Friday, May 25, 2012

As seen on CSTM, summary post

I normally wait until Tuesdays to post, but today I interrupt the regular schedule to bring you a “holy moly”!

Spring Festival is here, and as I do nearly every morniing, I headed over to to check out everything my hero Goldenstar has to say. I choked on my breakfast soda when I saw that my blog was featured on the front page! Link here ~ CSTM ~ recommended reading = danania-net. Go see. I will wait a moment.

<checks the clock...> Glad you are back! Ok, I noticed that I have now possibly sent some of you on a cyclical DO loop, linking to cstm, which links back to Lol!

Let me break the chain by showing you around to some of the visitor favorites @

The 5th Anniversary post is statistically the visitor’s top choice. It is written in story form about the Anniversary party. 

Followed closely by "lotro stat math & RK gear" which is an analytical exercise in lotro math and how stats work coupled with some thoughts about how to build an end game RK. 

Speaking with peeps on the street, the "fastest skirmishes & marks per minute" analytical compilation is useful and certainly gets regularly visits. 

Relics and Virtues lay out all of the current (Update 6) virtues at rank 14 and relics for easy access and build planning. 

The Herbalist is an explanation of how to build a good Herbalist skirmish soldier. I have this link at the ready since I see this question asked about once a week. 

Some of my favorite stories were the Draigoch stories (Draigoch1  & Draigoch2), Isengard, and the introduction of the lil danas.

I hope you enjoy just clicking around the site. I love comments so fire away! You will see lots of horses, festivally things, Sailor Moon, and more horses. And lots of pictures.

Tuesday will be a post on RK legacies. I know you are excited. J


Anonymous said...

Yay for Dana!


Unknown said...

Yay Endacil! and welcome!
Super excited as always!
:) ~D

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