Meta deed Steeds

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Meta deed Steeds (+68%): ~~ 10 horses, 2 goats
These extraordinary steeds require more work to obtain.

(85) Elf Ambassador's Horse: 
Kindred with Elves of Rivendell, Galadhrim (Lothlorien), and Malladhrim (Mirkwood).

(86) Eriador Horse: World-Renown. 
Kindred with the 11 faction areas of Eriador - Mathom Society, Men of Bree, Thorin's Hall, the Eglain, Ranger's of Esteldin, Warden's of Annuminas, Forochel, Elves of Rivendell, Council of the North, the Grey Company, and the Algraig.

(87) Nimble Black Goat: Saviour of Khazad-Dum.
Complete all deeds in Moria.

(88) Prized Isengard Great-horse: Requires 99 Orthanc sigil-fragments, obtained in Isengard instances. It isn't exactly a Meta deed steed, but it is more than a Reputation steed.

(89) Dunedain War-horse: Saviour of Eriador.
Complete all deeds in Carn Dum, Urugarth, Barad Gularan, kill the Rift balrog, kill the Helegrod dragon.

(90) Wild Mountain Goat: Saviour of Lothlorien.
Dandur shows off the blue-eyed Wild Mountain Goat.

(91) Galadhrim War-horse: Tempest of Dol Guldur.
I am 2/4 versus the Tempest, needing deeds in the Dungeon and the Dol Guldur raid. Here is uber-deeder Daweirdo modeling the Galadhrim War-pony.

(93) Prized Ost Dunhoth War-steed: In Your Presence (OD).
I will write about the Epic adventure of winning T2 OD Challenges in a post in June-2013. 

In this picture, Nimitar shows the title, Ivar's Champion, awarded for beating Ivar and his goons 24 different ways... one of the most amazing deeds in the game.

(93) Horse of Many Colors: The Armies of Isengard (the Tower of Orthanc).
I am miles to go with ToO, having completed it on T1 only. So, I am very proud to present Hardia of the Noldor kinship in Arkenstone. She sports the title, "Original Challenger of Saruman" awarded for being the first on the server to complete the Tower of Orthanc T2 Challenge in a single run. The horse's dressing glimmers as the colors flow like water. It is truly a majestic horse. 

(94) Mahogany Bay: Moors Rank 9.
This steed is the real reason I went to the Moors. :)

(95) The Free People's Horse: Moors Rank 12.
Yeah... well Rank 12 is further than it looks. That is 4 times the Renown that I currently have at Rank 9. 05/13/13: There are now 18 people in Arkenstone that are rank 12 or higher (2 RKs, 5 hunters, 4 Minis, 2 champ, 2 LM, guard, burg, warden). I bring to you my friend now First Marshall Tharros, who graciously agreed to model this special steed, the Free People's Horse.

04/05/13: (96) Steed of the Dale-lands: Completion of "The Road to Erebor" deed (Rohan)... is on my watch list. As it requires completion of all three new Erebor Raids on T2 Challenge, it will soon be in someone's stable somewhere. When I find it, I'll take its picture. :)

Until then, here is a picture of the Deed list.