Monday, December 17, 2012

Steed of Victory and Steed of Dol Baran

Update 9 is here and it brought a couple of early Christmas presents! She whistled and shouted and called them by name;

"Now, Dasher! now, Dancer! now, Prancer and Vixen... on "Steed of Victory" and "Steed of Dol Barad"...
Yes, two store steeds for the price of ... two store steeds (1995 TP). Ah, well. They are both beautiful steeds! Also, both steeds come with a full set of Warsteed cosmetics. The header picture is a shot of Guldurwen and me on the two steeds.

As is your premiere home for "All the Steeds" of Middle Earth, I bring them to you to celebrate and decide if these are the steeds you need in your corral.

Here is the Steed of Victory!

And, here is how he looks as a WarSteed of Victory. I left him plain for this shot. Standard coloring, but black hide.

Here is the Steed of Dol Baran!

And, here is the WarSteed of Dol Baran. Again, I left the Warsteed cosmetics as plain as they come (except I forgot his black hide). However, where these steeds really shine is in their dyeability.

Here are a few of my favorite looks though I enjoy them in many different colors!

Steed of Victory, dyed Ered Luin. Coat and Tail in black.
Steed of Dol Baran, dyed Chrimson. Coat and Tail in white.

Final good to know comment... The Steed of Victory has 5 Warsteed pieces and the Steed of Dol Baran has 4 Warsteed pieces. The Steed of Victory has a gear slot, which is the purplish saddlebags on his back end. It is subtle and matches the set very well. Enjoy your ride!

UPDATE 12/18/12: If you like Warsteed cosmetics, the Yule festival's latest steed offers the option to get it as a Warsteed cosmetic. I will write about it when I get it but wanted to point out that it is "deed-quest" gated. To finish the deed, do all 14 Frostbluff quests on 9 days of the Yule fest. I mention it now because Yule fest is only scheduled to last 17 days so there is not much wiggle room. Yeah, yulegrind... I don't complain much; I just try to optimize the system that is given. Good luck to you!


Tomeoric said...

Oh wow - how great are those! Congrats!

Unknown said...

Thanks Tomrica! I really like them! They are now my go-to Warsteeds. :D

Ranna Dylin said...

Oh those are pretty! I may have to expand my stable, especially since they come with warsteed sets...

Unknown said...

Yay Ranna!
I have taken to using the Steed of Dol Baran, crimson dye, with white hide and hair as my go to steed. I take the hat piece off and let his hair flow... it is looking mighty gorgeous against the snow setting of Frostbluff. :D

Anonymous said...

Steed of Victory on a black horse looks sweet.

Unknown said...

Thanks Anonymous! :D

The black hide is so versatile; it really makes some of these cosmetics POP!

Thanks for visiting!

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