Sunday, July 13, 2014

Steed of Rivendell

Supergirl rides the Steed of Rivendell
Happy Summer! Next steed up for the summer is the Steed of Rivendell. This steed can be purchased in the store in two versions: (1) one character use only for 1995 TP, or (2) account wide use for 2995 TP. While it is one of my favorite steeds, I don't spend TP on the lildanas, hehe. To each her own.

Let's see some pictures! Friend and fellow adventurer TheElvenTailor also showed off this steed at TheElvenTailor/the-vale-of-imladris.

Steed of Rivendell:
Here is the standard horse. That is an interesting pale green outfit on a charcoal black horse. The pale green isn't a reproducible warsteed color but it shows up just fine in the warsteed default. One of my favorite things about this horse is the "tail light". That accessory on the back end is a lantern! I believe we have seen a couple of horses and goats with lights but this one is set in very stylish classy elven. 

Steed of Rivendell - standard horse
WarSteed of Rivendell - Default colors:
Here is the warsteed in Steed of Rivendell outfit. The outfit is still pretty awesome even on a grey horse. Let's see some more colors.

Warsteed of Rivendell - default colors
WarSteed of Rivendell - Black and default outfit:
Here is black hide with the default outfit. Yeah, that is very close to the basic horse except it is noticeable how grey the basic horse's tail is.

Warsteed of Rivendell - black and default outfit

WarSteed of Rivendell - Liver Chestnut and Dark Green:
I am kicking myself that I didn't choose the "Rivendell Green" to show off on the Steed of Rivendell. :)

Warsteed of Rivendell - LiverChestnut and DarkGreen

WarSteed of Rivendell - White and Crimson:
Wow. I really like the scrolled metal of this outfit. A potential drawback that has to be overlooked is that the lantern accessory is Green only. For comparison, I pulled it off this White hide and Crimson steed... 

Warsteed of Rivendell - White and Crimson

WarSteed of Rivendell - Sorrel and Evendim:
...and put the lantern accessory back onto this Sorrel hide and Evendim colored steed. You could probably come up with some two-tone coloring to blend the lantern accessory with the outfit a bit better than I did. 

Warsteed of Rivendell - Sorrel and Evendim

WarSteed of Rivendell - Red Roan and Ered Luin:
I think this last version might be my favorite (at least for today). These next pictures are with the Red Roan hide and Ered Luin outfit. The lantern trails light behind the horse; it is a very cool effect.

Warsteed of Rivendell - Red Roan and Ered Luin

I love this scene at home in Falathlorn! I didn't even bother to crop it. :D
Supergirl on Warsteed of Rivendell - Red Roan and Ered Luin
Y'all have a great summer. I'll be around!


Anonymous said...

Sorrel and evendim blue make for a nice pastel look, elegant and "sea elven" XD. Sigh, I'd love to see more single accessories in store, I would definitely buy the green halo lantern as standalone, is such a nice touch!

Unknown said...

Oh yay Gloredh! Sorrel might just be one of my least favorites, lol! But, it is surprises me how nice it looks set with certain colors. I hope the store does provide some good accesories, like the lantern, in the near future. Thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said...

I was a little niggard when this steed was available in summer but regretted it afterwards and am anxiously waiting for it to return to the store now. Do you know if that's planned for the near future? I've been searching the internet for information but couldn't find anything about it. :´(

Unknown said...

These store steeds come and go. But, over time, most all of them cycle back around so keep watching. I feel certain it will return eventually! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

It's in the store now, 12/14/14

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