Friday, September 6, 2013

Steed of the Greenwood

Supergirl rides the Warsteed of the Greenwood

Wow! I was trapped in the Phantom Zone for most of August and wasn't able to write, but that is a story for another time. It is already time for the newest Steed of the month. For September, it is the Steed of the Greenwood!

Here are the previous month's steeds:
As always, every steed in lotro can be found at All the Steeds, here at the site.

When purchased from the store, the steed comes with 4 pieces: Halter, Leggings, Saddle, Caparison.

What do we want?? horses! When do we want them?? Now! Alrighty, here we go...

Steed of the Greenwood: Here is the basic horse. The hide is a dark brown color and the cosmetic is a yellowish-green, giving him a foresty look.
Steed of the Greenwood - September, 2013 steed

WarSteed of the Greenwood - Default: Here is the Default Warsteed of the Greenwood, with standard grey hide and undyed cosmetics. Other than the typical comments about the warsteed hide color and more muscular shape, there is no visual difference to the basic horse.

The Greenwood set does not dye very much; the colors are more subtle and the Greenwood is a pervasive greenish yellow. Next are a few examples of the Warsteed dyed. As always, feel free to ask, if you really really need to see a certain color.
Warsteed of the Greenwood - Default coloring

WarSteed of the Greenwood - Red and White: 
Warsteed of the Greenwood - Red and White.

WarSteed of the Greenwood - Sea Blue and Dark Grey: 
Warsteed of the Greenwood - Sea Blue and Dark Grey

WarSteed of the Greenwood - Rose and Dark Chestnut: 
Warsteed of the Greenwood - Rose and Dark Chestnut

WarSteed of the Greenwood - Ered Luin Blue and Sooty: 
Warsteed of the Greenwood - Ered Luin Blue and Sooty

WarSteed of the Greenwood - Crimson and Red Roan: 
Warsteed of the Greenwood - Crimson and Red Roan

WarSteed of the Greenwood - Head-on view:
The most interesting aspect of the Greenwood is its sharp look from the front. The Halter is more of a mohawk. hehe. See what I mean in the next picture.
Warsteed of the Greenwood - Rockin' the mohawk
I hope you have a great month in Middle Earth! I look to be around more in September and have many more things to talk about! Thanks for continuing to visit :)


Anonymous said...

that is a very heavy looking caparison! The light green is not bad at all, kinda a pale ranger green XD it goes well with crimson and red roan dye.
Thanks for uploading the pictures Dana ;)

Tomeoric said...

Woot! Mount with a mowhawk! Good to see you back!

Unknown said...

Heyhey Gloredh! You are very welcome! LIke you, I think I was partial to the crimson and red roan. :) I'm sure some people will really enjoy the ranger neutral colors. :D

Yay Tomeoric! It is good to be back. That was a long hiatus and hopefully things will be back in rhythm soon. :)

Ravanel said...

It's good to have you back! And wow well, that horse is indeed... very green. Perhaps something for a hunter if only mine would have a warsteed... (I think she's like level 34. :P)

Digger Goodsong said...

Danania, you're back and writing again. It is so good to have your insights and help. This is a steed that I will leave for others. I'm still enjoying my Esgaroth courser so much. Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

So we've had Iron Hills, Esgaroth and now Greenwood. With Dale already having a steed in game, how many places in the Hobbit will they still be able to find.

Steed of Wilderland? Or perhaps even Steed of Dorwinion? Actually, come to think of it, there hasn't yet been a Steed of Erebor.

Steed of Running would be a good name I think.

Well, I'm sure Turbine will come up with something.

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