Festival Steeds

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Festival Steeds (+62%): ~~ 24 horses
These steeds are picked up during their respective festivals. Occasionally, I have seen some of them also listed in the lotro store.

(6) Lithe Festival Horse: Summer 2009

(7) Pale Golden Summer Horse: Summer 2010

(8) Summerfest Horse: Summer 2011. It was inadvertently deleted from the stable and returned for 1 token during Farmer's Faire 2013. http://www.danania.net/2013/09/farmers-faire-2013-steed-of-plenty.html

(9) Summerdays Horse: Summer 2012

(10) Steed of the Midsummer: Summer 2013
See many more pictures of this steed at http://www.danania.net/2013/07/steed-of-midsummer.html

Warsteed dressed as the Steed of the Midsummer

(11) Harvestmath Horse: Fall 2009

(12) Sable Harvestmath Horse: Fall 2010

(13) Autumnfest Horse: Fall 2011

(14) Harvest-Brew Horse: Fall 2012. The other side is slightly different; he has three mugs opposite the saddle bag.

(15) Spooky Steed of the Bat: Fall 2013. 
More pictures at http://www.danania.net/2013/10/fall-festival-2013-spooky-steed-of-bat.html

Warsteed dressed as the Spooky Steed of the Bat

(16) Yule Festival Horse: Yule 2008
This horse was Pre-Supergirl (yeah, who would have thought this party existed before I walked in?) I picked in up in Yule 2013 for 70 mithril coins. http://www.danania.net/2013/12/yule-festival-2013-wintertide-steed-and.html

(17) Yule Festival Snow Horse: Yule 2009

(18) Yule Festival Glittering Horse: Yule 2010

(19) Yule Festival Frosty Horse: Yule 2011 (horse #1)

(20) Yule Festival Snowy Horse: Yule 2011 (horse #2)

(21) Wintry Yule Horse: Yule 2012 
See more at http://www.danania.net/2012/12/wintry-yule-warsteed.html

Warsteed dressed as the Wintry Yule Horse (dyes really well, check the link above!)

(22) Wintertide Steed: Yule 2013 
See more http://www.danania.net/2013/12/yule-festival-2013-wintertide-steed-and.html

Warsteed dressed as the Wintertide Steed

(23) Springfest Horse: Spring 2009

(24) Blue Roan Horse: Spring 2010

(25) Springtime Horse: Spring 2011

(26) Simbelmyne Horse: Spring 2012

(27) Lissuin Horse: Spring 2013
See more pictures of this steed at 

Warsteed dressed as the Lissuin Horse

Farmer's Faire!
(28) Farmers Faire Horse: Farmer's Faire 2012

(29) Steed of Plenty: Farmer's Faire 2013
See more pictures of this steed at 

Warsteed dressed as the Steed of Plenty