Preparing for Riders of Rohan

For my benefit (and possibly yours), I am copying a lotro forum post by DeathKnyght here.
He discusses his thoughts on how he will prepare for Rohan.
I have read through it multiple times, but as I read through it again, I will make Dananotes in Red. Everything else on the page hereafter was written by DeathKnyght. :)

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Thread: Preparing for Riders of Rohan End-Game

Disclaimer: Everything is subject to change.
This guide covers both preparing now for the Riders of Rohan (“RoR”) expansion, and what to do when leveling in the expansion to help prepare for the end-game. There is a lot here. If you just want to skim, the most important things are highlighted in lime green.

Riders of Rohan is released on October 15th.

Multiple Sets of Quickslots - Skip. Interesting. I wonder what it will look like? I will cross that bridge when I see it and remember that more bars are probably available for Mounted combat. 
Most classes have multiple roles. In the expansion, we will have the option of switching between sets of keybinding bars. So (for example) you can have one set for DPS and one set for Healing or Tanking. Start planning your set-ups now.

There is also a third keybinding set for when mounted. Depending on your war-steeds traits, you may have between 5 and 15 mounted skills.

Guild Crafting - Check. Easy peasy 60,000 in scrolls. Every new expansion this is the first thing I do... visit the Craft halls. The lildanas are nearly ready; Dalyn lags behind at the moment having not completely mastered Westfold. Fickle minstrel.

The new tier for Crafting Guilds costs 60,000 reputation. Start stockpiling guild scrolls now so that you can either get this immediately or at least as soon as possible after launch. Note that you only need to right-click the scrolls for reputation; you do not need to visit the the guild to barter them.

  • Large Westfold - 6000 points, 6d 18 hr cooldown
  • Medium Westfold - 3000, 2d 18 hr cooldown
  • Small Westfold - 800, 18 hr cooldown
  • Large Supreme - 5000, 6 d 18 hr cooldown
  • Medium Supreme - 2500, 2d 18 hr cooldown
  • Small Supreme - 700, 18 hr cooldown
  • Large Master - 4000, 6 d 18 hr cooldown
  • Medium Master - 2000, 2d 18 hr cooldown
  • Small Master - 600, 18 hr cooldown
  • Medium Artisan - 1500, 2d 18 hr cooldown
  • Small Artisan - 500, 18 hr cooldown
  • Medium Expert - 1200, 2d 18 hr cooldown
  • Small Expert - 400, 18 hr cooldown
Consider making a Tier 7 Farmer. Tier 8 Farmers may randomly obtain Tarnished Crests of Rohan (replacements for Cracked Rhi Helvarch Sigils) to use or give to your other characters.

Virtues - Check. Virtues going to 16. 

All of the virtues have more than 16 deeds currently, before Rohan. (Innocence has 22). Easy peasy. 

If you are still short come the expansion, consider saving Rohirrim scrolls for crafting, rather than reputation.

The virtue cap is being raised from 14 to 16. The expansion will provide the opportunity to raise each virtue by 2-3. If your virtues are not already at 14, then you may want to to get there before the expansion.

Consider doing exploration and similar deeds, but you may want to wait on slayer deeds until the level cap is raised so that they go by faster. Of course, every hour you spend slaying creatures during the expansion is time that you could be spending enjoying the new content.

Pre-Questing / The Great River - Skip. Some people actual do that, pre-do quests and hold them waiting to cash in. While I get excited about questing, I have never felt the need to be in that big of a hurry. 
To get a jump on experience, consider doing some quests now, but not turning them in until the level cap is increased. A great place to do this is The Great River. Note, however, that many quests in the region will have their level lowered when the expansion is released (similar to what happened to Enedwaith when RoI was released). The Great River will become a level 70-75 zone (instead of a level 75 zone).

War-steed Cosmetics - Skip. Interesting, I will cross that bridge when I get there. Of course, if you are playing along with me, you can find all of the steeds right here at (All the Steeds). Undoubtedly, this will be fun to see what steeds to use and how to dress them... kinda like playing Barbies. I do not know what he means with "The Heroes of Limlight Gorge will offer a steed to everyone who has Kindred Reputation with them." Limlight Gorge already offers a steed. Will we get another steed? 
Cosmetic options will be available from the store, questing, and (hopefully) faction reputation mounts. The store and some quest cosmetics will be available on October 15th. Additional cosmetic options will be added over time.

Consider obtaining kindred with any of the factions whose mounts you like in case they are released as cosmetics. Mount appearance may be found at Once the expansion is released, The Heroes of Limlight Gorge will offer a steed to everyone who has Kindred Reputation with them.

Each war-steed has seven cosmetic slots as shown below (Saddle, Tail, Hide, Legs, Gear, Body, Head). We get two free outfit slots for our steeds and more may be purchased. (So it is just like our character cosmetic system.) Plan your Turbine Point budgeting accordingly.

Rohan Task Items - Check. Great list. For whatever reason, I have carried a vaultload of excess task items. Unless the task boards change, these first five (and others) will barter also in Stangard for Xp and such. 
Consider stockpiling Rohan task items. The following task items may be turned in to Rohan task boards:
  • Decorative Sword Sheaths
  • Punctured Shields
  • Speckled Ears
  • Marked Furs
  • Blotchy Skins
When RoR is released, you may either turn in your stockpiles or sell them to other players at an inflated value compared to live.

When leveling in Rohan, also keep Stubby Beaks, Weathered Beaks, Split Branches, Tinted Carapaces, Contorted Ears, Fetid Filth, Silky Fur, Unkempt Fur, Sharp Sales, Shattered Clubs, Ripped Cloaks, Stained Skins, Tarnished Sword Sheaths, Ornate Sword Sheaths, Fuzzy Wings, and Bent Wings.

Rohan tasks grant XP, IXP, and MXP (Mount XP), but not reputation as other tasks do. xRaina has gone on record to state, “The tasks in Rohan will not grant reputation. This was a design decision, as Hytbold is intended to be a major source of reputation gain.”

Level 75 Items - Check. I don't actually have a stockpile of any of these, except a small pile of Helvarch Sigils. But, I keep small piles of flax and mithral flakes around also. Do I qualify for Hoarders? 
Use or sell your Cracked Rhi Helvarch Sigils, Greater Scrolls of Empowerment ("GSoEs"), GSoDs, and Star-lit Crystals ASAP. They are losing value as the expansion launch date approaches.

Despite the current current tool-tip, GSOEs will not be usable on level 85 items. You will need the new Riddermark Scrolls of Empowerment.

Marks and Seals - Check. Appears that seals are still in demand. Mebbe I will have enough to make a go of getting stuff when I need it. If not, I'll cross that bridge later. And, resetting skirmish marks for soldier = awesome. I wrote a post on that (Best 295 TP ever), and would imagine I will do that again when I get ready to rebuild my soldier. I'm sure I will be 85 before I see DrQuinn again. 
Marks are easier to get. Level 85 Raid Skirmishes award more seals and marks than level 75 ones. Marks are also available from war-band drops. You may choose to stock up now or wait and earn then at a better reward/hour ratio.

Seals may be more difficult to obtain if people are not running the old instances.

When RoR launches, seals and marks may be bartered for improving level 85 legendary items (increasing legendary item tiers, adding 10 levels to a legendary item, etc). Before the end of the year, they will likely be used for the instance armor.

Note that you have the option of resetting your skirmish marks (via a Turbine Store or in-game drop item) when at level 75, leveling to 85, and then re-training your soldier with more skills than he/she had at 75. This is because it costs less to train a low-level soldier at 85 than at 75.

Gold - Check. Free market is a fun thing and teaches young hobbits valuable life lessons. Sell? Meh. Buy? What do I NEED so badly? :) We will see. 
Like seals and marks, gold will be easier to obtain in the expansion. You may choose to stockpile it now so that you can buy items earlier, or you may wait until you can get a better reward/hour ratio.

Due to supply and demand, you will most likely be able to make four times your normal gold the first couple weeks if you are selling items. Or, you may choose to deplete your war-chest and be one of few on the server with the best items for the first few weeks.

Relics and Shards - Check. Stock pile relics, do nothing with them til after the jump. I can do that. Relics are one place to pay attention and make a plan. Here is what the relics look like for T6/T7/T8 to compare against these T9s (Relics-and-Virtues). BTW... the math calcs presented for critical and mitigation is wonky and does not match reality (at least not for RK).

Wait to deconstruct level 70 and 75 relics. In RoR level 70 relics will provide 258 shards (instead of 162) and level 75 relics will provide 774 (instead of ​768).

Wait to combine relics.
Relic combing costs are decreasing in RoR. Teir 8's are going from 1g 12s to 410s. (Tier 9 combining will cost 820s).

Consider stockpiling relics and shards now.
Currently, the only way to get a bridle relic is to meld 3 tier 8 relics. Furthermore:

  • T9 Relics cost 1566 shards each (9,696 for six)
  • Eastemnent Relics cost three specific relics and 5568 shards each (33,408-61,596 for six, depending on luck).
  • True Relics cost four relics (any four) and 11,136 shards each (66,816 for six)
These numbers may seem excessive. I will not deny this. However, note that the True Relic costs have already come down from 14K to 11,136. I will hope, but would not count on, there being another decrease toward a more reasonable level.

If you can stand not having the absolute best for at least a while, then you may want to go with lower teir relics. Here are numbers to help you decide:


  • Eastemnet Setting of Endings (+7.5% Devastate Magnitude, +646 Critical Rating, +147 ICMR)
  • Eastemnet Setting of Stability (-5% Item Wear, + 323.2 Block, Parry and Evade, +1616 Inc Healing)
  • Eastemnet Setting of Beginnings (+182 Physical Mitigation, +147 ICPR, +30 Vitality)
  • True Setting of the Three Hunters (+7.5% Devastate Magnitude, +646 Physical Mastery, +646 Tactical Mastery, +147 ICPR)
  • True Setting of the North (+330 Morale, +646 Critical Rating, +1616 Inc Healing)
  • Eastemnet Gem of Faith (+10% Partial Parry and Block Mitigation, +646 Block Rating, +30 Might)
  • Eastemnet Gem of Hope (+323 Critical Defence, +330 Morale, +310 Power)
  • Eastemnet Gem of Charity (+182 Tactical Mitigation, +808 Tactical Mastery Rating, +310 Power
  • True Gem of the Rising Moon (+646 Physical and Tactical Mastery, +147 ICPR, +35 Vitality)
  • True Gem of the Twilight (+323 Critical Defence, +242 Tactical Mitigation, +330 Morale)
  • Eastemnet Rune of Courage (+10% Partial Evade and Parry Mitigation, +30 Agility, +646 Parry Rating
  • Eastemnet Rune of Power (+182 Physical Mitigation, +646 Physical and Tactical Mastery, +30 Fate)
  • Eastemnet Rune of Wisdom (-2.5% Attack Duration, +646 Evade Rating, +30 Will)
  • True Rune of the Dark Wood (+242 Physical Mitigation, +330 Morale, +310 Power)
  • True Rune of the White Mountains (-2.5% Attack Duration, +646 Physical and Tactical Mastery, +35 Agility) 
    Crit Percentage = Crit Rating / ((1190/3) * Level + Crit Rating)
    Crit Rating = ((1190/3) * Level * %) / (1 - Crit Percentage )

    Mitigation Percentage = Mitigation Rating / (150 * Your Level + Mitigation Rating)

    Mitigation Rating = (150 * Level * %) / (1 - Mitigation Percentage)

    Incoming Healing Percentage = Incoming Healing Rating / ((1190/3) * Level + Incoming Healing Rating)

    Incoming Healing Rating = ((1190/3) * Level * %) / (1 - Incoming Healing Percentage)

    Graphics Engine - Skip. My 5-gallon hat holds 6 gallons (until Szarwyn tells me otherwise). 
    The new expansion will bring an improved graphics engine for everyone, whether or not they have actually bought the expansion. Improvements include:
    • Grass, reeds, and other frill that reacts to people and war-steeds moving through them
    • New dramatic volumetric lighting
    • Improved reflections
    These enhancements are primarily client-side, as opposed to server-side. This means that any additional lag experienced will be most likely be because of your computer, not the Turbine / Warner Brother servers. You will probably not notice a difference, but if you are your computer just meets the LOTRO minimum specifications, then you may want to consider upgrading sometime soon.

    If you are experiencing significant lag in Rohan due to your computer, consider disabling frills. This is one of the single-largest sources for reducing lag and increasing FPS. Of course, it has the obvious downside of making the game far less beautiful and immersive.

    Native Macintosh Client - Skip. The only Macs I play with are Macmerkin and Macswife. 
    A native mac client is being tested and will most likely launch with the expansion. If you have a Mac, this should improve your performance.

    If you are planning on getting a new computer for LOTRO, you have more options now. If you get a Mac and the client is not ready at launch, you can still use boot-camp or something similar to play.

    Rise of Isengard PvE End-Game - Check. Dana go check these and prepare math to compare gear of 85 gear linked versus existing 75 gear. Also, do NOT get rid of any gear you kind of currently like; it might serve to make a good build. 
    This is your final chance to run Rise of Isengard end-game content at its intended level. If you have a freshly-made kinless level 75 character and ten hours a week to spare, then you should have little problem getting to experience Draigoch and Tower of Orthanc (ToO) Tier 1.

    Despite rumors, the ToO necklace and cloak do not currently have an upgrade on the Beta. However, they are better than the level 85 gear for certain characters. Consider obtaining them.

    Here is a list of Rise of Isengard Gear.

    Rise of Isengard PvMP End-Game - Check. Commendations are good. Trade in gear for reduced prices is good. Increased commendation awards... good? Hey, I learned something new... I had never heard of Crumbling Brands (for creeps, called Crumbling Insignias for freeps). How about that; Rank 8 and never used one. I'll go look for it. I wonder if everyone used these. o.O 
    If you are a VIP or Lifetime Subscriber, consider getting your commendations near the 10,000 cap. This will give you a head start.

    Consider stocking up on Crumbling Brands. The current Crumbling brands will retain their stats (60s of Crowd Control immunity every 5 minutes). However, Crumbling Brands bought in the expansion will offer 10s of Crowd Control Immunity every 2 minutes.

    If you are afraid of going over the cap and wasting commendations, spend them on pots or on gear. You will be able to trade back gear for 10% of what you spent. More importantly, you will gain the benefit of that armor until you are able to save enough commendations in the expansion to replace it.

    Note, however, that the amount of commendations awarded is being significantly increased in RoR. To put it in perspective: Stacks of 5 pot that currently cost 125 Commendations will cost 300 in the expansion. Yeah, it’s that big of a change.

    6th Bag - Check. Got it with Rohan purchase. 
    Unless you are planning on leveling a level 1-75 character or are a serious crafter that really needs the extra room, consider waiting until a sale to buy the sixth bag. This is because you will have an extra 50 free bag slots when in Rohan. See the next section for an explanation.

    Remote Looting - Check. Neat to have overflow storage. Of course, "Always loot all".  
    This is only active in the regions of Rohan. It allows you to automatically loot any enemy you defeat, even if their corpse is 40+ yards away.

    If your bags are full, additional items go into a temporary 1 hour (game time) “overflow” bag with a maximum capacity of 50 items. Since the 1 hour timer does not expire when you are logged off, you almost never have to worry about losing items in these slots.

    If you do not like alway having the box up and you have plenty of bag space, consider activating the “Always Loot All” option.

    Entering Rohan / Getting a War-Steed - Check. Great to know. Start the journey at Lorien, progress normally and everything will work out. 
    If you simply cannot wait to get your war-steed, start by entering Rohan through the Wold and continue completing quests for about an hour until you get your war-steed.

    If you can wait, continue the epic quest line from Lothlorien and follow it through The East Wall and The Wold until you get your war-steed.

    Mounted Combat - Check. Plan to be on be on my warsteed all the time, until I return to the Moors. It will change the way I think about swapping out steeds every time I saddle up.
    There is a learning curve. The first hour of using your war-steed can be frustrating. After that, your war-steed will have gained experience and maybe a bridle and will be much more responsive.

    Horses move more realistically. Instead of doing instant, sharp turns, they “slide.” If you are aggravated by your war-steed’s turning ability, put points into agility.

    Where are War-steed useable?

    • Rohan - You have full use of your mounted skills and maximum speed.
    • Ettenmoors and Moria - You may not use mounts in these places.
    • All other areas - You have no access to mount skills and only limited speed, but your mount is still faster than the current 68% steeds and have more cosmetic options.
    War-steed Leveling - Mounts only gain experience (MXP) when you are riding them. War-steeds have a maximum level of 50. Leveling provides points that may be spent on new skills.

    Mounted Skills - Mounted combat skills are currently undergoing serious re-evaluation (this is one of the reasons for the delayed release date). A complete list of updated mount skills will be posted later so you can plan where to spend your points.

    Mounted combat is designed to be fast and dynamic. Inductions and significant crowd control would ruin this idea. Therefore, there are no inductions when mounted, stuns only reduce maximum speed, and dazes reduce damage by 10%. Stuns and dazes still work normally against non-mounted foes. Rooting abilities still work.

    War-steed Bridles - Check. My friend-who-shall-not-be-named tells me that I can have all three types of steed and can advance them all. Yay for having it all! Plan to buy two additional legendary item slots and obtain three bridles for a Light, Medium, and Heavy. 
    There are three kinds of bridles, one for each type of horse (light, medium, heavy). Each kind of bridle has traits that are designed to help with the specific traits of its appropriate line.

    Each trait line is designed for a specific role:

    • Light - DPS
    • Medium - Support
    • Heavy - Tanking
    However, the latest Beta patch does not meet this design intent. Currently, for at least one class, the Heavy line provides the best DPS. Trait lines are currently undergoing serious review, so I will delay putting up trait lines for now.

    Despite what your class is designed for, you may choose any of the roles when on a war-steed.

    Despite multiple requests for a single bridle for all three types, it does not seem like this will be possible by October 15th (if ever) due to the differing traits required by light, medium, and heavy steeds.

    Bridles take up a legendary slot. To help accommodate this, the Turbine Store will be selling two additional legendary item slots for 295 TPs each. Plan your Turbine Point budge accordingly.

    Where do we get Bridles?

    • Third age bridles drop from mobs and are created with melding (melding is wasteful of shards. Just get them from drops or the Auction House)
    • A second age bridle is obtained from the epic quest line
    • Tailors may craft third and second age bridles
      Regions of Rohan - Check. Bookmark this to have perspective on "where I am". I would assume it will be obvious while playing, but just in case, it is good to know I am being thorough.
      Where to Level?
      • The East Wall - Levels 75-76 - Designed for on-foot combat
      • The Wold - Levels 75-77 - Half designed for on-foot combat and half designed for mounted combat
      • Norcrofts - Levels 78-80 - Designed for mounted combat
      • Entwash Vale - Levels 79-81 - Designed for mounted combat
      • Eaves of Fangorn - Level 82 - Designed for on-foot combat
      • Sutcrofts - Levels 83-85 - Designed for mounted combat
      Even if an area is designed for one type of combat, there are numerous exceptions to the rule. Also, you may personally choose to use one over the other.

      Maps of the regions may be found at:

      Epic Quest Line Rewards - Check. I have no idea what I would want to buy off the AH, but I couldn't imagine buying things "while" questing. I could count on one hand the number of times I died while open questing since before Moria and I don't plan to start now. Any AH shopping will probably be for funsies... bridle shopping and such. Ooh, and crafting recipes.
      When planning what you will buy your characters off the auction house, note that you will receive the following from completing the Epic Quest Line:
      • Food, pots, and other useful items
      • Rare (Purple) gear
      • Tier 8 relic
      • Level 85 second-age bridle
      • Housing items
      • Horse cosmetics 
        Level 85 Second Age Legendary Items - Check. It looks like 12-person skirmish raids are going to be the common theme if that is the only known way to get the symbol. That will probably be boring and frustrating, but on the bright side, I am 0/27 on my Raid LT deeds. 
        There are several places to get level 85 second age legendaries and Tarnished Symbols of Celebrimbor:
        • Epic quest line - One second-age bridle per character
        • 12-person skirmishes (“skraids”) - Random chance of winning. Higher tier skraids have a higher chance of dropping things like the Rohan version of Star-lit Crystals, but not symbols.
        • PvMP - Weapon for 7500 commendations (requires rank 10 or above). Not recommended, unless you want the cosmetic. It is far easier to get a symbol from skraids, and commendations are better spent on new equipment and consumables.
        Fast Craft Leveling - Check. Well, crafters are ready to go. But, the new tier will need doing, so I guess there is that. Ingots --> Shaving --> Ingots.
        The following applies to Jewellers, Tailors, Metalsmiths, Weaponsmiths and Woodworkers.
        This does not apply to Cooks and Scholars. Sorry.

        To level crafting insanely fast:

        • Go to the new section called “Processing.”
        • Process two basic ingredients (ingots, leather, etc) into four shavings. There is no possibility to crit. You will gain 10 craft xp.
        • Process the four shavings into one basic ingredient. You will gain 10 craft xp.
        • You will lose one basic ingredient every time you do this, but you will gain 20 craft xp.
        In the short term, you will lose money doing it this way, but it will allow you to start criting and creating Guild Relics much faster. This is more beneficial in the long-term.

        Crafting Items - Check. Get new craft recipes and such. See what recipes are available.  
        When people are first leveling, there will be a much larger demand for crafted gear. This is the time to create and sell them. The market will only go down as time goes by.

        There are both level 80 and a level 85 crafting sets.

        The following items help increase your crafting crit chance:

        • Non-crit crafting tools offer 21% chance to crit and -3s gathering time for every crafting profession except Scholars
        • Crit crafting tools offer 22% chance to crit and -3.25s gathering time for every crafting profession except Scholars
        • Crafted campfires increase crit chance by 1% per tier (8% at tier 8)
        • Teir 8 crafting scrolls have a 2 minute duration (as opposed to the 1 minute duration for teir 7)
        Resource Instances - Check. I loved those resource instances in Moria. :) Must be 84 and working in Hytbold and progressing satisfactorily.  Plan to do them daily-ish. 
        There are resources instances similar to those in the Mines of Moria. Use these crafting instances early to gain a crafting and other end-game advantages.

        The instances are all accessible from Hytbold, the end-game town. To access them you must unlock Hytbold quests (level 84 and completing the last Snowbourne instance), repair the appropriate building, unlock and upgrade the crafting stations, and have the appropriate Ally rep.

        Just like in Moria, the resource nodes are on a three-day cooldown, but you may do the instance daily for 3 Tokens of Effort, relics, or Compendiums of Middle-earth IV. 3 Tokens of Effort may be exchanged for 1 Token of Hytbold or other rewards.

        Specific Instance Notes:

        • Lumber Instance - Allows war-steed mounting, but only auto-attacks may be used.
        • Scholar Instance - Difficult to see around some corners, so more difficult for ranged squishy classes.
        • Ore Instance - Easiest to get lost in due to winding paths.
        War-bands - Check.  You had me at "deed completions".  )Plan to do it daily-ish. 
        War-bands will initially be the greatest challenge in RoR. They are groups of mounted enemies that work together. They are clearly visible on maps as purple dots. Some are designed to be soloed, while others are designed for small fellowships, regular fellowships, or even raids.

        Start doing these as early as possible for the rewards.

        War-bands provide deed completions and various rewards, such as 2-3 Silver or Gold Tokens of the Riddermark, legendary item XP, war-steed XP, rare (teal) war-steed skins like the Spotted Hide, and housing items (banners for the yard).

        There is a daily war-band quest that awards 3 Tokens of the Riddermark and a themed box (crafting, legendary items, or marks/medallions). Boxes may contain crafting items, shards, relic removal scrolls (rare), marks and medallions, housing items, rare war-steed skins, and (possibly once it hits live) relics.

        Open Tapping - Check. Attack everything that moves. 
        For the War-bands in Rohan, anyone who damages a target (or heals someone who damages a target) will get credit for the kill. Therefore, you do not need to group to take down war-bands. However, grouping is still encouraged, as it allows everyone to share buffs and heals.

        Open Tapping has been incorrectly called “open tabbing” in an online article.

        Hytbold / Level 85 PvE Gear - Check. Progress satisfactorily toward Hytbold and do daily quests there to barter for gear and such. 
        The initial end-game content is Hytbold. It is a city that has been besieged and is in desperate need of repair. To unlock Hytbold quests, you must complete the final instance in Snowbourne and be at least level 84.

        Doing daily quests (5 max/day) earns you Tokens of Hytbolt (used to buy armor) and helps rebuild the town. 4 quests are available each day from each of the 4 major towns (Cliving, Harwick, Eaworth and Snowbourn), for a total of 16 choices per day. The mounted combat quests are always available; the rest are randomized from a pool of 50.

        Characters may choose to re-build the town in any order, allowing you to choose which rewards (ie Gear, Stable Master, Resource Instances) to unlock earlier.

        When you walk in to Hytbold you will see 3 armour vendors for your class. After completely rebuilding Hytbold (162 quests), then you will see 3 armour vendors for all 9 classes (27 total). Armor is bind-to-account, so it may be bought and sent to other characters via shared storage.

        Gearing Multiple Characters:

        • Fewest Days Used, Most Time Played: Have each of your character completely rebuild the entire town.
        • Most Days Used, Least Time Played: Have one character completely rebuild the town, earn tokens to buy armor, and transfer them to other characters.
        • Middle-Ground: Have one character completely rebuild the town. Have alts cherry-pick the lower time commitment armour unlocks.
        Level 85 Solo Gear is only slightly better than ToO gear. This offers soloers a significant upgrade, while allowing raiders the choice of waiting to upgrade their gear until the clusters are released.

        A level 85 Second Age two-handed weapon with no crystals (160.2 DPS) has approximately 5.4% more damage than a level 75 First Age with three crystals (152 DPS). Non-DPS raiders may also choose to save their materials (Rohan version of star-lit crystals, scrolls, etc) until they can get a level 85 First Age.

        See the following links for gear previews (everything in Beta is subject to change):

        PvMP - Check. PvMP, down the road, someday after Hytbold. 
        The layout and bosses in The Delving of Frór are changed. A new guide is in progress.
        Rottenheart - 720,000-750,000 morale

        Music / Chance Thomas - Skip. Music stuff. 
        If you are not already, familiarize yourself with Chance Thomas. He is the one who composed the magnificent music for Riders of Rohan. People will probably be talking about him and his music, so it is a good idea to have basic knowledge on the subject.

        You may listen to “LOTRO Legacy” from RoR at

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