Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Steed of Winter Winds, Yule Festival 2014

Supergirl rides the Steed of Winter Winds

Wow. How about that; 2014 is nearly over. Did you get everything accomplished you intended to do? Was your journey through Middle Earth as satisfying as you hoped?

I have been having a great time! Timewise, I get drawn away by work and family and responsibilities and don't get to play as much, but when I do, it is always satisfying. I made all the festivals. I got all the new horses. I got most of the pets. I did all of the quests. I think I did all the new Deeds. Good times!

I need to update my To-Do list and get the All the Steeds Gallery caught up with all the horses that are written about on this blog. Soon, very soon. Thanks for continuing to come to the site!

Yule Festival 2014
Yule Festival is probably my favorite festival (Yes, I know I say that about most of the festivals!). My favorite things about Yule Festival are...

(1) Sack of Presents. I love running a simple quest and getting the presents. The presents include Marks, Medallions, Seals, Festival tokens, some cosmetic items, and the very rare Hobby Horse. I am still hoping and wishing for my Hobby Horse. Danaish got one a couple of years ago and I'm still envious (check out the Hobby Horse at the link below or in the Steed Gallery.)

(2) Easy and open. The quests are very easy. Like good festival quests, after you have run them several dozen times, you can do them with your eyes closed. I also like the wide open Frostbluff area with the open pretty wintry sky.

(3) Nice rewards. My favorite rewards from Yule Festival 2014 are the (a) Horse of course @ 80 tokens, (b) the Warsteed cosmetic @ 100 tokens, (c) the Pet Grims @ 75 tokens each, and (d) the Yule Sparklers @ 30 tokens each.

There are three Grim available: just "Grim" (it is the Snow Grim), Fire Grim, and Shadow Grim. Here is a shot of the Snow Grim.

Supergirl in a pointing contest with a pet Snow Grim

(4) Long duration. This Yule festival was set with about 4 weeks time to visit, which is great! As I type, there is still about 2 weeks left. Yule Festival ends Jan 13.

(5) History: I still remember Yule Festival before Frostbluff. It is great to go back and visit festival every year. :) Here are a few posts from previous years. There was a building storyline in previous years about my leading the Snowman Army slowly to a takeover of Frostbluff.

2013: snow-beast-steed
2013: steed-of-withywindle-and-hobby-horse
2013: yule-festival-wintertide-steed

2012: yule-festivals-end
2012: youll-yule-celebrate
2012: the-hobby-horse-lotros-100th-steed
2012: wintry-yule-warsteed

2011: youll-yule-festival
2011: fun-of-yule-past

(-) The downside: The only thing I don't care for about Yule Festival is that the Frostbluff storyline is depressing. The people don't want to work it, the mayor is thieving money, etc. We have come to an understanding though that it is another act, like the Frostbluff Theater. They pretend to be gruff and cheerless, and I pretend not to notice and just collect the rewards. It works, I suppose.

Enough about Yule Festival, let's see the Horse!

Steed of Winter Winds:

Here is the Steed of Winter Winds.
He has a grey spotted hide, white hair, and a lovely multi-blue caparison.

Steed of Winter Winds

The pattern has a nice starry look to it. Here is an overhead view, from slightly behind.

Steed of Winter Winds - from above and behind

Warsteed of Winter Winds - Default:

The Default Warsteed look is exactly as one would expect; it is the warsteed default grey. :)
Interestingly, the basic Horse has a nice matching saddle and the Warsteed cosmetic does not come with the saddle. The Caparison is a greyer blue than the shade of Indigo; there is no exact blue match on the color palette.

Warsteed of Winter Winds - default

Warsteed of Winter Winds - attempted Match to Horse:

Ha Ha! Here is my attempt at matching the Warsteed colors and patterns to the basic Horse. For this next picture I chose Spotted Hide - Grey, White Hair, and the Victory Saddle. Ok, the saddle is not an exact match to the basic Steed of Winter Winds, but it worked well. :)

Warsteed of Winter Winds - attempt to match the basic horse

Warsteed of Winter Winds - Evendim Blue and Black:

The Evendim Blue and Black is gorgeous. It is hard to go wrong with the blue shades on this horse. I took the picture from above to show off the fancy starry Caparison. It dyes well.

Warsteed of Winter Winds - Evendim Blue and Black

Warsteed of Winter Winds - Rivendell Green, Dark Chestnut, Blood Bay:

Here is the warsteed in Rivendell Green and browns: Dark Chestnut hide with Blood Bay hair. This is an elegant hunter look.

Warsteed of Winter Winds - Rivendell Green and Browns

Warsteed of Winter Winds - Crimson, White, Light Grey:

Here is the warsteed in Crimson with White hide and light Grey hair. Oooh, I like this one too. :)

Warsteed of Winter Winds - Crimson and White

Here is another shot of the stars on the Caparison. This one is wearing the Victory Saddle again.

Warsteed of Winter Winds - Crimson from above

For more horse views by a great blogger, tune in to The Elven Tailor @ The Elven Tailor/ the-winds-of-winter.

I hope you had a great 2014; I look to see you again next year. Thanks for visiting the Supergirl of Lorien site!  :)


TheElvenTailor said...

Congratulations on getting the new steed, and any other thing you accomplished this year, Danania - both in and out of Lotro. Have a happy New Year, and here's to 2015!! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks! My New Year's resolution is to do better at keeping the All the Steeds Gallery up to date. I am behind on getting horses from this side of the blog over to the gallery. Always the best to you as well!

Parnassica said...

Looks great! So nice to get a caparison that's not just a square drape. I've been doing the green with no saddle (even if I'm not a hunter), but the victory one does look nice!

Have you seen the horse that drops from Pelargir? A kinmate got it - ugly hide.

Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

Yay Parnassica! Sadly I haven't even seen the Steed from Pelargir. I was in a group where someone won one; lucky him, but I didn't stop to ask to see it. It is on my to get list! Darn back luck. :)

Svein said...

Hello to you and happy New Year !
I do not know if you have been aware of that, but Horse of Red Dawn and Steed of the First Marshall were offered to people making a donation to Sapience's Extra Life until 31/12/2014, along with other gifts (Cremello and Perlino horses, and two cosmetic pets, depending on the donation's amount). Maybe there will be another campaign this year.
Do you plan to add a "cosmetic pet" section to your blog ?
All the best,

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