Saturday, December 21, 2013

Yule Festival 2013: Wintertide Steed and more

Supergirl rides the Wintertide Steed

Fahoo fores, Dahoo dores,
Welcome Christmas come this way!
Fahoo fores, Dahoo dores,
Welcome Christmas, Christmas day!
Welcome, welcome fahoo ramus, 
Welcome, welcome dahoo damus,
Christmas day is in our grasp,
So long as we have hands to clasp.

Yay! It is the most wonderful time of the year again.
That's right, it's Yule Festival time in Lotro.
and with it comes Yule Horses! 

Last Yule festival, 
showed off a fancy steed (wintry-yule-warsteed),
but could only be bartered by logging in and doing all of the quests on at least 9 of 20 days during Christmas... not a popular design choice (youll-yule-celebrate-2012),
And Yule festival before that saw earlier Frostbluff fun (youll-yule-festival-2011).

Guide: Your itinerary for this Yule festival 2013 as always is brought to you by Goldenstar; fabulous Guide-Maker of Middle Earth. (CSTM/lotro-yule-festival-guide-2013/). I won't repeat all of the details here; I just mostly show the pretty ponies. :)

There are not many "new" things this Yule, and that is totally ok. Sometimes, the familiar is a good place to be, especially since there are so many things for a newcomer to see. New things for 2013 include: horse, warsteed cosmetic, 3 cosmetic outfit pieces, and a title "The Bard". The horse costs 80 tokens, the warsteed costs 100 tokens, the cosmetics cost 135 tokens for all three total, and the title is acquired by doing things in the Frostbluff Theater (my title auto-granted as I logged in from having done everything in years past). 

All the Yule Horses! True or not, I am going to claim that the developers and decision-makers of lotro actively take advice from my blog as several of my top design changes have already come to pass... (Top-11-things-I-would-change-When-I-rule-Middle-Earth). #10 on that list was to make past festival horses available, where I wrote... "I recommend putting all applicable festival horses in the store each festival (those older than the previous year)".

A perfect solution was devised where you can now barter for all previous Yule horses near the entrance gate to Frostbluff! Thank you, thank you. I like this picture of all the previous Yule horses standing together. :)

All the previous Yule horses visit Frostbluff 2013

As the reality hit that one of my long lost horses was finally coming to the stable, it took me about 0.2 seconds to spend the 70 mithril coins to get him. :) Here is a picture of the 2008 Yule Festival horse that I have pined about in multiple articles through the years. As always, you can find all of the other horses in the "All-the-Steeds" section.

Supergirl gets her long lost Yule Festival Steed from 2008

Wintertide Steed:
The Wintertide Steed is the 2013 Yule festival horse. It is easy to acquire as it barters for 80 Festival tokens. As it turned out, I had enough left over tokens from last year to get the horse as I walked in the Frostbluff gate. If you are just starting out, familiarize yourself with Frostbluff, do all the quests, and you will amass a good pile of tokens each day.

The horse is a lovely dapple grey with snowflake pattern on his outfit.

Wintertide Steed

Wintertide Warsteed - Default:
The Wintertide "Warsteed" consists of the one warsteed cosmetic, the Wintertide Caparison. It is the same lovely snowflake pattern as the Wintertide Steed horse. I will show a few more color variations next. The pattern really pops and comes alive with a little color... of course, I do tend to be a bit Vibrant. :)

Wintertide Steed - Default

Wintertide Warsteed - Light Grey and Sea Blue:

Wintertide Warsteed - light grey and sea blue

Wintertide Warsteed - Charcoal and Black:

Wintertide Warsteed - Charcoal and Black

Wintertide Warsteed - Chestnut and Crimson:
I actually went with Black Chestnut hair and Dark Chestnut hide here to give it a little constrast. The crimson really pops, as do many of the colors.

Wintertide Warsteed - Chestnut and Crimson

Wintertide Warsteed - White and Evendim Blue:

Wintertide Warsteed - White and Evendim Blue

Thank you! Thank you for coming to throughout the year, even just to check up on me. It has been an interesting last few months... and I am excited to possibly have a smidge more time to write about the various things I want to write about in lotro! One thing to get out there quickly... you may or may not have seen that there IS a December steed of the month, the Steed of Withywindle. I do intend to show some pictures, hopefully very soon as December is more than half over. I also wanted to show off the West Rohan horses, and talk about virtues, the new trait system, RKs in the new regime (how to trait, new skills, etc), math updates, Big Battles, Helm's Deep... so many fun things. :)

Take care Free People of Middle Earth and i will see you soon. :)


Tomeoric said...

Horses, horses, and more horses... =(

Unknown said...

Oh grinchy Tomeoric. Lol. :)

We write about what we like. There are lots of other things, I was curious if "An Ode to Blood tusk" had already been written because I think it needs to go to Frostbluff Theater... but for only one post late last night, you get horses, horses, and more horses! :)

Tomeoric said...

I suppose a horse post is better than no post. =P

Anonymous said...

I love your horse posts! Thank you for putting up such a valuable resource for the Lotro community.

Happy Holidays!

Unknown said...

Yay Devonna!
Thanks so much for the comment. I sometimes wonder if anyone cares or shares my passion. It is great to get feedback. :) Have a very Merry Christmas.

Unknown said...

The past horses were a great touch. However, only being able to barter for them with mith coin is a bit much. Not everyone has the money to do that. They should of made them available through gold tokens. So everyone could get the chance of owning the ones they never had.

Svein said...

I did exactly like you, since I, too, missed the 2008 yule horse and was desperate not to be able to get it. And do not worry; lots of people do share your passion on "collectible" horses ;-)

Unknown said...

It is a good idea Aeala; Merry Christmas!

In previous festivals, often only two previous horses were available... the previous year which could still be bartered for festival tokens and the one from two years prior which was in the Lotro store listed for 995 tp. Given the history, the mini-stable of prior festival horses was a huge help improvement. :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Svein, and Merry Christmas!

Thanks for always coming by and keeping me on track with the helpful comments. :)

Ancurion said...

I have bought the cosmetic set? But i dont have a warsteed. What do i do?!

Unknown said...

Don't fret Ancurion!
When you are old enough to ride a war steed (around level 75), your yule cosmetic will already be in your list of choices. My lildanas do the same, prepare in advance to look fancy when they are 75. You will be glad you did so you don't have to look at the dull grey default horse. :) Enjoy!

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