Friday, November 16, 2012

Tomrica’s Tips : The Wanderer, Part 2

Oh hi there!  This is Tomrica Everton once again - “wandering” back to you after collecting my map and notes (wanderer-part-1).  Today, we will complete our adventures with explorer extraordinaire  Dewitt, and his trusty, mighty steed Floid.  Last time if you remember, we followed these two primarily around areas in Eriador.  This time, will head east, into the lands of Rhovanion...

The Endless Stair, north of Jazârgund, Moria
Floid & Dewitt are cultured!  Besides appreciating the outdoor landscape, how could you not appreciate the majesty and craftsmanship of the dwarves of Moria?  The bridge is currently out, so our friends are on the cliff’s edge to the east.  Once again, watch out for the edge fellow wanderers - we do not want any incapacitations due to misadventure!  [2.6S, 105.9W]

Northern bank of the Celebrant, Nanduhirion (Dimrill Dale), Lothlórien
The Golden Wood, the heart of the Elves in Middle-earth and home to the fair Galadhrim and The House of Celeborn.  What a site and a site not to be missed!  Fearing the elves would not appreciate them drinking on the bridgeway to Caras Galadhon, we find our friends on a lofty cliffside perch overlooking the woods and the Celebrant river.  Truly an extraordinary view! [14.4S, 74.8W]

Ashenslades, Mirkwood
And Bilbo wanted to come back here?  I find that rather odd as it is quite dark and infested with foul creatures.  Maybe he meant another area of this dank forest, but where?  I can’t see anything on the horizon - it’s like pea soup out here!  I guess this is as good of a spot as any to get your bearings and tip one back.  Don’t muddle your wits too much though, as the paths around here can be confusing...  [17.5S, 46.2W]

And thus, returing to the Shire, ends our little adventure for this time.  Apparently, after visiting Floid and Dewit in all these locations, people started calling me “the Wanderer” too.  I wonder why that is - do I have some sort of name tag floating above my head?  I’m trying to see if something is there, but I just don’t bend backwards that way!  Pfft, probably nonsense anyways.  Until next time good free peoples - wander safely, and may the road and your adventures go ever on and on...  ~ T ~


Ravanel said...

Love the story! And I'll certainly have to check some locations. I've encountered Floid and Dewit a few times, but was never sure if they had a particular purpose. :)

Tomeoric said...

Thanks lovely Ravanel! Have fun finding the rest of their spots - I'm sure they will be please to meet a lore master of such high regard, on a steed of such renown as your own.

Strakvar said...

Pretty interesting, thank you a lot for the info, I'll have to check that out!

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