Friday, March 15, 2013

U10: Virtues and Property Guards

With Update 10 release, some of the stats (power) changed wildly, some of the calculations (tactical mitigation) changed also, and it appears that some of the character baselines might be different than they were before. To fully diagnose changes that are not included in the Release notes and are not gear related, I will take the character to no gear or traits and rebuild it. Assuming I don’t get derailed by a festival or boredom, I will recreate and present all of the traits, calculations, and gear changes post-U10. 

(Update May-2013: Here are a few followup articles on U10 changes... u10-runekeeper-armor-setsu10-rohan-ringsu10-new-loot-gear-and-jewelryu10-t9-and-eastemnet-relics.)

as usual, click picture for bigger view, chart is color-coded to see high (blue), medium (purple), and low (green) modifiers

First part is done… and… there are no changes to Virtues. They are the same virtue numbers post-U10 as they were pre-U10.

However, with the new calculation for Tactical Mitigation involving Will, you might need to retrait virtues.

Tactical Mitigation = (Vitality *4) + (Will * 2) + (Armor / 5)

With the addition of Will as a modifier, it moved my Tactical mitigation past the cap. Fortunately, most of my pre-U10 traits were chosen to maximize tactical mitigation. Now, I can unwind that and pull back below the cap.

Virtues are one of a RKs best ways to build defense. My new trait set I have at this moment is Zeal, Innocence, Confidence, Idealism, Loyalty. The build gives a good helping of Physical Mitigation and Resistance while reducing the gain in Tactical Mitigation. 

Ok, so there is no relation between the two subjects *Virtues and Property Guards*, but just posting a table of Virtue stats is not very visually interesting. I drafted my Property Guards to stand-in for some pictures!

The “Elf female Property Guard” has been around a long while; I’ve had her on staff since at least Yule festival 2011. Until recently, she guarded the little house in Thorin’s cave. 

The “Shieldmaiden Property Guard” is new as of U10. There are other property guards sold from the lotro store, including a dog, a Rohirrim, and a Dwarf to name a few. All are animated and cost mebbe 595 TP (don't quote me on that). 

I would buy more Guards except the housing still only allows a certain numbers of spaces to put things. At some point, Turbine will realize that not only do their paying customers desire it (yes, I am VIP), it is to their financial advantage to put some effort into improving housing. Soon, right?


Unknown said...

As a guy who loves numbers to some extent but tends not to min/max, the property guard has stolen my heart. Not that I'd use my TP on one, that's pretty awesome!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for reminding me to check my minstrel's tact mit and see if it went over cap! I'm so terrible at keeping up with the various little details whenever they tinker with stats.

Also I think I've got my eye on one of those dog property guards! :D

Unknown said...

@ Terrentius - I do like to use the numbers to my advantage. ;) Which guard did you like more? They both seem cool!

Unknown said...

@ Starrymantle - I meant to put it in the body of the article... Tact mit hits the 40% cap at 10,602.

With even one buff (scroll, mini, capt, whatever), if your base is any more than 9000-ish, that will be enough to hit the cap. I'm still optimizing to stay below the cap and spend effort elsewhere... like more Crit.

Alysia said...

the property guards are awesome :) one more thing to collect haha

Unknown said...

Oh my... at first, I was thinking, Alysia is joking... Then... I realized that they are much cheaper than the horses I collected. We shall see. :)

Anonymous said...

Heya Dana, Dirtdiver here.
Thanks for the cool virtues chart. I've recently been wondering what certain virtues looked like stat-wise at rank 16. Thanks again!


Unknown said...

Yay Dirtdiver! Glad it was helpful; hopefully others got value from it as well. :)

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