Tuesday, May 28, 2013

High Warden Danania's Mahogany Bay Horse

With the spring festival and new Wildemore area and update 10 and 11 reviews, this article got put on hold since May 3rd, but I wanted to show off my new pretty horse, The Mahogany Bay Horse! This horse is the reward for achieving Rank 9, High Warden, in the Ettenmoors. I often joked that this horse is a big reason why I go to the Moors.

This is a picture of my Moors tally sheet as it flipped to Rank 9. I feel like I had more deaths than that. The Rating number is mostly irrelevant. It is an indicator of how long since your last defeat (mine ranges from 650 – 1950, and tends to be around 1100 – 1300). As always, I am thankful to my friends and fellow adventurers (Dana's-Ettenmoors-Scrapbook) and to the Creeps who come out to enjoy a pleasant evening of fun! See playful Creeps @ Ettenmoors-75-rk-armor-audacity and Fall-festivals-end-new-beginning.

Here is an early shot of when I was level 75 and Rank 6. That is some fancy purple Moors armor and Steed of the Runekeeper. I believe that I was inside TA (Tol Ascarnen), circa. February, 2012.

Many of my Moors pictures prior to this one looked pretty stupid. In the Moors, you have to wear your active armor, no cosmetics. However, I didn’t realize that I did not have to show ALL of the armor. So, many of the prior ones I had odd looking mismatched, hooded cloak, etc. Then, I guess my mismatch got so bad someone pointed out that I could uncheck the “show armor” boxes so I didn’t have to parade around in my black hat, with purple robe, white boots, and red cloak. Oy. Of course, one might note that I *could* have dyed items so they didn’t clash as badly. Live and learn.

Ok, here is one of the first ones… level 65… hooded cloak… you can’t see my face, but that is me under there. My first visit to the Moors was June-2011.

I like this picture. This is a shot of a Wintersebb Drake; they can be tough as nails and are generally not soloable.

I am back to having fun at Spring festival, then to Wildemore to see how the adventure with an Ice Giant turns out. Someday, I will make it back to the Moors. After all there is another horse to acquire! (See Tharros on “The Free People’s Horse” at All-the-Steeds/ meta-deed-steeds.)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on both rank and steed Danania! the road goes ever on ;)

Lothirieth said...

Now on to the next horsie. ;) Grats :)

Unknown said...

Thank you Gloredh and Lothirieth!

It was a long time coming. :) The day I hit Rank 9, I had a "motivation and exhilaration" boost. I actually gained the most renown on Arkenstone on May 3, 2013... the only day I have ever done that. :D

Parnassica said...

Congratulations, Danania! And that drake picture is awesome. When I take combat shots like that I often end up dead.

Unknown said...

Thanks Parnassica!

The Drake was a lesser problem. I often end up with less than ideal pictures in the Moors since often if I get caught sight-seeing by Creeps, I end up dead also. :)

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