Saturday, September 28, 2013

Steed of Michel Delving

Supergirl rides the Steed of Michel Delving

Time moves on... I didn't write about the Bounders and their project of building a new statue in Michel Delving yet. The short version... Bounder's tokens, from Bounder Bags, dropped randomly from landscape and instance mobs and awarded from certain quests (like festival quests), turn in 1.75 million for a server (at Michel Delving), and get access to Bounder stuff. 1.75 million went faster than you might think. Arkenstone was probably on the last half for servers achieving it a few days ago.

Anywho, what is important is that after the server unlocks the goodies, one can get stuff, including the lovely Steed of Michel Delving for 1500 tokens. The steed comes with a normal horse, plus 5 warsteed pieces: caparison, halter, accessory, saddle and leggings.

Here are some pictures; I will get them into the All the Steeds Gallery soon... :)

Steed of Michel Delving:
In Hobbit-y fashion, this horse is loaded down like a pack mule. There is food and drink for days on the back end of the horse. The standard horse is a reddish brown and white pattern and fancy hobbit decorated.

Steed of Michel Delving

WarSteed of Michel Delving - Default:
Here is the warsteed in default grey. An interesting thing that we have seen before is that this warsteed outfit does NOT dye. It is what it is. You can dye the hide though and I will show a few variations next. Overall, the default grey seems as fine as any. :) I thought the blondes match the gold outfit fairly well, but I haven't gotten those hide colors yet.

Warsteed of Michel Delving - default

WarSteed of Michel Delving - White:

Warsteed of Michel Delving - white

WarSteed of Michel Delving - White, no halter:
The halter matches the outfit well, but my horse wanted to let her hair down.

Warsteed of Michel Delving - white, no halter

WarSteed of Michel Delving - Dark Chestnut:

Warsteed of Michel Delving - dark chestnut

WarSteed of Michel Delving - Steel Grey:

Warsteed of Michel Delving - Steel Grey

WarSteed of Michel Delving - back left:
What does a bounder horse carry around? Let's see... on the left side, I see an iron pot, an hour glass, a lantern, 3 water skins... plus the cask and backpack directly behind the saddle...

Warsteed of Michel Delving - left side

WarSteed of Michel Delving - back right:
...and on the right side, I see an iron skillet, a smoke pipe, a rucksack, and a bag crammed full of veggies. At least we will cook and eat well, I suppose. 

Warsteed of Michel Delving - right side


Alysia said...

I love that at night little moths are attracted to the lantern :)

Unknown said...

Oh nice Alysia! I've noticed that on street lamps but haven't ridden my new steed at night yet. :)

Aqua said...

Wow, how long did it take you to get enough tokens for every version??!

Unknown said...

Oh Aqua, sorry if that was misleading... what you see here is the one Steed of Michel Delving and its corresponding warsteed cosmetics that came with it. Total cost was only 1500 tokens.

The different colors you see in the article are various warsteed hide colors.

The 1500 Bounders tokens took about two days to earn at the farmers faire with all the lilDana's working on farmers faire Quests.

Anonymous said...

this is an interesting blog and even though I usually don't buy steeds from the shop it's nice to see the different colours of the outfits.
(And I´m glad that the Steed of Michel Delving is available without spending turbine points.)

I noticed that you metioned the "Horse of the red dawn" ... just wanted to add that I bought the same "Riders of Rohan-Pack" as Ahradir of Sirannon with the only difference that mine is the german version. And I got the same steed. You can use the outfit for your Warsteed as well, unfortunately it isn´t colorable.

I´m looking forward to find the "Knochen-Set" (in English it might be "Bone-Set"?) in this blog ... and later, around Halloween, maybe the Horse of the Bat? :)

(sorry for my bad English, I only have had the few years at school to learn it)

Digger Goodsong said...

Supergirl, I really love this steed and our hobbit minstrel rides his everywhere. It just fits his character perfectly. He has chosen the white steed for the tack and it shows up well. And the moths are simply one of those little artistic touches that make this game so beautiful.

Unknown said...

Hey Anonymous, I will update the horse guide to include that the "horse of the red dawn" was available in both France and Germany. Too bad for me that it was not offered in the US. I will have to keep my eyes open for a German offer copy. :)

The Bone-set is not a horse, it is just an outfit for a Warsteed. I know it is a technicality... but I don't buy Warsteed outfits (yet). I buy horses that happen to come with Warsteed outfits. :D I might get it anyway if I have spare moolah but it opens a whole other set of stuff to collect so we shall see...

Unknown said...

Yay Wrynne, This is a perfect hobbit horse. :D
Do be careful to keep your food covered; there are few things worse than having to pick moths out of your pudding.

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