Friday, June 7, 2013

Update 11: Wildemore legendary pocket items

I will spend a few articles reflecting on the changes for Update 11. Quick notes were given at update-11-summarized-notes.

 This article will focus in on the section called “Warbands”, specifically Wildemore pocket items. Much like Rohan had its special rings that could be upgraded, u10-rohan-rings-complete-hytbold-in-15-days, Wildemore has some gear offerings but specializes in legendary quality pocket items.

Ok, Wildemore has two factions for Reputation. Those two are called “People of Wildemore” and “Survivors of Wildemore”. The People faction involves all the quests of Wildemore, versus the Survivors will be a set of dailies that will unlock after all the Wildemore quests are completed. I have not finished all of the People quests yet (festival and life and summer and family and work and such slowed things down a bit). So, here I sit with People at Kindred (after about 70% quests done) and Survivors at zero rep. Let’s see how that plays into the loot.

People of Wildemore Pocket Items: There are some decent barterable things from the People of Wildemore, such as necklaces, but the legendary focus is on the pocket items. First, you will need to get a Teal pocket item. They cost 50 Silver Tokens of Wildemore each. Here are the four of them. The Curio of Resolve is a Runekeeper’s pocket item. These teal ones are very easy to get if you like them.

Survivors of Wildemore Legendary Pocket Items: Similar to the Rohan Ring designs, the legendary pocket items come in four basic flavors, plus two healer ones.

The cost for these pocket items requires four things: Kindred with Survivor’s of Wildemore, 225 Golden Tokens of Wildemore, 30 Warband tokens of Wildemore, and the Curio from the People mentioned above. The Runekeeper ones, Sage’s and Healer’s, both use the Curio of Resolve you picked up from the People of Wildemore.

Ok, the Golden Tokens of Wildemore come from the daily quests which are unlocked after all the Wildemore quests are complete. I’ve seen mention in passing that it will take a minimum 25 days to get Kindred, presumably during that time, you will be gathering up all those 225 Golden tokens.
The 30 Warband tokens are the rare drops from Warband boxes, aka “(colored) Box of Wildemore Spoils”.  The better the box, the better the loot and more likely you will be to get a Warband token.

The Warband boxes are color-coded to match the difficulty: Raid = Silver, Fellowship = Green, Small Fellowship = Red, Solo = Blue. As far as I recall, the warband tokens I have received so far have all come from Silver and Green boxes, but I believe there is a chance for them to drop from any of the boxes.

Where are the Warbands? If you want to know where to find all the Wildemore Warbands, visit the map at StarandShadow’s place at StarandShadow: wildermore-warbands-locations.


Ravanel said...

Nice article. I haven't looked into gear much at all (busy with SWTOR and mainly the storyline quests in Wildermore), but that teal pocket already looks better or at least comparable to what I have.

Where do I barter these things?

Unknown said...

Great question Ravanel!

Both barter vendors are in Forlaw near the south gate. One is for the "People of Wildemore" and the other is for the "Survivors of Wildemore". If you look on the Forlaw map, they are the two vendors marked in blue.

I am not close enough to get the legendary pocket items either; I just look at things a long way out. :D Mebbe by the time I get there, the next expansion will be here and it will be moot. Here's hoping it helps someone though!

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