Thursday, May 2, 2013

Obsidian Steed

Yay! It is May, and on cue, we have another steed available in the store! May steed is called the Obsidian Steed.

I know, I know… with a name like “obsidian” you might be thinking black. Au contrarie mon ami! While this steed is on the darkish side, there are multiple things that will catch your eye before “black” enters the picture. With the horse, you will get the matching Warsteed cosmetics: halter, saddle, caparison, tail, leggings.

Here is the Obsidian Steed. He has a darker brown hide and is draped in an outfit whose fundamental color is a bluish-green (a shade of dark teal) with accents that are orange and gray.

Scrolling through all 106 current steeds in the All the Steeds Gallery (All the Steeds), I don’t think I have seen a more unique looking horse. Here is another shot of the horse, with me in moors-green. The horned-halter look is distinct.

More pronounced and unique for this horse is its… Leg-Guards. They are leg-guards, right? Since it is more amusing, we can just call them Wings. And, this horse has an impressive wingspan! Here is a top view.

Obsidian Warsteed, standard hide and default colors: This is the shot of the Obsidian Warsteed with standard gray hide and default colors. The tail piece and the saddle are orange trimmed, those will not be dyeable. The dyeable part of the halter and caparison default as a darker gray; I couldn’t actually replicate that default trim color exactly with the color palette (darker than gray, lighter than black).

Obsidian Warsteed, Red Roan hide and orange trim: Since the tail and saddle were both orange, I tried to match toward it. These next shots are taking a spin on the Red Roan with orange cosmetics. Giddy-up!

Air it out! The wings do make it look like it is about to take flight. Hehe. (Been there… flying-warsteed-its-a-bird-its-a-plane)

Obsidian Tail: I realized that none of these pictures captured the look of the tail. Here is a shot of the tail, dyed Red Roan here. The orange blends in well with red roan, it is more pronounced with other color tails.

Obsidian Warsteed, Black hide and crimson trim: Another idea is to downplay the orange saddle by trimming the outfit in a bold color. Here is a shot of the Warsteed in black hide and Crimson Trim.

RAWR! Here, there be dragons… My favorite shot of the photo shoot was Obsidian Warsteed imitating Draigoch. He has the horns, he has the wings, if I could wipe the smile off my face, he could probably pull off menacing!


Ravanel said...

Amazing pictures, Supergirl! Those are some super cool wings as well, I'm impressed. :)

Alysia said...

Finally a monthly steed I really want to buy! Love it :)

Unknown said...

Ravanel! Thanks so much. It's hard not to smile about Obsidian Steed's uniqueness. If every steed had wings it just wouldn't be as special. :D

Unknown said...

Yay Alysia! Mebbe another for your collection? :)

Its funny reading the various thoughts from people, some like it, some hate it, but most are not ambivalent. He definitely gets people talking. I love it. :D

Anonymous said...

the last shot with the draigoch statue is really nice ;)

Unknown said...

Thanks Gloredh!
The base of the Draigoch statue is in the background of all the All the Steed pictures as it sits in the lildanas front yard. However, this one where Obsidian Steed was imitating the statue felt inspired. lol!

Anonymous said...

I would hate to be a party pooper but personally I think the wings are a distraction from the horse, aside from that he looks nice and if I didn't have the steed of night I would definitely get him.

Unknown said...

Hehe, it's ok Anonymous... to each her own. :) And, second place on your list is not bad!

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