Friday, November 30, 2012

Rohan: A bad seed in Fangorn

I could have gone with several titles for the topic on my mind…

“Where art thou Leofmar?”

“When phasing goes bad”

“Fangorn, not just the trees that will get you…”

I love Rohan. I enjoy everything about it. I like the stories, the characters, the Warsteed, Hytbold. I love everything except one… Fangorn. That is because my Fangorn is broken.

As a caveat so I don’t get jumped on by the purists… Yes, I am aware that Treebeard is also known as Fangorn, and the forest is the “Eaves of Fangorn”; I of course am talking about having bugged quests in the area and still enjoy the big lug tree.

Fighting in the forest is not my favorite thing. My elf homeys tease me about my distaste for trees, but I have to reiterate that not all trees are equal. Old Forest = creepy. Fangorn = creepy, but I’m older now. The mallorn trees and the Golden Wood of Lorien are not creepy… I like my home of Caras Galadhon, though I think we could use more bridges in the city.

However, Fangorn… where did I go wrong? Right now, Leofmar is involved with two of my Fangorn quest chains. The quest progression is to discuss them with Leofmar at The Entwash Fishing Camp, and Leofmar is nowhere to be found. So, it is his fault. Basically, Leofmar just might be the Root of Evil, at least he is my current roadblock.

I sent in a ticket. The reply was a form response, “The issue you have described is either not a currently known issue that the In-Game Support team can assist you with, or cannot be resolved with the information you have provided. We recommend that you take a moment to submit a formal bug report by typing /bug. Be sure to fully review the information at the top of the bug report form to understand how bug reports are handled.”

I sent in bug reports for the two quests. I have no idea if bug reports actually help or if they get put on the stack of a pile of bug reports labeled /ignore. I would be nice if it were acknowledged as a real bug that was being worked.

I know I am not alone. A quick Google search for … lotro leofmar … indicates that he shows up mostly in topics of people in a similar situation, stopped due to a missing Leofmar.

I traced back my steps. What is the fun in taking thousands of pictures if I cannot use them for sleuthing some times??

Ok, here is the first time I saw The Entwash Fishing Camp. Leofmar is not in the camp the first time I went there. So, he should appear there at some point I suppose.

What could have gone wrong? I am told that other people completed this quest, so is there something I personally did to bugger up the system? I have also read quite a few people have had the same problem that I have so at least I am not alone. 

The most notable thing I can think of is that I definitely had to double back through Fangorn. I initially left Fangorn having unintentionally not done all of the quests because I simply couldn't find any more.

On retrospect, I missed the two quest chains in question:

Empty food-sack: Here is the 1st one I missed. When entering a campsite, I was prompted to investigate a “Bedroll”. I was sooo very close to checking the "Empty food-sack" I saw on the ground... but I got distracted and didn’t. That was the quest that led to “A Plea to Wake”.

Silkenhold and the Huorn: Here is the 2nd one I missed. I never stumbled upon Silkenhorn or “the first ent”. By Finding Silkenhold, it led me to an ent. This chain led to “Awake at Long Last”.

There are more quests past these completions that I cannot access. If I ever met Leofmar I do not recall it at this time. The names all run together some days. Possibly, completion of one of the other quests (possibly a Fangorn, or the Epic) caused Leofmar to go into hiding and not be at his assigned spot to receive me. You can see on the minimap that he should be there at the ring where I am standing… and he is not.

Hopefully, Update 9 presents a fix. Or, some uber GM will wave his magic wand and make Leofmar appear. I do very much want to see the quests that were created for me. I am computer naive but it seems that if Leofmar is to be the enactor of progressing the quest, and the minimap shows where he is supposed to be, if he just appeared there, wouldn’t that help the situation? Dananoob out. J

UPDATE 12/14/12: After Aeronwy's comment below, I wrote a follow-up on where to find Leofmar and unknot these quests. rohan-leofmar-found-part-2-of-fangorn


Aeronwy said...

Don't know if you've seen this, but this thread seems to have worked for a lot of people:

Leofmar is apparently wandering around in the woods until you convince him to come back to his spot in camp. :) Hope this solves things for you!

Unknown said...

Aeronwy is my hero. :D

What a wonky quest design. lol! Thanks so much for the help. I'll write a followup next week-ish. ;)

No matter how long I spent wandering in the woods, I never stumbled across him. That link did indeed solve the first part, "A Plea to Wake". Now hopefully, things will progress correctly.

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