Monday, September 10, 2012

Raining Perlinos

The lildanas tease me about my lack of winning in the lotro lotteries. It is hardly worth it for me to enter most days. In fact, my claim to lottery fame before this year was that my best lotto win was a “lump of coal” during the Yule festival. Then, Danadelion won a Steed of the Champion earlier this year (happy-5th-anniversary-lotro).

My luck struck in spades over the first weekend of September though. My friend Macmerkin, who knew that my Gallery (All the Steeds) lacked the Perlino horse, sent me a message telling me to enter the lottery. Halfheartedly, I did so, knowing how lotteries end for me. Then, the horses started coming in.

Danaish won one.
Then, I got one.

Then, Danadelion.

And, by the end of the night, Danaszar made it a quartet of horses!

Unbelievable! Even more awesome, my friend Memyr sent a message from PAX… he had gotten me a Perlino horse code as well! He let me pass that one on to share the joy with others, but I am going to nickname my new horse the PerlinoMem in thanks for such a generous gift! The Perlino is now happily in the Gallery. :)

I was told that quite a few people received Perlinos that weekend, but these are mine and I like them. :) 


Lothirieth said...


If only they had higher morale and speed. I'd actually use them then. :P

Ravanel said...

Love the looks of this one (sadly enough I haven't been able to get one myself) - grats!

Unknown said...

Thanks Lothirieth! That is always the dilemma with these types of horses and festival horses... tough to be the sub-class of horse.

Unknown said...

Thanks Ravanel! Keep a lookout for the lotteries. My luck is apparently riduculously fickle, good and bad, but I gotta think that they will show up again.

Ravanel said...

Hehe, I have infamous bad luck with the lottery. I try each time, but the last time I won something was at the start of June. And that while my boyfriend almost always wins something. It's sort of an inside joke between us now. ^^

Zyngor said...

I managed to pick up a trio of Perlino's myself. While their stats may be beat out by some other steeds, they have a really simple and clean look that can work well with many outfits, and they're great for starting characters who don't have anything better.

Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Yay Zyngor! Congratulations. I knew I wasn't the only one. :)

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