Reputation Steeds

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Reputation Steeds (+62%): ~~ 22 horses, 4 goats
Unless noted, these steeds require Kindred with their faction. These steeds have more morale than the basic steeds so they are a bit tougher to knock down.

(30) Prized Liver Chestnut Horse: Men of Bree
This one was my first reputation steed. He looks identical to the Bree-Starter Horse.

(31) Prized Tundra-horse: Forochel

(32) Prized Mathom Society Horse: the Mathom Society, Shire

(33) Prized Esteldin Horse: the Rangers of Esteldin, North Downs

(34) Prized Eglain-horse: the Eglain, Lone lands

(35) Prized Rivendell Horse: Elves of Rivendell

(36) Prized Thorin's Hall Goat: Thorin's Hall, Ered Luin

(37) Prized Angmar's Free People Horse: Council of the North, Angmar (horse #1)

(38) Prized Ashen Horse: Council of the North, Angmar (horse #2)

(39) Prized Dark Chestnut Horse: Warden's of Annuminas, Evendim

(40) Prized Algriag Horse: Algraig, Enedwaith

(41) Prized Grey Company Horse: Grey Company, Enedwaith

(42) Prized Nimble Redhorn-goat: Iron Garrison Miners, Moria

(43) Prized Tame Redhorn-goat: Iron Garrison Miners, Moria. The only "reputation" steed that runs at +32%, it used to require Friend status with the Miners, now you need no actual rep. I laughed out loud when I looked at this goat in the daylight outside Moria to see that he is identical to the "Prized Nimble Redhorn-goat", which is faster. In the darkness of Moria, I never realized that they were the same.

(44) Prized Galadhrim Horse: Galadhrim Elves, Lothlorien

(45) Prized Smokey Black Horse: Malladhrim Elves, Mirkwood (horse #1)

(46) Prized Malledhrim Horse: Malladhrim Elves, Mirkwood (horse #2)

(47) Prized Dunlending Horse: Men of Dunland

(48) Prized Theodred's Riders Horse: Theodred's Riders, Dunland

(49) Prized Stangard Horse: The Riders of Stangard, Great River

(50) Wayward Easterling Horse: Heroes of Limlight Gorge, Great River

(51) Prized Inn League Horse: Inn League

(52) Prized Ale Association Goat: Ale Association

(53) Prized Easterling Horse: Heroes of Limlight Gorge, Great River

(54) Eorlingas... I'm still questing... It will be here soon.
(55) Helminglas... Ditto, still questing.