Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Steed of the Citadel

Supergirl rides the Steed of the Citadel

Hello, hello! For reasons unbeknownst there was no Steed of the month for October. However, we are back on track for November with the Steed of the Citadel! Yay!

You know the drill... all of the other steeds are at the Gallery, All the Steeds. (Ok, I am a bit behind getting all of the latest steeds over into the corral. I will get to it; I promise! ;) Just look around the site and you will find them somewhere close by.)

November's steed is a beautiful one, so let's get right to it.
Steed of the Citadel comes with Saddle, Halter, Leggings, Caparison, and Accessory. It is scheduled to be available through November.

Steed of the Citadel:
I really like this horse. He is a beautiful greyish black hide with a dull green outfit. As you will see in the warsteed outfit, black outlines the dull green. The Steed of the Citadel is packing two shiny axes.

Steed of the Citadel
Here is a top view of the Steed, showing off the flares of the outfit and one of the axes. Both sides look identical with matching axes.
Steed of the Citadel - top view

WarSteed of the Citadel - Default:
The Warsteed default does not seem as showy to me. Let's move on to some of the colors!

Warsteed of the Citadel - Default

WarSteed of the Citadel - Evendim Blue and Black:
I matched the black hide of the original steed but substituted out with a bright Evendim blue to make the outfit pop! 

Warsteed of the Citadel - Evendim blue and black

Here is a top view of the Warsteed, showing off the axe. Hide is white in this one to accentuate the dark outlines.
Warsteed of the Citadel - top view

WarSteed of the Citadel - Red and Bay:
As I mentioned on a recent horse, I really really like the Bay hide color. Bay set with this Red really shows off the outfit. The cover picture at the top is the same Red/Bay set without the halter.

Warsteed of the Citadel - Red and Bay

WarSteed of the Citadel - Rose and White:
The light colors of rose and white define the sharp dark outlines.

Warsteed of the Citadel  - Rose and White

WarSteed of the Citadel - Green and Dark Chestnut:
Hard to go wrong with any of these colors on this horse.

Warsteed of the Citadel - Green and Dark Chestnut

WarSteed of the Citadel - Sea Blue and Sooty:
This look is simililar to one of the others for people who like the Sea Blue. :) Still unique looking.

Warsteed of the Citadel - Sea Blue and Sooty

WarSteed of the Citadel - Yellow and Seal brown:
The Seal Brown is a great golden color also that really compliments the Yellow.

Warsteed of the Citadel - Yellow and Seal Brown

Yah horse!! I know I say it often, but i think this horse might be one of my favorites. :D

Supergirl tames the Steed of the Citadel

Update by Request - White and Evendim Blue: By request from commenter Anonymous, here is the Steed of the Citadel in White and Evendim Blue. We were on location at the entrance to Isengard when we got the message. It really is a gorgeous horse cosmetic. :)
Warsteed of the Citadel - White and Evendim Blue

Update by Request 07/19/14 - Black on Black: Heyhey, by another request here is the Steed of the Citadel in Black on Black. This warsteed is one of my favorites. I have only two Warsteed cosmetic slots and I noticed that this one was still in my slot #2 cue (the most current warsteed is always in my slot #1). For fun, I donned my Batgirl outfit for the all black look.

Warsteed of the Citadel - Black and Black

Warsteed of the Citadel - Black and Black

Supergirl rides the Steed of the Citadel (Black on Black) to the Path of the Dead


Ravanel said...

If you get it, it isn't tame yet? Oh oops! ;-)

Anonymous said...

beautiful pics of a beautiful steed, thanks a lot!

TheElvenTailor said...

Ooooo, I'm gonna go buy this right now!

Unknown said...

Oh Ravanel... Even the nicest mares sometimes have an untamed side. ;)

Thanks Anonymous! You are very welcome. :)

Woohoo, ElvenTailor! Looking forward to seeing what color combination you decide.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the few steeds I like the original color more than with dyes, that pale green tack is unique, of the dyed versions though, red and bay is sure bright and bold! thanks for uploading the pics Dana :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Wanderingarda... Totally agree, I am usually not partial to the original horses when I can spice it up with Warsteed colors, but this horse is snazzy. I realized later that the teal green is the same color as my Moors outfit; a bonus. :)

Minyassa said...

I want to thank you for posting pictures of the original riding mount and not just the warsteed cosmetics. You're currently the only person who does this, and the riding mount appearance is very important to me personally when considering a purchase because I have an older computer and riding my warsteed around everywhere is just not feasible. Thanks again!

Unknown said...

Oh yay, you are very welcome Minyassa. :)
If ever I muck that up, do call me out on it. It is always my intention to catalog all the horses in the "All the Steeds" Gallery, and then show at least what the Default Warsteeds would look like. Thanks for visiting. :)

Foxygamer said...

I never knew LOTRO could look that pretty. I sure need a new computer :P

Unknown said...

Oh yay! Thanks Foxygamer. :)
If I had video capture to get the perfect frame these still shots might look even better. ;)
It was a huge deal when I upgraded my computer several years ago from slow-boat to racecar. hehe
Best Wishes.

Anonymous said...

Could you upload a better picture of white hide and evendim blue please? Thank you for considering!

Unknown said...

Ok Anonymous! White and Evendim... noted for when I get home! Thanks for the request and sorry for the delay getting to the comment. :)

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