Thursday, September 12, 2013

Farmers Faire 2013: Steed of Plenty

Supergirl rides atop the Warsteed of Plenty

Farmer's Faire is here (from Sep 5 - 18 or 19), and there is no way I would miss it if I could help it!

This year, there are TWO new horses to obtain.

If you want to learn more about the quests, read CSTM's Farmer's Faire Guide. I mentioned lots of quest details and tricks last year at the inaugural Farmer's Faire with the story, Faire Hobbits don't get Drunk! and a critique at the end of the Faire. Overall, the Faire fixed the drunk hobbit quest, but made no progress to improve the "Golden Egg" or the "Fishy" quest/deed. As far as I know, the Fishy quest to not catch 50 fish before catching a bad fish has never been completed by anyone anywhere. That is stupid-bad odds.

Regardess, it is very easy to get Faire tokens. We do the "Manning the Market" quest which is to assist 6 customers within 15 minutes. It takes 7 - 8 minutes to do, and we get 6 Bounder's tokens bags for the 6 customers, plus the 24 Faire tokens. With the remaining time on the clock, we go over to do an Egg Hunt with random success, and the Mushroom Hunt which nearly always yields a high amount of tokens.

The new horses this year are the Summerfest Steed and the Steed of Plenty.

Summerfest Steed - the nearly-free horse: The Summerfest Steed is a must for everyone who can ride a horse. Even if you don't like horses, the price is so cheap you should not pass it up. The cost is 1 Farmers Faire token. Basically, if you just go over to the area, I think you get 3 tokens; so this is really a free horse. I have no idea why a horse named the Summerfest is at the Faire and not the summer festival, but I saw rumor that it was inadvertently left out of the festival. 

Go get your nearly-free horse. Here is a look at him. He is a fine white horse with grey hair and bright summer green and bright yellow outfit.
Summerfest Steed of the Farmer's Faire

Summerfest Steed of the Farmer's Faire smiling

Steed of Plenty:
The Steed of Plenty costs a bit more at 120 Faire tokens, so it might take a couple of days to get it. There is still time even if you haven't started so get enjoy the Faire! 
Steed of Plenty

WarSteed of Plenty:
The Warsteed of Plenty can be bartered also for 120 Faire tokens. The outfit is a one-piece only, called the Caparison of Plenty. For sure, this outfit is one for someone who really likes to have maximum effect from the outfit dye as every color is bright and sharp!

Here is the Default Warsteed outfit (which is Sienna), followed by a selection of different Warsteeds of Plenty in a variety of colors.

WarSteed of Plenty

Warsteed of Plenty - Forest Green and Black Chestnut:

WarSteed of Plenty - Forest Green and Black Chestnut

 Warsteed of Plenty - Evendim and Dark Grey:

WarSteed of Plenty - Evendim and Dark Grey

Warsteed of Plenty - Crimson and Red Roan:

WarSteed of Plenty - Crimson and Red Roan

Warsteed of Plenty - Yellow and Dark Chestnut:

WarSteed of Plenty - Yellow and Dark Chestnut

Warsteed of Plenty - Rose and Light Grey:

WarSteed of Plenty - Rose and Light Grey

Warsteed of Plenty - Ered Luin and Black:

WarSteed of Plenty - Ered Luin and Black
Overall, I really like this steed for its bold colors and subtle pattern and am excited to see it! Have a great Farmer's Faire. I'll be back soon to talk about Bounder's tokens, but until then, make the most of Bounder token collecting at the Faire!


Nus Nogard said...

The Summerfest Steed accidentally got deleted out of players horse list. I think it may have been the first Summer steed? Not sure on that.

Svein said...

Summerfest steed is actually the steed gained at the 2011 summer festival, that strangely had disappeared. It is however a good bargain for those that did not have it previously, and a tiny fee for those who lost it.

Ravanel said...

OMG the warsteed thing is nice. I especially like the first one, in white. Would do really well for an in-game wedding (not that I have any plans, mind you!).

Perhaps I should see if I can drag myself to the Farmer's Faire. If you remember, it wasn't quite a success last year for me. ;)

Unknown said...

Thanks Diane and Svein!
I thought it looked familiar. Had I realized to look at my All the Steeds list, I would have noticed it. :)

I wonder how long it would have taken me to figure out the steed went missing from the stable...

Unknown said...

Yeah Ravanel, as you know, I had similar frustration with the Faire.
But I will enjoy the good parts and get the horses. :)

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