Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Happy 6th Anniversary, lotro!

Hmm… Here are a few things going through my head to write about… RK traits, RK skills, all the LI relics, RK LI building tactics, the lildanas, my Ost Dunhoth and Dar Narbugud adventures, random horses, New Moria, New Bree and the Bree surprise…

But… the Anniversary party starts today and I decided to take the day off.

Good news concerning Anniversary gifts… the Festive Azure horse (Danania: special-steeds-62) that was given for free to players with 5 years seniority last year is being continued as a gift to those who have 5 years seniority now. Yay! If that trend continues (hopefully), I will get the Azure horse in March-2015! I tingle with anticipation. :)

Keep an eye out for CSTM’s Anniversary post! Time to fly!

If you need more to see today, visit last Anniversary’s article at happy-5th-anniversary-lotro.

p.s. Dana, remember to correct the Steed of the Champion basic horse picture because she is not a natural blonde sorrel.


Alysia said...

already on my way to a anniversary mount :) planning on picking both up and praying for some envelope drops!

Unknown said...

Awesome! Go make the most of it Alysia. :)

It looks like only the possibility of a WS cosmetic via envelopes awaits me in the yet-to-do list for this year. Will still make a fun time of it (hopefully, lol).

Digger Goodsong said...

Once again, my dear RK elf, Wrynne, is most grateful for all of your help. Please when time allows, share your insights on RK skills, esp how they interact. I just discovered that Essay of Fire allows instant casting of other skills. Sweet. It's good to learn more and more.

Unknown said...

Yay Digger!

Essay of Fire has gone through some transformations over the past year, but you are indeed correct that it gets one free skill induction following it... Essence of Flame (big hit, normally has induction of 2s) is a good followup.

Another favorite of mine that has been revamped within the past year or so is the Flurry of Words. It does frost damage & DoT to every foe in range, and more importantly it puts a incoming critical chance buff on those enemies. It lasts 15s. However, be aware that its range is an area radiating from you at the point where you cast it, so when you cast it, you need to be in the middle of the fray for it to take effect. I use it when the tank has many enemies surrounding him; its fun to drop an AOE and debuff on a dozen foes at once, then let the bonus crits chew through them quickly. :)

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