Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tomrica’s Tips : The Wanderer, Part 1

Hello again!  This is Tomrica Everton once more - hobbity burglar, pie-maven, breakfast connoisseur, and general Shireling flibbertigibbet at your service!  Today, we’re gonna talk about wandering, and the interesting folks you find out and about in Middle-earth.

You know, being an adventurer, you meet many a fellow adventurers along the way.  How do you think I met my good friend Danania - by staying tethered to the Party Tree?  Heavens no!  We both get out into the land and explore.  However, in one of our recent chats over pie and tea, I was surprised to learn that Danania had never ran into fellow explorer Dewitt, and his mighty steed Floid.

Floid & Dewitt are true explorers.  Not only have they travelled far across the land, they also find some real interesting spots to stop, relax, have a drink, and take in the view.  They do have some specific locations they like to frequent often, as they are extra special.  Perhaps you’d like to go raise a glass with them?  You would?  I knew you would!  I know Danania wants to, so let me help you good people in tracking them down.  Please be careful!  Some of these locations can be dangerous for young adventurers...

Weathertop, Lone Lands
Think Floid & Dewitt would miss Weatherstock or the view towards Rivendell from the edge of Amon Sul?  Think again!  Watch out for the edge, it is a long way down!  Hey Floid, eyes off my hat - it’s not for eating!  [31.3S, 36.6W]

Near Tyl Ruinen, Evendim
Hey, you can see my house from here!  Hah, just kidding - it’s Tyl Annûn in the city of Annúminas, the original capital of the Kingdom of Arnor.  Ummm say Dewitt... did Floid swim all the way out to this island?  He truly is mighty indeed... [14.2S, 73.5W]

Thrór's Coomb, Enedwaith
Dodging giants, evil men, and baby drakes - what have I got myself into!  Now it smells like dragon breath around here as well - bleck! ick! cough!  Oh well, it is a nice view you have here.  Plus, there’s no dragons around here anymore right?  Dewitt?   [68.6S, 8.4W]

Hidden in the Pristine Glade, Dunland
Talk about hidden spots!  And through the stinky Dunbog as well.  As soon as you enter the cave, cross the bridge and cut left up a small hill and through some vines.  This overlook is perfect for quiet stargazing.  You have enough ale in those kegs for secondsies for me too right?  [85.4S, 25.7W]

Hrmmmm, it seems I’ve left my notes on the other locations back at home.  How unprepared of me - please forgive me gentle reader!  I shall dash home at once and retrieve them!  Stay tuned for (wanderer-part-2)...


Zyngor said...

Nice find, Tomrica! I think it'd be pretty nifty to be rewarded with our own Floid as a reward for completing the deed. Even if it was something like a 100/62% steed, it'd be interesting to have a little extra special bonus for doing all this journeying.

Tomeoric said...

Thank ye so much Zyngor! You know, the Inn League may be persuaded to sell you one of their mounts (given the proper reputation), which is nigh the same as Floid, only slightly less mighty and slightly more drunk. Danania has a picture of it (http://www.danania.net/p/reputation-steeds.html #45), so you can see what it looks like.

Zyngor said...

Oh wow, I cannot believe I did not pick up on the fact that the great and noble Floid was indeed the great father of the Inn League initiate steeds. So great, indeed, that they chose to wear the same tack and barrel configuration as Floid.

Thank you, fair Tomrica - may the melody be grand, and the third breakfast be scrumptious.

Unknown said...

Very nice Tomrica! I totally hadn't noticed that Floid was the horse-model for the Inn League. So cool. :D

Tomeoric said...

Wahoo! Completing the deed... 0 turbine points. Impressing the boss... priceless.

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