Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Steed of the Winged Herald

What a lovely summer! It seems that people are on vacation or will be away, and that means an interesting opportunity has presented itself. I don’t want to give away the punch line even though I’m chomping at the bit to do so…. :D

To shift focus away at the moment, I will introduce to you, the Steed of the Winged Herald (aka Winged Steed).

This horse was surprisingly easy to obtain. It is part of lotro’s “Referral Program”. Do these very simple things:

(1) When signed into my.lotro.com, go to the header tab “Signup Rewards” (see picture above).

(2) Enter email addresses of friends that will help you out (it would be nice to discuss it beforehand with your friends to understand what needs to happen). Finish reading this post before you freak out about having to enter friends’ addresses.

(3) These 5 friends with email addresses will need to receive the automated lotro email saying that you referred them, click on the link to go to lotro signup, then enter newly created usernames for themselves.

I have been told by friends that the friend signup is super easy and takes just a moment. Once the friend has a username, the referral is considered a “success” for you and counts toward one of your five. The friend does not have to continue to download lotro or install anything… yeah, why wouldn’t they? None of my business… all I needed was the less than five minute assistance and I am on my merry way.

It is a +62% speed, +200 morale steed in a very interesting green feathered look. (Added note: The steed is account wide so all of your characters will be proud new owners of Winged Steeds.)

I also saw this steed recently on another blog, The Elven Tailor (http://theelventailor.blogspot.com/2012/06/call-to-war.html) in which Cat designed a gorgeous matching outfit! She has a way of making characters look like superheroes (at least in my eyes), which obviously rates well with me. :D Check her out!


Lothirieth said...

Grats on your horsie. :)

Tomilly said...

Don't forget the winged pony and their matching hobbit lass!

Unknown said...

Thanks Lothirieth!
It was super easy and the horse is certainly different looking. :)
Oh! I forgot to mention that it was account wide... (heading back up to retro the post).

Unknown said...

Yay for ponies! Congratulations Tomilly! :)

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