Friday, July 13, 2012

Steam steed - Noble Grey Steed, again

No lengthy post today... just enjoying steeds.
Friend Draculetta points out that the Steam starter pack is back on sale for 50% off, down to 15$.

See my write up at steam-steed-noble-grey-steed.

Get your steam steed and other goodies at
(UPDATE 07/13: SUMMER SALE! 15$ Offer ends July 23rd)


Asma said...

I took advantage of the sale and got my steam steed :)

Unknown said...

Awesome Asma! It is one of my "go-to" favorite steeds... at least, this week. (Don't tell the other steeds, fortunately most of them cannot use a mouse to come to to read this.)

For sure, all characters DO get the steed when purchased. It is NOT a 1-character deal.

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