Friday, May 17, 2013

Silent Podcaster, 1st Age LI changes, and NBI

It has been a fun week with the release of Update 11 and Wildemore! As usual, there are more changes than those given by the Release Notes (update-11-summarized-notes) and I will point them out as I gather them.

I had the pleasure of being a Silent Podcaster on both CasualStrolltoMordor and LotroReporter last week! Ok, ok… I am no podcaster, but this week both podcasts picked up and discussed my article on (top-11-things-i-would-change-when-i-rule-middle-earth).

Go check out these awesome podcasts at 
Lotro Reporter lotro-reporter: 182-ice-giants-are-cool/ (@ 52 mins – 69 mins), and 
CSTM CSTM: episode195/ (@ 32 mins – 34 mins).

I have been honored in the past by podcaster love… here are a few more: 
Lotro Academy Lotro Academy episode 56 (begin – 6 mins and beyond), 
Lotro Reporter lotro-reporter: 169-no-more-good-loots/ (43 mins – 47 mins),
CSTM CSTM: episode-194-tealified/ (33 mins – 35 mins), and 
CSTM, CSTM: episode190/ (34 mins – 36 mins). 

Thank you so much to CariMac and Layanor of LotroReporter and Goldenstar and Merric of CSTM! I will wear the title of Supergirl, the Silent Pocaster proudly!

1st Age LIs: Speaking of speaking about CSTM: episode 190, which I did at 1st-age-lis-rohan-healing-rings-fans, one unmentioned thing that was not in the Update 11 release notes that changed is that 1st Age level 85 LIs got much cheaper to barter!

New 1st Age LI barter prices: here are 3 different Barter prices at the skirmish vendor for a 1st Age symbol:
  • Win on all three T1 Erebor Raids (Defense of Erebor T1 deed), then barter for 366 Seals (was 488).
  • Win on all three T2 Erebor Raids (Defense of Erebor T2 deed), then barter for 305 Seals (was 427).
  • With on all three T2 Challenges (Defense of Erebor Challenge), then barter for 244 Seals (was 366).

For interest, at this time, I have still only ever completed T2 Smaug, T1 BFE, T1 Lonely Mountain. I don’t think I even know anyone who has successfully completed T2 level 85 on all three Raids (though I am sure someone has). I started the page (Danania @ 85) to assist those RKs that like to follow the gear choices I am making; I have my 4 LIs on the page and will add more gear when I get time.

NBI: Wow! It has been a year since I was part of the NBI: Newbie Blogger Initiative, As-seen-on-nbi-Best-Newish-Blogger. Friend and fellow 2012 NBI alumnus Ravanel (Ravalation: nbi-one-year-and-week-later) shares a beautiful badge and gives a list of bloggers who wrote about NBI’s anniversary.

Other great bloggers like Ocho (Casualaggro: the-newbie-blogger-initiative-1-year-later/) and Rowan (Ihavetouchedthesky: nbi-retrospective) discuss it also, pointing out that 25% of the 111 NBI Blogs are still active after a year. Not bad, not bad at all. :) Kudos to my NBI Class of 2012. 


Tomeoric said...

Best silent podcaster I've ever heard... =p

Unknown said...

Hehe, Tomeoric. I silently lol'ed!

Anonymous said...

I managed to do T2 BFE, T2 Lonely Mountain & T2HM Smaug in the last few days :)

Still smiling because of it.

Unknown said...

Nice Anonymous. Details! What server are you on? What class?

Anonymous said...

I play a minstrel on Belegaer. I'm in a multi-kinship raid with a great (and unbelievable patient) raidleader. We tackle all raid content there is several times a week. The different days give everyone a chance to be part of it. Personal life and other interests are a given :)

Anonymous said...

i wish i had almost every horse! too bad i have no tp :(

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