Friday, December 21, 2012

Steed of the Warden

It has been a busy week for horse hunting! Today I bring you the latest steed, the Steed of the Warden! Enjoy visiting every steed of Middle Earth here on the site at All-the-Steeds.
No need for lots of words when pictures will tell the story.

Here is the Steed of the Warden.

And here is the Warsteed of the Warden. He is with standard grey coat, and all Warden pieces exactly as they come. Strangely, the warsteed cosmetic default is Yellow, not the silver grey of the normal horse. lol

The Steed of the Warden Gear has a red shield on one side and grey packs with pink trim on the other.

I experimented with the colors some.

The colors are a bit odd I think. I am no cosmetic expert, but the shield is undyeable bright red (that doesn't match "red"), the blanket under the saddle is undyeable orange, the various trim is yellow, and the packs are grey/pink. Here is the Warsteed with white coat, dyeing all pieces Red; it doesn't really match the "red" shield.

Since the saddle blanket is undyeable orange, I tried dyeing all pieces orange. I left off the gear with the bright red shield. This warsteed has a charcoal coat. That is actually pretty good!

Overall, I am happy the Steed of the Warden is in my corral, and the header picture is probably my favorite (Black coat, crimson dyed pieces, Gear omitted).


Zyngor said...

Looks like it has been a steed-heavy week for you, Danania! While I'll probably never go out and purchase these from the store, I do appreciate you taking the time and TP to add these to your ever-growing collection and sharing with us!

Unknown said...

I totally understand that Zyngor. The steeds in lotro are one of my hobbies and it isn't for everyone. I am thankful for the opportunity to share it with you all and that you visit and leave comments!

The more I see the Steed of the Warden, the more I enjoy it! (though I could lose the bright red shield...)

Asciel said...

Uggh they really need to fix the coloring on the store-bought warsteed cosmetics. I would also be happy if they made the coat on the regular steed the default coat on the warsteed when using that cosmetic(although obviously the ability to change coats with the dye packs is nice).
PS: Merry Christmas!

Unknown said...

Hehe Asciel. :) Well... their unusualness makes them unique. lol!

Merry Christmas to you!

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