Monday, January 6, 2014

Snow Beast Steed

Supergirl rides the Snow-Beast Steed

Woohoo! We start the year off with a bang in lotro by being offered one of the more unique horses I have seen. The steed of the month for January-2014 is the Snow-Beast Steed! It comes with the 5 Warsteed cosmetic outfit pieces to match the horse: Leggings, Saddle, Halter, Caparison, and Accessory. The other horses of lotro are found at All the Steeds.

This horse is one of a kind... his halter is decked out with fur and horns! He will surely put a fear in the bravest of enemies. Sorry for some of these first shots, the wintry weather was determined to stay rainy and overcast all the time in Falathlorn lately. I was inspired to do something a bit different with this horse post and flew the Snow-Beast Steed out over Forochel. 

Snow-Beast Steed:
The basic horse sports a nice mohawk and furry white outfit and balrog horns. Its hide is a red closest to red roan. with a lighter shade for the tail.

Snow-Beast Steed

Snow-Beast Warsteed - Default:
The warsteed does not disappoint and looks as awesome as you think it might.

Snow-Beast Warsteed - Default

Snow-Beast Warsteed - Gold and Bay:
Snow-Beast Warsteed - Gold and Bay

Here is a great shot of just how intense the horse's look is from the front, horns at the ready!

Snow-Beast Warsteed - headshot

Snow-Beast Warsteed - Sea Blue and Chestnut:
Snow-Beast Warsteed - Sea Blue and Chestnut
Snow-Beast as Draigoch:
Colors here are Sienna and Dark Chestnut
Snow-Beast Steed as Draigoch!

Snow-Beast Steed visits Forochel:
The images here show the Snow-Beast Warsteed in either Evendim Blue and Black hide, or Red with White Hide.

Snow-Beast Warsteed glows under the moonlight of Forchel

Snow-Beast Warsteed gallops across ice and snow

Northern lights rise to match the radiance of the Snow-Beast Steed

Snow-Beast Steed not backing down versus a Mammoth

I hope you have a great new year and I'll see you soon!


Anonymous said...

Great, yourhorse now looks like a Star Wars Wampa beast....

Svein said...

Hi Danania,
First of all, Happy New Year ! May it bring you lots of new steeds and goats ;-)
I am glad to inform you that I have found a new steed : the steed of the First Marshal. I obtained it as a code from a german magazine (Computer Spiele Bild), and I link you a picture of it ( It is a +62 % speed and 250 morale horse.


Unknown said...

Lol Anonymous. You just gave another reason to want it. That would be a great name for this horse... Wampa, steed of the Supergirl.

Unknown said...

Yay Svein and Happy New Year to you!

Great find on that obscure horse, Steed of the First Marshal. I wonder how I can go about getting it?! Thanks for the intell. ;)

Do you mind if I post a copy with link in my gallery (yes, I'm finally getting it caught up, hopefully.)

Svein said...

When I discovered this steed, I searched for and bought an exemplary of the magazine on eBay (Computer Bild Spiele 2014/01). But I saw that To Arda site had got some keys for it and made a lottery to win it. This german magazine seems to regularly have keys for horses (for esxample for the Cremello and Perlino ones).
Feel free to use the image if you want to.

Anonymous said...

I need a fur and chainmail bikini to ride that steed!

Unknown said...

Lol, yikes Anonymous. I guess I'm not too keen on the icey metal, but soft furry outfit would be nice. :)

Ravanel said...

This is easily the most ridiculous steed coverage I've seen. :D

A happy new year to you too, Supergirl!

Unknown said...

Lol Ravanel! :D

If I lived in Middle Earth, I believe I could be even more ridiculous... think pink unicorn with ribbons. Fear the horn baby! Lol!

Anonymous said...

hey supergirl (and any other person who reads these comments)
on an entirely unrelated thing:
on the 1st of february, a nimrodelian kinship will host a server wide talent show, at 1pm server time (EST), everyone is invited, it will be in the methel stage in the shire.
it may be a bit short inform, but i hope to see you and everyone else there.
Aralus, nimrodel server

Digger Goodsong said...

Pink unicorns? Oh my, oh my. Supergirl on a pink unicorn? ROLF!

Digger Goodsong said...

Pink unicorns? Supergirl slaying orcs atop a pink unicorn? Love the image!

Anonymous said...

Funny, just discovered your blog...interesting that you should've picked the name Lorien...Lord of the rings or somthing. Btw, my name is Lorien. :O

Unknown said...

Welcome Lorien. 'Tis true, Lorien is my home though many just call it the Golden Wood. ;)

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