Tuesday, November 20, 2012

WarSteed of the Captain

After the marathon Warsteed Traiting 5-part post (rohan-warsteed-traiting-part-1), Tomrica took over for me and showed me a deed I had never done (tomricas-tips-wanderer-part-1). Now, it is time for a new horsey! That is one of my favorite things… getting new steeds!

Here is the Steed of the Captain! By my count, he is the 95th steed in lotro (All-the-steeds), and he now happily resides in the Gallery (on page danania/store-steeds).

BTW... word on the wind is that the blonde hide color is an error. It was supposed to be Chestnut brown and will be changed in Update 9 so don't get too cozy with the blonde.

Like the other class steeds, the outfit of this horse can be put onto your Warsteed.
Here are some comparison shots taken back-to-back.

Steed of the Captain:

Warsteed of the Captain:

 A shot for those of you who like to check the hooves…

The Captain’s steed gear cosmetic focuses on a captain helmet and has assorted bags attached to the plated end.

Overall, he looks like a fine steed, and the warsteed looks much fancier. The grey hide supports the silver armor with yellow accents nicely. 

In case you missed it… here was the link to all the other class warsteeds (rohan-warsteed-cosmetic-looks). 

안녕하세요  Parting comment… hello to my Korean readers!

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TheElvenTailor said...

Goodness, that is some great looking tack! One of the best designed class steeds so far. If it wasn't for that god-awful, overused blonde-sorrel skin, I would love to add it to my own collection. So tempting . . .

Unknown said...

I am partial to Warsteed Grey, but the darker brown works better with that tack than the blonde.

Don't let the blonde get you down... It is on the Official bug list for changing with Update 9. She will get a new dye job to Chestnut Brown (the color shown on the sales promo fliers).

Aeronwy said...

I was waiting for this post! (I knew it would come sooner or later.) Is the yellow blanket portion of the warsteed tack part of the accessories or the caparison? I'm debating if I want to buy for the cosmetics.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Unknown said...

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving to you Aeronwy!

Great question. I went and checked... all the yellow you see is part of the Caparison, both around the neck and the blanket on the back.

The gear accessory consists of the metal butt plate and the goodies sitting on top of it.

Stormsong said...

I just got the Steed of the Captain (for my Captain) today, and I'm loving it! So glad they fixed the colour - it is now the proper brown colour it was supposed to be, and it's so much better than the dreaded blonde sorrel ^^

Unknown said...

Ooh yes, thanks Stormsong! I read that in one of the updates and meant to get a picture and back-update this post and forgot to do so. :) I'll make a note of that for my To-do list.

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