Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Steed of Khundolar

Woohoo! A new steed has arrived in the lotro store!

He is called the Steed of Khundolar. He will make his way to the All the Steeds Gallery to be with all of the other fabulous steeds of Middle Earth.  It took a google search to know that the Khundolar are Easterlings from the Brown Lands. I probably should have remembered that having met them.

Here are the comparison shots to show what the steed looks like and what the Warsteed looks like with all its cosmetics.

Steed of Khundolar:  He is a darker Bay colored steed, notably dressed in plate armor. The blanket under the saddle is a purplish color with olive draping. We will see in a moment for the Warsteed that the olive is not dyeable but the rest of the coloring is.

Warsteed of Khundolar: Here is what the cosmetics look like undyed. It is a very close match. Sorry, I don’t typically favor brown horses so I couldn’t match the steed’s Bay color. This one is Steel Grey with Black Mane.

Tail: A neat thing about this warsteed set that nearly all others have not provided is a tail! It comes with a Metal Braided Tail! Of course, you could go with the natural look and unbraid the tail, like the normal steed does.

Overall: The overall feel of this Warsteed is that it is a very nice plated warsteed. He looks like something a heavy fighter would ride into battle. The darker dyes make more impact on the warsteed's cosmetics. The braided tail will remain the same purplish color (but can be deemphasized with some hide/tack color choices), and the olive blanket always stays olive. The spikey things poking up on his neck are actually his hair; they will dye like normal and you can see in my pictures where I have chosen Black mane and White mane. 

Here are a couple of colors I liked.

Crimson? I often like the Reds and Crimson. Here is the Warsteed, Khundolar pieces dyed crimson, Steel Gray hide, Black mane and tail.

Dark Green? I liked the look of the darker dyes with this warsteed, particularly Dark Green. It blends with the olive blanket very well and gives it a sharp look. J This warsteed is dressed in all dark green and has white hide and white mane and tail.

 To see any steed in lotro, follow the link to the Gallery of All the Steeds!


Ravanel said...

That looks like a perfect war-steed for a heavily armoured character. Great stuff!

Aeronwy said...

Not bad, not bad... Don't know if I'm sold on it though. I tend to not like green that much so the blanket kind of spoils it for me. Still wish they would sell these in warsteed only bundles though.

Unknown said...

To Ravanel... Thanks! That is what I was thinking. A heavily plated character would look sharp on top of this steed. It *almost* makes me want to consider putting some heavy gear into my wardrobe just to take pictures. :)

Unknown said...

To Aeronwy... I was feeling the same way about the green. Green isn't my color so much, and I thought it looked wrong on the basic horse (not that they asked my design opinion). If anything, it might have been nice to be able to dye the blanket.

The blanket is part of the Caparison, which includes the entire back end plating, so basically it is "everything" except the head piece (and the saddle, which is very minor brown saddle). If the green doesn't fit you, unfortunately, it is currently designed as integral to the entire thing. :) Best Wishes!

Alysia said...

just a quick question, after feb 28th do we know if it'll come back into the store ever again or is it a one shot deal? debating about this one.

Unknown said...

That is a great question Alysia.

I have no inside knowledge, but I can say that I that most (but not all) horses that have been in the store have made it back to the store at some point after the initial period.

I was scrolling down the list on the Gallery page and I'm not sure I have seen the Reveller's Gilded Horse more than once and it came out more than a year ago. I think I can say for sure, that once it goes off the store, it is usually a long time at best before it comes back.

Best wishes on your decision!

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