Friday, March 23, 2012

Welcome Friday

Ahhh. Welcome Friday. You are one of my top seven favorite days of the week. I believe most of the other days would like to be you.

I am settling into Update 6. Some of the modified RK skills/traits are buggy, but overall, I do like the changes. I’ll get to it eventually. Right now, I am reflecting on Tuesday’s compendium of Relic information (relics-and-virtues) and looking through some of my pictures, so I will share a few with you.

Jousting. Elf on a steed with a long spear? (Steed of the Guardian shown here)

Haha. Yeah, you guessed it. Just anxious to go fishing.

ABBA has nothing on me...  " can jive... having the time of your life, see that girl, watch that scene, diggin the fisher-queen!"

A shot of Asciel meditating in the Galtrev crafting hall. That is still one of my favorite rooms. Got your crafting facilities, your vault, the AH right next door, the forge master right outside. Very nice. Could use better lighting.

Geez, loremasters. Your giant polar bear looks hungry Tarandan. Good thing I went fishing and have extras so I don't become bear food.

Assmunahi at Rivendell. Very fancy dress for visiting Elrond... I saw nothing, I know nothing...

Close-up! Hahaha. The name is missing but that is Berda Free, doing some crafting in Galtrev.

Terrentius, hanging out in Galtrev, looking ferocious in 50 pounds of metal.

This cave is one of my favorite for practicing my skills when outnumbered. RKs are notoriously one of the worst classes for handling groups. One-on-one?... yeah, an RK will end you faster than you can bat your eyelashes, but when outnumbered, the term "glass cannon" couldn't be truer. 6 wargs, Update 5 (prior to some of the effective boosts), I would go there and fight this one over and over until I lost. I could usually hang in there for 3-6 rounds of respawn before they got the better of me. Do or die, for an RK, the fight lasts less than a minute to kill 6 wargs or be eaten alive. This place is where I racked up lots of Large hides and completed the warg-slaying deed. Location is just SW of the tower of orthanc gate.

Tsynn Dyrr hanging out in Galtrev incognito.

Catching up on the words on the wind with my sis Sansanor.

Hiya Engrand. Can one ever know enough good tanks? I think not. 

Have I seen you somewhere before? I love how you do your hair Cherrybaby. Almost like looking in a mirror...

Preparing for a night out on the Moors. I will have to go see if I can figure out which steed this is. So many I lose track. As advised in the comments, this is the Steed of the Runekeeper! You would think I might remember that...

It is going to be a rough night for the creeps in the Moors as Macswife (aka MW) the War-mini prepares to lay waste to the forces of evil and raise the spirits of the free people.

Beware of elves who want to play hide and seek with you. Leanansidhe shows that I am not the only elf that can fly and is a master of the unexpected. But as a dancer, I bet she is very "light on her feet".


Anonymous said...

That is the Steed of the Rune Keeper

Unknown said...

Thanks Anonymous friend!
I had just come to that realization; I'm more used to seeing it from the back end. Hahahaha!
Thanks for the reply. :)

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