tree, sir!

Bossman. You have to go in the Burrow! So many good things to see!

Hey... haven't I seen you here before Kilwog? You look much taller through a hobbit's eyes!

Wergil of the house of Werg talks with Danaszar at the Party Tree... I would share, but my mug appears to be empty. Perhaps I shouldn't carry it at my side.

Dirathiel of the house of Dirhallith arrives at festival. She might be Easily Lost, but the Party Tree is just to our north... can't miss it! Good times just up the Hill!

Stryd! Yep, it is a small world when you bump into a renown Guardian metalsmith in the Mystery Wing! Enjoy the festival!

Cymtyr, the Champion extraordinare! Fancy that, fancy hat! Perfect festival attire! I feel festive.  

Nice horse Ilras! The Hunter's Steed! Unfortunately, the hobbits won't let you take him inside. I'm not sure he would go anyway. If a horse won't go into Moria, the Haunted Burrow might be too scary as well.

So many friends who I've seen before. Occasionally, there comes a new one. Here is Takara, dressed in her fine pinks. She either kept the same hours as I did at festival, or she camped on the Hill for a good bit of it!

Always good to see my sis Sansanor! She welcomes me on to join in the fun!

Aloevera of the house of Kalamari channels a "1970's Travolta". It's ok Aloevera; I get excited about festival also!

Kipton of the Asma family and Danadelion prepare to test their riding skills in the Shire.

Brokenstrings of the Doduss family rides out to Henstacker farm to claim his festival pony the same day I went to get my steed.

Danaish waited til the next morning's daybreak, wanting to check the hooves, do a sit test, and pick out her favorite steed.

Bilbo's wine? Ah... the good stuff. Just a sip... I shall soon be muddled... You would think hanging out with the Inn League, I would gain some tolerance...

It has been far too long since I did a round of Shire Inn hopping. Let's go add some calories! "Which do you recommend Bluebell? All of them? Works for me!" 

Ah, Penelas of the house of Elethrandir, you wild hunter. I might be a lil inebre-inebra- pickled. I will provide the drinks; you provide the port-ey knowhow and let's go deliver some drinks to other Inn League members in the far-off reaches and bring some happy festival smiles to them!

Oh my! All this good festival fun and I get party tricks in the shape of consumables too??! AND, if i do enough of them, I learn how to do them permanently? Game on! What better way to spend the time than tricking a bunch of your friends in a group! There were a number of consumable parties. I made 3 or 4 of them.

Hanging out with Macswife, Macmerkin, Wergil, Menelchol, and Taradanag! How can it not be fun to go slap Menelchol around and get paid deeds for it?! Quick, wave the flag! I probably shouldn't be in between Mac and MW when the black gloves come out...

Consumable fun during the day? Consumable fun during the night? It's always a good time. Macmerkin, Nimitar, Byrane, Assmunahi, Daweirdo, and I get ready for some serious trickery. We will even throw in some Summer magic to mix it up. 

Can't get enough? Nope. Nimitar, Assmunahi, Mongoly and I go after it again. Watch out Asma is about to slap someone! Nimitar and I duck, while Mongoly hides behind MotherMongoly (I don't know that she is going to protect you here...)

After a bit too much festival partying, better to just take a quick nap. (Yeah, it was Bilbo's Wine. I "might" have had a bit more than a sip. Or mebbe it was the 40-something drinks in the Inn hopping. Or mebbe there was a "few" spare inn league drinks after all the deliveries were made. Or mebbe dunking my head in the bobbing for apples bucket the 40th time. Or getting black glove slapped several hundred times.) Good thing the Party Tree has nice long benches. My cape looks like it got a bit torn... Wow, what a party! I can't wait til next festival!

Festival comes to an end... Curious about what Supergirl would wear to a costume party??

Yep, you guessed it. I dressed up as Batgirl.

Here is Batgirl riding the Green Painted Skeleton steed as it tries to eat the moon. I earned it. After failing to win a White Skelehorse after trying 180 times, I earned being able to purchase it. The same? No. A consolation? Yep, it'll do.

(lots of happy festival comments from the original post @ final-comments)

(Update 06/01/12: I like this picture of Batgirl on the Green Painted Skeleton steed and apparently it gets attention judging by Google views to this site. I posted another shot of him in the sunlight here @ steed-of-jester-and-others. He is still imposing but shows off his sleekness. :)

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