Basic Hengstacer Steeds

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Basic Hengstacer Steeds: ~~ 5 horses 
These steeds can all be bought with coin, without reputation, at Hengstacer. Other than the Bree-starter steed, these steeds run at +62%.

(1) Bree-starter Horse: My very first steed. It runs at +32% and I was proud of it at level 20.
Note: If you are a Founder (or got the horse in Yule festival 2007 random gift or got it from "SoA Gold edition"), this horse is called the "Bree-steed". You are barred from owning both since they are identical with different names. 

(2) Blonde Sorrel Horse:

(3) Chestnut Horse:

(4) Bloodbay Horse: very subtly redder than the Chestnut.

(5) Bay Horse: