Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tomrica's Tricks: Relics of Rohan

Well met and good day to you fine folk of Middle-Earth!  This is Tomrica Everton, purveyor of tricks and riddles - hobbity burglar of the Stoors.  My most excellent and fine friend Danania, graciously invited me to chime in on my misadventures, deeds, oddities, trickerations, and general findings throughout this rather large land that we inhabit.  Being that she is the Supergirl of Lorien, how could I turn down such an offer?  As she does such a fine job in her own writings, I'll be taking a different path, and hopefully provide you gentle readers with nice bite-sized bits of information for you to take on your journeys.  Let us begin!

Being a burglar of absolutely no renown, my skills are not as polished as the likes of Danania and the other more powerful warriors in the land.  Therefore, my trip to Rohan will be somewhat delayed as I get up to snuff.  However, that doesn't mean I can't come well prepared!

I decided to speak with Winifred, a legendary burglar trader friend of mine, located in the 21st Hall of Moria.

She told me she was now able to take rusty dwarf tools, khuzdul tablets, and Bright Emblems of Nimrodel in trade for relics!  How nice of her!

These relics will work nicely in my Prowler's Purse - and I have so many now!  Perhaps I will share some with friends or sell some of them at the auction house?  In any regards, much more useful than silly, rusty dwarf tools!  I invite you to talk with your class legendary trader and I'm sure they'll do the same for you.

Now... if he'd just trade them for pie...  ~ T ~


Anonymous said...

Nice information Tomrica.

I was wondering to myself who is cuter, the sweet demure Tomrica or the gorgeous dream goddess Danania. There are such difficult choices in the world, but it beats thinking about a presidential race.

I cannot decide.
Affectionately, Harry Potter

Unknown said...

Thank you for the kind words Harry. :)

I wonder what Ginny Weasley would think about you showering them our way though... o.o

Tomeoric said...

Ginny Weasley? Was she that young hobbit lass up by Lil' Delving, Danania? Probably some fool of a Took, meddling in the affairs of the big folk again.

And presidential race - is that some sort of equestrian event? Ah, perhaps a race between those new fighting steeds! That's sounds right... indeed it does, yes, that must be it.

Oh and thank ye much for such kind words Harry!

Zyngor said...

You can bet your pie that Tomrica has her own invisibility cloak, though her talents in "magic" cannot even come close to matching those of Danania. Tomrica could have probably assisted you with stunning Fluffy (the three-headed dog guarding the passageway to the Stone), but then again when you dance with Danania, you won't have to worry about squatting on your knees.

Tough call, Harry - as long as you don't decide on Lobelia Baggins, either is just peachy with me.

Tomeoric said...

Zyngor the Hunter... your exploits across the Riddermark have reached even this hobbit's ears. If I would have know better, I'd be a thinkin' you just made a short joke. A warrior of your stature and renown wouldn't do that to a lass - would ye?

Unknown said...

I believe he did, Tomrica. Zyngor tried to cut you down to size.

And then, he turned and jabbed at Harry, warning him off of Lobelia... I think Zyngor must be sweet on Lobelia and warning others to keep off his woman.

Ravanel said...

Thanks for this amazing post, Tomrica! I had no idea you could barter those things for relics and I know Ravenwyn the Captain has exactly 100 of them. I'm sure they'll come in handy when I need to get those terribly expensive relics for level cap LIs. I wouldn't sell the relics on the AH if I were you. :)

Tomeoric said...

You're most welcome Ravanel! Don't forget to save up your coins, as relic melding can be quite expensive at the upper tiers. Being a purveyor of the odd, I've got so many relics now that I could fill the Mathom House!

Zyngor said...

Plan...foiled. Must...retreat to Bilbo's cellar.

Daweirdo said...

Very interesting, Tomrica! I notice that you also tricked SuperDana, as I call her, into posting this for you. Maybe you can trick her into taking me flying one night?

Tomeoric said...

Me, a tricksy hobbit?!? Well, ok maybe... a little . But never on friends, and certainly not on Danania! I don't think I've see her give rides to just anyone, but she has eluded to being able to fly on a warsteed... how super is she!

Ravanel said...

Heh, thanks for the advice, but luckily coins aren't the problem. I'm not even selling stuff to the AH regularly, but I just find myself with more and more gold without doing much for it (probably because I don't *spend* it on the AH either)!

If only you would go there and would actually fill the Mathom House with them... I would want to see the faces of those hobbits! :D

Anonymous said...

Even though it may be slightly more work, if you are looking for the most bang/item, I think it would still yield more relics by trading in the dwarf tools for a weapon, taking it to lvl 2, and then decon'ing it for 3+ T1 relics. A little (well honestly a lot more) work, but just wanted to make note of the different yield. I'm going to try decon'ing a good stack of the bartered relics to see if the yield is better though as I'm assuming they only give 1-2 T1 relics. - Tara

Unknown said...

Thanks for the interesting take!
However, the fused relic that you get for each rusty dwarf tool yields a pile of T1 relics. I didn't take notes, but it looked like each fused relic gave 10-14 T1 relics. I could be wrong, but I do not think that the effort for taking each "single" LI to lvl 2 is worth the effort, and I think that it would not earn as many relics as the fused relic given per drawf tool ...but I am open to be mistaken. :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome Tip!!!
Supergirl, you are a true blessing to this community.

120 fused = 1850 T1 relics = ~15.4 relics/fused
No it is not worth the effort to raise items and decontruct them.


Unknown said...

Thank you for the compliment CarbonStar! :D
And thanks for the confirmation.

I *knew* there must be a reason why I had 3000 T1 relics, hehehe. ;) Good to see that I wasn't somehow getting magic fused relics.

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