Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Prep for Riders of Rohan

It was quite good. The author put a lot of thought into it and knew enough about what to expect from Beta that made his knowledge valuable. For my benefit (and possibly yours), I copied the post by Deathknyght here (Preparing-for-riders-of-rohan (Danania's notes), see top header of this blog) so I could study it and make personal notes to guide me. Cheer’s to this pen-warrior for writing such a thorough take on what he sees.

At the Dana link above, my notes are in Red intermingled with his guide.

Very briefly, here are some of the highest highlights I see in his article melded with a few thoughts of my own:

Active things to do:
  1. Crafting: 60,000 reputation worth of scrolls required for the next guild level.
  2. Crafting: Use new section “processing”. Leather à shavings à Leather, etc
  3. Crafting: Get new recipes, look for level 80 and 85 gear recipes. Guild recipes?
  4. Task items: Stockpile. Rohan task board for existing items = Decorative Sword Sheaths, Punctured Shields, Speckled Ears, Marked Furs, Blotchy Skins
  5. Relics/Shards: Stockpile. All relic services will be cheaper after the jump so don’t meld/decon/etc yet. Make a new Relic plan (Relics-and-Virtues)
  6. Crafted relics: Stockpile. T9 relics are going to be crazy expensive. Get as many crafted relics prepared for shards now as possible.
  7. Commendations: Moors cap is 10,000. Hover around there to make new gear bartering easier. Also, comms are supposed to be easier to obtain post-Rohan.
  8. Warsteed bridle: Bridles take up a legendary item slot. Store will sell two additional legendary item slots to accommodate extra bridles. Bridles obtained by Tailor-craft, mob drops, and one 2nd Age bridle from the quest line. Probably make some bridles.
  9. Resource instances: At 84, look for daily instances in Hytbold.
  10. Warbands: Deed completions, and daily quests offer good rewards.
  11. Hytbold Dailies: Doing daily Hytbold quests opens up gear and possibilities
  12. 85 2nd age symbols: one 2nd age bridle from Epic, 12 person skirmishes, PvP rank 10 (for 7500 comms). Plan to do 12-person skirmishes since that is the only realistic option.
  13. Reset scroll: At 85, Buy a skirmish soldier reset scroll to maximize marks (Best 295 TP ever)

Passive things that will happen:
  1. Virtues: Cap 16.
  2. Warsteed: Progress the epic normally and you will get a warsteed. Three types of warsteeds available: Light, Medium, and Heavy. You can obtain bridles and build all three.
  3. Warsteed Cosmetics: Store and quest cosmetics are available.
  4. Seals and Marks: Barter for New Empowerment Scrolls to improve level 85 LIs.
  5. Keep gear: New level 85 gear is not necessarily better than existing 75 end-game gear. Compare everything before deleting.
  6. Trade in Moors gear: 10% discount on new gear for trading in old gear.
  7. Remote looting: Have bag space and enable “Always loot all”.
  8. Order of Areas: The East Wall, The Wold, Norcrofts, Entwash Vale, Eaves of Fangorn, Sutcrofts.
  9. Epic quest loot: Food, pots, Rare (Purple) gear, T8 relic, 85 2nd age bridle, Housing items, Horse cosmetics.

Stuff I glossed over that may peak your interest:
  1. Sell level 75 consumables if desired: Cracked Rhi Helvarch Sigils, Greater Scrolls of Empowerment ("GSoEs"), GSo Delving, and Star-lit Crystals not usable above level 75.
  2. Gold: You may want some gold for AH buying in Rohan
  3. Graphics engine: Graphics got cooler.
  4. Mac client: For those who do Macs.
  5. 6th bag: Yep, there is one available for sale.
  6. Open tapping: Warbands in Rohan are open tapping.
  7. PvMP: It is a-changin’. No comments at this time.
  8. Music: There is some.

Turbine Point List: Here is a list of things on which I will probably spend TP. I will know when I get there and see it.
  • Skirmish soldier reset scroll @ level 85 = 295 TP
  • Two additional legendary item slots for bridles = 295 TP each
  • Mebbe some warsteed cosmetics and cosmetic slots (because I like options even though I can barely match clothes on myself)

What do you think? Anything special that you are doing to prepare for Rohan?


Zyngor said...

Just like previous expansions, I'd have a plan in my head for things to do to get ready, and come launch day I find myself short of having completed much of the list. Anywho, the only thing I have been proactively doing is stocking up on the crafted guild tokens. Everything else I figure I can do at a later date (read: perhaps by the next expansion).

Note that with open tapping, it is currently planned that everything in Rohan will be open tappable. As long as you actively contribute to your target/player healing (even if you are in a fellowship), you'll get credit for the kill.

I'd love for at least one free LI slot (bridle incoming and all), or maybe like account-wide LIs slot purchases, but I don't foresee either of those happening...I'll see what it's like before making any TP-purchasing decisions (or wait for a sale, heh). I blame having alts, but then again alting promotes self-sustainability, which is always a good thing.

Thanks for linking Deathknyght's guide - I had actually not seen it before.

Lothirieth said...

I'd read that thread but I hadn't noticed a part that you've highlighted: that bridles take up a legendary slot. Is this slot the same as one of our weapons would go in I wonder? If so.. that's.. not so cool. Many classes need multiple LIs so have few spots left to level ones for legacies. If this new bridle leaves us with even less slots yet the problem is remedied by paying for more slots with TP? *grumbles* I hope I'm wrong. I recently got a beta key. I ought to get to downloading the bullroarer client.

I can't bring myself to do all of this preparing. I used to, but not this time. Perhaps this is the beginning of me becoming a casual player! :P

Unknown said...

Yay Zyngor!

At the moment, I plan to do exactly like it looks like. Lock the beat down on Crafting, turn Task items into "whatever" versus dumping them, quest like the rapid-questy-bulldog, make a relic/gear/LI/trait plan with accompanying spreadsheets, and end up in Hytbold with a list of daily-type quests. Then, start back out to acquire 2nd age LIs via 12-person skirmishes. :)

Yay alts!

Unknown said...

Yeah Lothlirieth...

I read that and do not know what it means yet. I feel like I NEED my existing 8 LI slots. I have 2 for Healing RK, 2 for DPS RK, and 4 slots for breaking to make my LIs better. I might stomach giving up one slot, but i couldnt logistically build 4 LIs if I gave up 3 slots out of the spare 4. lol. Hopefuly, they are all in addition to the 8 slots I already have.

I do agree that as a VIP, they should just GIVE me an extra slot to put a bridle. If I choose to then carry 3 bridles and buy more bridle slots, well that might be on me to get some more... but I wonder if they are reducing existing functionality to force store purchases. If so, not cool. Will know soon enough. :)

Robyn said...

Hi Danania. I just wanted to let you know I got your lovely comment this morning and I left you a response. Your blog is very nice. :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Robyn!
You are most welcome anytime. :)

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