Special Steeds 62

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Special Steeds (+62%): ~~ 18 horses, 2 goats
These special steeds are not Reputation or Festival steeds.

(56) Grey Horse: Reward for completing Epic Volume 1.

(57) Anniversary Horse: 4th Anniversary Horse (2011), available for barter during anniversary party.

(58) Fireworks Laden Horse: 5th Anniversary Horse (2012), available for barter during anniversary party. Randomly shoots fireworks out the back satchel.

(59) Teal Fireworks Laden Horse: 6th Anniversary Horse.

(60) Red-clad Horse of the Gap: Pre-order of Rise of Isengard expansion, 2011.

(61) White-clad Horse of the Gap: Pre-order of Rise of Isengard expansion, 2011.

(62) Green-clad Horse of the Gap: Pre-order of Rise of Isengard expansion, 2011.

(63) Steed of the Eastemnet: Pre-order of Riders of Rohan expansion, 2012.

(64) Cremello Horse: PAX Gaming convention 2011. I received this horse as a gift from my friend Szand.

(65) Perlino Horse: PAX Gaming convention 2012. I received this horse as a gift from my friend Memyr.

(66) Steed of the Horse-lords: Included with "Lotro: Mithril Edition" purchase. (I got my code via digital purchase at GameStop.com).

(67) Winged Herald Horse: Refer 5 players with lotro's "Referral program" to obtain this steed.

(68) Dusky Nimblefoot Goat: Not an elite steed, but one that can be purchased from the lotro store. It originally came with an Adventurer's Pack (before Dana). Its fur color is different, but it has the same exact look as Moria's Prized Nimble Redhorn-goat.

(69) Skeleton Painted Horse: Rare drop from the "secret chest" in the Haunted Burrow during the Fall festival. (After having ridiculously bad luck finding it at the 2010 and 2011 festivals, I bought it from the lotro store).

(70) Festive Azure Horse: 5-year Anniversary gift for those who have accounts for five years. It is awarded during the Anniversary Party in April. Currently, those people with active accounts prior to April, 2008 and logged in during Anniversary festival in April, 2013 could have this horse. Those accounts opened prior to April, 2007 also have the Warsteed appearance for this horse.

(71) Harvest-Brew Goat: Goat bartered at the Treasure Hunt for 1000 tokens. It first appeared at the September 20, 2012 treasure hunt.

(72) Hobby Horse: This "horse" came from random loot in the "Sack of Presents" at Yule Festival 2012 and 2013. Danaish and I debated the validitity of its horse-ness, but at the end of it all, it does have a run speed (of +40%) and the clincher is that it shows up in the Mount Skills... so by definition it is a horse.

(73) Horse of Red Dawn: From commenter Svein sends word about a French horse, the "horse of red dawn" (Monture de l'Aube Rouge). "It is only available as a special gift in the box version sent by the FNAC, a french retail chain of cultural goods", available at the link Rohan box set (French distribution). The rider in the picture is Ahradir of Sirannon.

jolstatic.fr: 58490.jpg Dana, you goob, Put the picture here.

(74) Steed of the Hammerhand: Helm's Deep expansion pre-order, 2013.
See more at http://www.danania.net/2013/11/steed-of-hammerhand-and-helms-deep.html

Warsteed dressed as the Steed of the Hammerhand

(75) Steed of the First Marshal: Computer Spiele Bild, code from a German magazine
From commenter Svein sends word of a German magazine (Computer Spiele Bild) that had a code for a horse. Here is the picture he graciously sent for the Gallery. See original at http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=984867ScreenShot00773.jpg

It has a similar green horse head insignia to the White-Clad Horse of the Gap, but its pattern resembles that of the Steed of the Eastemnet. (See both on this page, above.)