Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wintry Yule Warsteed

I mentioned a few days ago (about 9 days ago) that the Wintry Yule Horse had a Warsteed cosmetic available, but it was gated behind a deed that would take about 9 days minimum to achieve, and... here we are! (*The lotro store sells a Festival TICKET to reset one quest, to achieve the deed faster. This is the same ticket used at several of the previous festivals if you happen to have some and want to use them for this festival. Don't confuse it with festival token which is the barter currency of the festival; I've made that wording mistake multiple times.)
To get the Horse, you must complete "The More the Merrier" deed, Tier 1, and barter it for 80 Festival tokens and 1 Golden Festival token. It takes 3 days of Yule festivalling to achieve this deed, with no lotro store help.
To get the Warsteed cosmetic, you must complete "The More the Merrier" deed, Tier 3, and barter it for 150 Festival tokens and 1 Golden Festival token. It takes 9 days of Yule festivalling to achieve this deed, with no lotro store help.
Just for completing the Tier 3 deed, you are awarded the "Yule Festival Frame" custom character portrait and it doesn't cost anything extra. Isn't that nice. Here is what it looks like.
I will jump to the good horsey stuff.
Here is the Wintry Yule Horse, new for the 2012 yule festival. It will make its way to the All-the-Steeds corral showcased with all the other steeds of lotro. Head over there to see previous festival steeds and every other steed.
And, here is the Warsteed, dressed as the Wintry Yule Horse, standard colors and standard WS hide and tail. He is a very close match to the Horse.

Time to play with colors...
Warsteed: Wintry Yule in Ered Luin Blue, white hide and hair. You can get a really sharp look of the pattern on the back flank of the caparison.
Warsteed: Wintry Yule in Pink, white hide and hair, minus the Head piece.
Warsteed: Wintry Yule in Yellow, black hide and hair. This is my bumblebee look, hehe. Ok, it isn't very yule festy, but it is an example of how well the Warsteed dyes. This bumblebee is very fly.
Warsteed: Wintry Yule in Navy, white hide and hair.

This is the same Warsteed in Navy. I wanted to show the emblem on the front of the Caparison.
Warsteed: Wintry Yule in Crimson, black hide and hair.
If this Warsteed is on your list, there is still time. Enjoy and have a great yule festival!


Tomeoric said...

Festival... grind... too... much... *hobbit collapses*

But wow, nice job - good to see they made as dye-able as it is for what it takes to get it.

Lothirieth said...

Congrats :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Tomrica!

You know, it didn't feel at all like a grind. I was going to login to lotro anyway, and I tend to spend most of my time at festivals while they are running. Actually, since there were only 14 repeatable daily quests and I wasnt allowed to do any more (like do the food eating quest ad nauseum), I tended to spend less time than usual.

A worse "grind" was definitely last yule, trying to get enough tokens to get all of the consumables for the deed. I couldn't get it done (it is next on my list for this year).

Unknown said...

Thanks Lothirieth! Great seeing you around again. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Dear Dana.

So pretty. Must have.

See you soon my dear friend


Unknown said...

Thanks MW! With all the store Warsteeds of the week, I can't help but think this free Yule festival one is one of my favorites. I do like them all. :D

Anonymous said...

Thief! Triksy Elves! We wants it!
I am so jealous. I have been working towards that WS cosmetic, but there are only a hand full of days left.


Unknown said...

Thanks Mac, good luck!

As today is the 27th, you have 5 good days left, and 14 daily repeatables, that offers +70 quests. The WS is gated at 120 total.

Of course, there are always festival tickets if you aren't close enough (and all the better if you have them stored up from previous festivals, because the store cost is a bit steep).

Terry J. Stroud said...

I just BARELY got mine today!!! VERY excited to have it. :-) Now here's hoping they bring the colour packs on sale soon!

Unknown said...

Woohoo Terry!

We will keep our eyes open for WS color packs. That is how I got mine; a 50% off sale + a double points sale = Dana buying more than a couple of color packs. :)

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