Friday, August 2, 2013

Steed of Esgaroth

Supergirl rides the Warsteed of Esgaroth
August arrives bringing the new steed of the month!

August horse is called Steed of Esgaroth. I had to wikipedia "Esgaroth" to determine that it was a city-state of Dale and the only republic of Middle Earth where the town leader was an elected official. Fascinating. Anywho...

Here are some links to the previous months' steeds. :)
As always, every steed in lotro can be found at All the Steeds, here at the site.

When purchased from the store, the steed comes with 5 pieces: Halter, Leggings, Tail, Saddle, Caparison.

Steed of Esgaroth: Here is the basic horse. His outfit is a deep burgundy and dark orange and there is a sharp axe strapped to the front right side. Axe is conveniently and ergonomically located for easy access when riding against the orc horde, when chopping trees on horseback, or when attacked by a rabid flying squirrel. 

Steed of Esgaroth - August 2013 steed

If you look closely through the barding, you can see that this horse has hide markings of an Overo horse, white on brown. Here is a picture of the left side showing that the axe is for right-handers.
Steed of Esgaroth - August 2013 steed. Non-axe side.

WarSteed of Esgaroth - Default: Here is the Default Warsteed of Esgaroth, with standard grey hide and undyed cosmetics.
Warsteed of Esgaroth - Default coloring.

Neither the saddle nor the cloth on the tail will dye, which works out great if you love the dark orange. For startling effect in the next picture, I dyed the dyeable parts Yellow to show what dyes and what doesn't. I don't think the yellow is his most flattering color when matched with both the undyeable orange and deep burgundy, hehe. If you lose the orange, it might be very snazzy.

Warsteed of Esgaroth - Yellow, with original Saddle and Tail.
However, many colors look great with the dark burgundy when the orange is removed, which is what I do for the rest of the pictures. The dark burgundy is so dark I tended to enjoy more of the darker hides rather than the standard steed's dark orange and overo combination. 

All the rest of the pictures have the Saddle removed and the Tail is replaced by the "Simple Tail".

WarSteed of Esgaroth - Red and Red Roan: 
Warsteed of Esgaroth - Red and Red Roan

WarSteed of Esgaroth - Black and Black:
Warsteed of Esgaroth - Black and Black

WarSteed of Esgaroth - Ered Luin and Black:
Warsteed of Esgaroth - Ered Luin and Black

WarSteed of Esgaroth - SeaBlue and White:
Warsteed of Esgaroth - SeaBlue and White

WarSteed of Esgaroth - Umber and Chestnut:
Warsteed of Esgaroth - Umber and Chestnut

WarSteed of Esgaroth - Rose and Dark Chestnut:
Warsteed of Esgaroth - Rose and Dark Chestnut

WarSteed of Esgaroth - Rivendell Green and Dark Grey:
Warsteed of Esgaroth - Rivendell Green and Dark Grey

WarSteed of Esgaroth - Evendim Blue and Black:
Warsteed of Esgaroth - Evendim Blue and Black
I think this last one is my favorite! I did finally buy the Evendim color pack just because I liked it so much on this horse so mebbe I am partial now. :) Yeah, the Ered Luin Blue above is hawt also but the Evendim on this horse just pops! Ok, subtle detail, hehe. Here is another shot from the top view.

Warsteed of Esgaroth - Evendim Blue and Black, top view (because I like it)

I hope you enjoy this month's photo shoot! Let me know if you have a dire need to see the Warsteed of Esgaroth in specific colors before you buy. Have a great day in Middle Earth!

Edit 08/04, 11:50pm... 
WarSteed of Esgaroth - Gold and Black: By request, here is the warsteed in Gold outfit and Black hide. I think the Brown hides (Bay, Dun, Liver) look much better with the Gold but I don't have any of those (yet!). Enjoy!
Warsteed of Esgaroth - Gold and Black


Rosacroce said...

Thank you very much :)

Unknown said...

WOW! I love the Evendim Blue!!!!! One of the best horses I've seen!

Unknown said...

Thank you! Excellent! This is the first horse to seriously tempt me to separate from my dear TPs since I bought the Hunter. I like this horse a LOT. Very classy.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Just bought this horse, love it!

Anonymous said...

And there's still the Withywindle, Greenwood, and Citadel steeds to go. I wonder if they'll make a new batch starting in December...

Wynnie said...

Oh's burgundy you say?! NOES! That means I have to buy it *cries* I love me some burgundy ;)

Wynnie said...

P.S. Esgaroth is Lake-town which will feature in the next Hobbit movie ;) So I don't think it's a coincidence that we now get the Steed of Esgaroth :P

Unknown said...

Luna Nera... You are so very welcome!

Terrentius... Totally agree. I was scrolling back through the horses trying to find one I enjoy more, but this is my favorite one in a while (don't tell the other horses, thankfully they have trouble logging on to read the site... with the hooves on the keyboard).

Brain... You are very welcome. This one comes with a lot more classy pizzazz than the Hunter steed, hehe. Enjoy!

Unknown said...

Anonymous 1... Yay! I hope I helped. :)

Anonymous 2... Withywindle, Greenwood, and Citadel you say? I try not to gaze too far into the future but seem to recall noticing something about the names of future steeds. I'm guessing those are the next three? :)

Wynnie... Hehe, the burgundy is definitely a dark burgundy. Other than the default dark orange tail and saddle, I think this steed is the bee's knees. I did realize the subtlety of Lake-town's steed coincident timing. It is *almost* as if someone knows there is a Hobbit movie coming soon. o.o

Anonymous said...

Lovely steed! A real tempter! alas.. I had my own 5 year old thoroughbred stallion brought home today (I saved him from slaughter) and he needs hay and straw for real, so I shall give buying this pixel steed a miss. Still gorgeous though ^^

Vinius said...

It does look really sharp. Any chance you could show it with gold barding? I bet that would be a smart combo with the burgundy.

Unknown said...

Certainly Vinius... As you wish, the Gold outfit was added to the article above. The brown hides with look great with the Gold but I don't have those yet. :)

Digger Goodsong said...

Hoping for your next blog soon.


Unknown said...

Thanks Wrynne. It has been a ridiculously crazy August... however, I am writing the next article right now... don't give away the secret... (it is on the Steed of Greenwood) ;)

Anonymous said...

Miss your face lady.

Love and Hugs


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